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Chapter 136 Li Mansion

The night completely came, and Chang'an City was engulfed in the cold moonlight of the double moons.

Even if in the prosperous place, there were places lack of prosperity, such as this slum in west city.

After Zheng Cunjian got the order of Li Mu, he did not dare to neglect it and immediately turned around to go out to fulfill his task.

Li Mu was not afraid that he would not go back.

This time, he did not intend to keep a low profile, so the trouble arose tonight. Li Gang, magistrate of the prefecture, would definitely know the news of his coming. Li Mu didn't care what action the brute man, who had ruled Chang'an for more than ten years, would take. The most serious matter would be countering measures for measures. Thus, even if Zheng Cunjian returned to the government organ to disclose the secret at this time, Li Mu was not worried.

At this moment, the injury on Zheng Cunjian's legs had already been cured, but he still possessed "Life-and-Death Spell" magical power in the body. That was to say, Li Mu could determine his death.

Zheng Cunjian, who really cherished his life, would definitely know what to do.

Li Mu looked over the cold courtyard, the earth wall that was collapsed, the thatched cottage in the yard, a well, and a few old trees. A very strange feeling rose in his heart. This kind of coldness seemed the scene of Randeng Temple on the earth.

"Next, I need to stay in Chang'an City for a few days and to go out to find an inn. Actually, it is difficult to know his roots. After all, the brute magistrate of the prefecture has been governing in Chang'an for many years. It can be said that he has penetrated into every aspect. I personally don't have to worry, but my mom, Grassy and other sisters..."

Li Mu stood under the moonlight and the brain was thinking.

In the end, he made a decision.

"Don't have to leave. Just stay in this yard."

When thinking of this, he was enlightened.

"Staying in this slum, I have to do more to ensure the safety of mother and Grassy."

As Li Mu looked around the courtyard, he gradually got an idea.

"I have to set a formation here."

He began to lay out in the small courtyard.

After experiencing the "Earth Evil Polaris Formation" set by the government of Taibai County, Li Mu became ever more familiar to tactical deployment. In this small yard, he naturally didn't need to take efforts to lay out such powerful tactical deployment, so all became simple and he could settle by himself.

About half an hour later, Zheng Cunjian came back on a carriage.

The carriage was loaded with some living materials, enough for ten people to use for five or six days.

"I took my own channel, so magistrate of the prefecture does not know," Zheng Cunjian actively explained to Li Mu.

Since he had been dominating Chang'an for such a long time, he could be regarded as the second magistrate of a prefecture in the dark world. Consequently, that he possessed his personal secret channel wasn't a shocking thing. In this manner, he naturally wanted to show his loyalty to Li Mu.

Li Mu nodded and dragged the carriage in.

"This is the information you need," Zheng Cunjian handed over an envelope.

After Li Mu opened it, the letter described the whereabouts of the three servant girls of his mother, Xia Ju, Qiu Yi, and Dong Xue.

"Xia Ju is imprisoned in Ning Mansion..."

When Li Mu looked at the writing on the letter, some information quickly flashed upon his mind.

"In Chang'an City, there may be many people surnamed Ning, but there is only one Ning Mansion, which is Mansion of General Ning on the middle of Wuwei Street in east city. The owner is Wuwei General, Ning Rushan, whose title is hereditary, and his ancestor was vanguard military officer during the Eastern Expedition of Emperor Guangwu in Qin Dynasty, who made great contributions. Later, his ancestor quit due to serious injury. When the capital of Qin Empire was moved back to Qin City, his ancestor did not go with the army, but stayed in Chang'an City."

"The descendants of Ning family possessed the hereditary title. However, for this generation, Ning Rushan, Weiwu General, is not outstanding. The aura of the ancestors gradually dispersed, and Ning family has no power of the past. But in Chang'an City, he could be considered to be one of the top figures."

"According to the information written by Zheng Cunjian and Li Bing in the black house of the government organ in Taibai County, Ning Rushan has a bad temper, and is violent and extremely cruel, who can play hard to achieve his goals."

"Was Xia Ju sent to Ningfu?"

Li Mu was a little surprised.

"Considering the status of Ning Mansion in Chang'an City, why was the maid of his mother seized by them?"

Li Mu was puzzled, so he read all the information in the letter in one breath.

"Qiu Yi is in Heaven Sword Martial Club, and Dong Xue in the Dafeng chamber of commerce. Is it really a coincidence?"

Today, Zhang Chuixue, the young owner of Heaven Sword Martial Club, was one of the officaillings and rich second generation who were led by Li Xiong to bother Li Mu at Li Mu's residence. Zhou Yu, son of the president of Dafeng chamber of commerce, also joined.

After finishing reading, Li Mu thought about it and then said, "Well, there is nothing you need to handle here. Go back. If there is something, I will contact you."

Zheng Cunjian turned and left.

Li Mu put away the letter and continued to arrange the tactical deployment in the yard.



"Li Mu... Li Mu!"

