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Chapter 192: Hierarchy

Chapter 192 – Hierarchy
“Are you sure about this?”

Calron tilted his head up to look at the Patriarch.

The two were standing near a small pond, waiting for the rest of the members to arrive. Calron was supposed to have a class with Kail this morning, but the Patriarch insisted that they leave early so Calron’s attention would not be disturbed by a stressful class.

“That kid’s got no talent when it comes to teaching, he’ll just mess up your mood instead of teaching you anything useful. Today’s mission is important since you’ll be working with some of the other towers’ young generation, so I need you to be in the best condition, both mentally and physically.”

The Patriarch responded, turning his head to the side as he detected the arrival of the other members.

Calron did not say anything, but he had a feeling that Uncle Kail would take it out on him when they next met.

Soon, around a dozen figures neared the pond and stopped in front of Calron and the Patriarch.

“Tower Lord!”

The woman leading the group exclaimed in surprise at seeing the Patriarch standing there. She thought she would be meeting an Elder of the Raizel clan today, not the Patriarch himself.

“Morning! I was up early, so I decided to drop off the boy myself. Is everyone here?”

The Patriarch smiled at the woman and roamed his gaze to the three youngsters trailing behind the party.

This was a mission where the Elders would be giving full control of the mission over to the youths, where they would make their own decision on how to approach the objective, assign the hierarchy within their ranks, etc. This was to let them be independent and learn from their mistakes in future.

Looks like it’ll be just the four of us.
Calron noticed only three young people in the group around his age, two girls and one other guy. The young man had spiky red hair and a smooth-cut face. His dark eyes appeared to be in a constant state of seriousness as if he was observing each and every action of the people around him.

Meanwhile, one of the girls was shyly following behind the other girl. The shy girl had short auburn hair which greatly resembled Linda’s, but their personalities were the complete opposite. The short-haired girl gave off the presence of someone who felt uncomfortable around others and was easy to bully. Whereas, the girl in front had long dark hair and a calm aura exuding from her. Her green eyes bore into Calron, gauging him and his strength.

She’s dangerous.
Calron knew instinctively that the dark-haired girl was no stranger to battle and was used to mercilessly killing her enemies.

Calron returned her gaze, a slight smile escaping from the corner of his mouth. The girl frowned after seeing the look on his face.

“Ah, I see. Then this must be Calron, the one that we’ve been hearing about a lot recently.”

The woman faced Calron, inspecting him and his aura. She seemed satisfied and gave an approving nod.

“This is Bren Talok, Sela Xin and Helly Laxerus. You four will be working together for this mission, so get to know each other before you depart.”

The woman introduced the youngsters to Calron, starting with the red-haired youth, the dangerous-looking girl and finally the shy one.

Laxerus? She’s related to Mirane and Erten?
Calron reflexively looked at the short-haired girl upon the mention of her name, causing Helly to instantly step behind Sela while looking apprehensively at Calron. This only deepened the frown on Sela’s face.

“Here is the map targeting the storage and granary locations, but this only an estimate coordinate as you will have find the exact location once you reach that area. It’s a simple mission to exterminate all the targets on the map and return back. That’s all the instruction you’ll get, so good luck.”

The woman stated, signaling to the other Elders that came with the youths and in the next moment, they all disappeared.

“Good luck, brat!”

The Patriarch gave Calron a big thumbs-up before leaving as well.

“I didn’t expect the Raizel clan’s Patriarch to be like that… I thought he’d be scarier and have an overbearing personality.”

Bren commented once the Elders all left.

“Well, he can be that too when he’s fighting. Anyways, I’m Calron.”

Calron held out his hand to the red-haired boy.

“Just because we’re on the same mission doesn’t mean we have to be friendly with each other. Simply do your part in the objective and we can get this done with quickly in a few days. Sela and Helly, would you two object if I take charge and the position of leader?”

Bren ignored Calron’s greeting and instead turned to the dark-haired girl.

“I don’t mind. We should hurry up, Helly and I have an Academy exam coming up this week so we need to prepare for that as well.”

Sela answered nonchalantly while Helly nodded her head in acceptance. She still remained nervous at Calron’s presence.

Are they all ignoring me?
Calron thought with irritation, seeing Bren making his plans and dictating where they should go first.

“Yo! Why don’t I get a say in this?”

Calron asked calmly.

“For starters, you don’t look too smart and secondly, why should we follow you? We are all students of the Academy and have been trained in warfare and strategy, unlike a village bumpkin like you.”

Bren snorted, returning back to talking with Sela and analyzing the map in front of him.

“I think he wants to fight, Bren.”

Sela grinned, sensing the change in Calron’s face.

“Fine, I’ll entertain you. I’ve been itching to see what all this fuss was about you.”

Sela cracked her knuckles and stepped forward.

Uncle Kail, I don’t think I’m cut out for politics…
Calron closed his eyes as bolts of lightning flashed around him.


“Are the preparations complete?”

Resir inquired the man kneeling in front of him.

“Yes, Lord. After hearing that the boy was leaving on a mission with the other towers’ kids, we decided to start preparing for your orders.”

The man replied in a deep voice.

“Good, you may leave now.”

It’s a pity, but you’ll never make it to the speech for the slaves, Calron.
Resir looked outside the window, his sight set on the palace.


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