The Divine Martial Stars
Chapter 134 Why So Fas
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The Divine Martial Stars
Author :Luan Shi Kuang Dao Mad Blade During Troubled Times Warrying Blade
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Chapter 134 Why So Fas

Zhou Yiling narrowed his pupils slightly.

"This joke is not funny."

The internal qi around his body was released at a faster speed, showing faint brown sputum, and the field was more and more powerful.

Li Mu smiled and said no more words, just crooked his finger towards Zhou Yiling.

This was absolutely an aggressive behavior.

Zhou Yiling, even knowing that Li Mu was deliberately provoking him, still felt angry. Although he was not the kind of child who had not gone through any difficulty, nor was he not challenged by his opponents, not knowing the reason, he couldn't restrain his fury when seeing Li Mu's careless expression.


He moved and his body flashed, seemingly disappearing in the original place.

Then almost at the same time, Zhou Yiling, like a ghost, appeared in front of Li Mu, and his palms like a knife, pointed to Li Mu's chest.

His speed was as fast as lightning.

After all, Zhou Yiling was good at the speed.

For many times, he had defeated his opponents with his speed. With such a shocking speed, he could always attack his opponents before they reacted. It was difficult for strong people of Master Realm to react before the flashing attack, who might be either dead or injured.


"Too slow."

Li Mu's voice appeared.

His arms lined out layers of phantoms and shadow before his breast, seemingly both real and imaginary. which, like transparent palms, reached before being motivated. They, like a parrot, pointed on Zhou Yiling's wrists as Li Mu bent his wrists.


Here came a dull thud.

The shape of Zhou Yiling appeared in the original place.

His left wrist was hanging down softly, apparently, the bones of the wrist were broken.

But his face was full of incredible and shocking expression.

"You... in this speed... How did you do it?"

Staring at Li Mu, he couldn't understand how did he make it. At that moment, he certainly didn't feel any fluctuation of internal qi, but Li Mu really moved faster than he did. Li Mu even reached before acting and directly broke his powerful attack.

What shocked him and was unacceptable was that Li Mu moved faster than him.

This feeling was as unbelievable as a fish found that a bird was better at swimming and diving than it.

That series of dreamlike shadow was the illusion left in the air due to the fast motivation of Li Mu's arms.

At this degree, even Zhou Yiling, who had always been known for his speed, couldn't do it.

At present, Zhou Yiling suddenly believed somewhat what Li Mu just now said.

"This young county magistrate really possesses the strength to kill super-class masters of Master Realm."

"How did you do that? Hah hah, it's very simple. I just raised my hands to finish it." Li Mu habitually exaggerated.

Nowadays, the level of Demon Li had been upgraded, so only before the masters at Master Realm like Zhou Yiling, could he somewhat be interested in exaggeration. If facing the officiallings like Li Xiong, he even didn't want to say a word.

"You did not run internal qi, but how can you achieve this speed?" Zhou Yiling could not understand, asking, "It is impossible to do this by the power of the flesh alone."

Li Mu looked calm. "Hah hah, can't you understand? Tell you more, it's actually very simple. It is not because I move fast, but you... move too slowly."

As he was saying, he suddenly powered his force on feet.

All the people felt the ground of the whole courtyard quaked as if an earthquake took place.

Li Mu's figure, in the original place, seemed to be a flash of light, and then became solid again.

Then, Zhou Yiling, in front of him, suddenly screamed.

As if he had been crashed by a giant elephant, the sound of broken bones rose before his breast, and then he flew out in contrary direction for more than 10 meters. Consequently, he struggled to keep balance in the air and forced himself to stand on the ground. Then, he moved backward for 12 steps. Each step forced out a footprint with depth to ankle on the ground. Ultimately, until his shoulders were hit to an ancient tree that could be surrounded by two people, did his figure stop flying.

"Impossible! How can you do it... so fast?"

Zhou Yiling, with a hint of blood spilling on the corner of his mouth, widened his eyes, like a near-drowning gold fish.

Just now, in the flash of Li Mu's figure, Li Mu actually had spanned the distance of nearly 20 meters between two people. Then, after a palm was slightly punched, he returned to the original place.

It was just because that the forward and backward speed was so fast that it surpassed the ordinary people's limit. Thus, others couldn't see the movement of Li Mu's figure, but just recognized the shake of his body on the original place.

During the whole process, even Zhou Yiling couldn't quickly react.

Even though he was good at and sensitive of speed, he also felt dazzing. He subconsciously spread his arms to resist, but he acted too slowly. Thus, he was beaten by Li Mu's palm to fly out with palm print.

This was what took place during the whole process.

On the other side, Li Xiong, Zhang Chuixue, Zhou Yu and other several officiallings and rich men looked at each other, since they didn't see completely and clearly what had happened just now. Besides, they only faintly felt that Zhou Yiling, whom they considered almost unparalled master of Master Realm, should seem to fail.

How did he lose?

They totally couldn't see through.



A crack.

That tree, on which Zhou Yiling was hit, instantly cracked, as if it were an exploded balloon. Then, black barks and white wood flour flew and sputter. Generally, a huge tree of more than ten yeas old became bits of wood in this flash.

Li Xiong and his companions all screamed.

Zhou Yiling's face got a bot ruddy till this moment, and he exhaledd long.