In the carriage, Li Xiong looked sinister, and the blue veins bulged, like numerous poisonous snakes twisting on his face. Then, his fists hit into the carriage. His huge anger and humiliation almost engulfed him.

Since he came to Chang'an City, he had been loved by many people and had never been so humiliated like tonight?

"Li Mu, I swear that I will torture you to death, and the old hunting dog, the maids...You will suffer, blame yourself and regret to offend me."

Li Xiong gasped.

Li Xiong couldn't stand tonight powerful behavior of Li Mu.

He had always been the proudest son of the magistrate of the prefecture, and he also pretended to be arrogant, who looked down on the demon kid born by the woman. Later, Li Mu left home and did not return for eight years. He had gradually forgotten this half-brother. However, when Li Mu came back, he was the youngest scholar of the empire, the county magistrate, and possessed such powerful martial arts... Thus, this made Li Xiong, an arrogant person, felt a huge blow at once.

He found that he was not as good as Li Mu in every respect.

"How could this happen?"

"Am I weaker than an abandoned son?"

The carriage rushed and eventually returned to Li Mansion.

Having been dominated Chang'an City for more than 10 years, Li Gang had already built his own mansion in the city. He hadn't lived in the government for a long time. In these years, Li Gang worked at his mansion more than in government.

It was in the deep night.

Li Gang had not slept yet.

He, in his forties, and well-featured, was slender, with his face as white as jade, and his jaw black. Dressing in white suit, he looked refined and elegant, who was absolutely a middle-aged handsome guy. When young, he must be the kind of handsome men who could attract a large number of pure girls. Now that he was able to pursue Li Mu's mother, the most beautiful flower in the empire, Li Gang obviously had capital.

Under the bright light, Li Gang was discussing with a few of his trusted subordinates.

Suddenly, the door of the study room was opened directly, and Li Xiong rushed in with a gloomy look. "Father, you must help me..." he broke in.

The meeting was interrupted.

Li Gang looked calm, but he was serious despite his calmness. He blamed, "Is it proper in such a vulgar manner?" The tone showed dissatisfaction, but it was not one to query. If other people did like this, they might have been dragged outside and beaten fiercely. Early that month, there was a new concubine who, with Li Gang's favor, entered the study room without notice, and was beaten by death under the order of Li Gang, who was furious.

"Your honor, we leave first. "

"Your honor, I leave."

When seeing First Young Master come in, several private advisers stood up to say goodbye.

In the room were Li Gang and his son left.

"I ask you to learn your mother's temper. Why don't you learn your mother's abilities, but become more and more furious?" Li Gang looked at Li Xiong's indignant look, and said displeasedly, "What's the matter? Say."

Li Xiong said everything that happened tonight.

In the end, he said, "Father, that bastard not only humiliated me, but also even ignored you. He was absent without leave and came to Chang'an Mansion, which should be a serious crime. He must die in case he return to Taibai County, otherwise, there will be an endless flow of disasters after he is set free to his territory."

After Li Gang patiently listened to all of his words, his face still showed no change in his attitude. He then said, "I will deal with this matter. You don't have to handle it anymore."

"But father..." Li Xiong still wanted to say something.

Li Gang waved his hand and replied, "Go to see your mother. She wants to talk to you about something. You are 18 years old this year. It is time for you to learn something, instead of enjoying an undeserved reputation, 'First Young Master in Chang'an City' and loafing."

After Li Xiong saw his father serious look, he stopped all he wanted to say, saluted sulkily, turned around and went out of the study room.

Li Gang sat in the wooden armchair and was silent for a long time.

Suddenly, the fingers of his right hand moved slightly, and a cloud of black and dense mist, like a black snake from the heil, crawled from the tip of the index finger and wrapped around his wrist, swallowing black hyacinth, which was lifelike.

"Go. Take me to have a look."

He said.

The black snake bowed and bounced, like a light, disappearing into the study.


After Li Xiong went out of the study, he crossed several corridors, passed several iron gates, and arrived at the backyard.

Only a small number of people could enter the backyard of Li Mansion.

Hence, few people know what was in the backyard.

Li Xiong, familiar with the road, came to a steel house and walked on the steps, and a thick metal door appeared. There was a platform, larger than a palm and with a green glow, beside the door. Li Xiong reached out on the green platform.

"Handprint detection passed."

A mechanical sound rose.

Then, the metal door opened.

Behind the door was a metal stepway facing the underground.

After Li Xiong entered the passage, the metal gate closed instantly.

He walked down sixty steps and had already reached the underground of three or four meters deep in Li Mansion. Later, a path paved by glass on the wall appeared. After passing through the path, he came to a light-silver metal door. The forging level of metal was far superior to the level of craftsmen in the world, and on the side of the metal door, there was another slap-sized platform, shining with a light green glow.

Li Xiong moved his eyes in front of it.

"Iris detection passed."

The sound of the machine rose again.

Then, the metal door opened.

The light of the incandescent lamp poured out from behind the door. Li Xiong was not surprised and he walked in. Then he shouted, "Mother, I don't care. You have to help me revenge."