Yes. He let off the power filled by Li Mu into his breast just now on this tree in a way of releasing by intaking other power, so he could really control his injury. As he ran internal qi, the forceful blood qi surged, thus, the broken breast bones were adjusted correctly, and some of his suffer could gradually disperse.

He widened his eyes to stare at Li Mu, still looking forward to Li Mu's answer.

"Why... on earth... could such a speed appear?"

Li Mu still pretended to be superior to him, simply throwing up his hands and saying, "I have said that it's because your speed is too slow."

Zhou Yiling was speechless.

It was the first time that he had heard someone comment on his speed skill.

But he couldn't refute it.

"Thanks a lot for your mercy, County Magistrate Li." Zhou Yiling's look became serious, and he made an obeisance as a salute.

He knew at that flash, Li Mu could beat him into pieces-this humble county magistrate must possess such kind of power, but Li Mu reserved his strength, just breaking his several breast bones to ensure he was alive.

Li Mu did not speak.

As a demon in the eyes of countless people, in fact, Li Mu had no the awareness that a demon could directly and fiercely attack someone who was distasteful. He was not addicted to massacre without absolute necessity.

After Zhou Yiling saluted, he directly turned around and walked toward outside.

"General Zhou, what are you doing?" Li Xiong vaguely guessed the result of this battle, but it was unacceptable. He reached out and blocked Zhou Yiling, complaining, "You are defense-preparation general of west-city government organ, don't you want to catch that bastard and nurderer? Will you turn tail?"

Zhou Yiling replied indifferently, "Please forgive me, First Young Master. I can't defeat county magistrate Li."

Li Xiong's partners, officaillings and rich generation, couldn't help gasping.

Faintly guessing and clearly hearing were two different aspects.

Although they vaguely guessed that Zhou Yiling might be on the lower hand in that battle, they couldn't help being shocked when hearing this proud super-class master of Master Realm speak out such words on front of so many people.

"Is it a joke? As a super-class master of Master Realm, he, who could even rank one of the top twenty martial-art elites in west city, should even admit that he himself is weaker than Li Mu. Doesn't it indicate... that Li Mu is at least a super-class martial-art master of first-level Master Realm?"

This group of proud and delicate young people couldn't help but look at Li Mu.

When looking at this 15-year-old teenager, who was totally void of master demeanor, they were really unlikely to connect this man with super-class martial-art maters of first-level Master Realm.

"How did he practise?"

"Even if he started practising as a fetus, it is impossible for him to be at Master Realm at such a young age."

"You... General Zhou, though you failed, you brought three hundred elites, archers, and crossbow men. You are sisth-level military officers, and this is a battle on Jianghu fighting ring. If you send an order, Li Mu can also be caught, and at that time, you will make an important contribution." Zhang Chuixue suddenly became excited and shouted.

He was not convinced, and refused to accept as final.

"Fine. General Zhou, you are a military officer, so why should you have fear. Directly arrest him. I believe that his honor,magistrate of the prefecture, will also support you," Zhou Yu also advised sinisterly.

Zhou Yiling glanced at them like he looked at idiots.

"Well. I will leave the two hundred elites to you."

After that, he dcreed loudly all the black-armored soldiers on the spot to listen to Li Xiong's orders, and then he turned around to leave.

This super-class master of Master Realm, good at speed and hidden weapon skills, didn't try concealed weapon art, because he was clear that hidden weapon, however strong it was, almost couldn't attack Li Mu's figure, when the speed moves like that of Li Mu.

Since he wasn't certaily sure, he couldn't try it.

For the reason, he was clearly aware that the price of anther try might be more serious injury rather than broken breast bones.

Ultimately, Zhou Yiling's quickly vanished into the distant night, as if he horribly ran away from this narrow alley.

Then, Li Xiong and his partners looked at each other.

"Li Mu, I will give you the last chance to surrender. Otherwise, can you survive if ten thousouds of arrows were shot at once? Besides, I am not sure whether the small thatched cottage could bear the siege arrows. After all, your mother and that servant girl are not possessed of your strength. If they are shot by an arrow, then isn't it..." Li Xiong bit his teeth, and finally chose to keep threatening Li Mu.

Li Mu couldn't help but shake his head.

"You really don't stop until reaching your goal, and refuse to be convinced until faced with grim reality."

He, back to a dead tree, broke a branch on it and held it in his hand. Shivering slightly, it ,like a knife, directly was motivated bankhand.

Over the branch was filled with metal-like color, and a line of intangible and forceful blade spirit came out horizontally.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the scream, all the arrow strings were cut off by the blade.

Besides, all the strings on crossbows were also broken.

Consequently, long arrows and crossbows turned into wastes.

Besides, the archers and crossbow men exclaimed into a mess.

"Don't you get out?"

Li Mu shouted.

At this time, Li Mu and his companions suddenly became so scared that their faces turned pale. They all retreated in grieved look.

There was no need to fight any more.

Now that the long arrows and strong crossbows, with maximum threat of force, became a pile of useless iron, and even a shot couldn't make, the remaining close-in black-armored soldiers of more than 100, without cooperation of crossbow men, were as weak as a group wolves without teeth in front of Li Mu, super-class master of Master Realm.

What to do?

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