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Chapter 180: Revealing the Truth

Chapter 180 – Revealing the Truth
“Master, this is for you!”Ellie exclaimed while handing Calron a bracelet made of twigs and tiny flowers. Her large shimmering eyes gazed at Calron with anticipation as she waited for him to take it.Glancing around, he saw similar bracelets on Roran, Asra, Rain and Harol whereas Linda had a tiara made of grass and flowers. With a wry smile, Calron accepted the bracelet and put it on his left wrist.“It looks great, Ellie.”Calron complemented, ruffling the little girl’s head. “I knew Master would like it! Do you want the tiara as well?”Ellie bubbled with excitement, bouncing around Calron.“Well, I-““I’ll make one for you right now!”Before giving Calron a chance to finish, Ellie scurried towards the nearby garden while muttering all the different flowers she wanted on Calron’s tiara.“They’re actually not that bad.”Rain laughed after seeing the expression on Calron’s face and waved him over.“YO!”Asra and Harol greeted him, while Linda flashed him a bright smile at his appearance.“Don’t forget about our special classes for tomorrow.”Kail chuckled, leaving the teens alone after reminding Calron once again about their arrangement.“How’s everyone doing?”Calron asked as he sat down on the bench next to Roran.“We were waiting for big brother to finish your training so we could go eat.”Roran said while making a pitiful face at him to convey how much Calron had made him wait with hunger.“By the way, what was Uncle Kail talking about? You are going to have classes with him?”Asra asked with worry in his voice.“Yeah, he said that he wanted to teach me about something called economics. Why, is there a problem?”Detecting the strangeness in Asra’s tone, Calron inquired.“Oh… you’re screwed! Bahaha!”Harol cracked up in laughter, slapping his palms against the table.Seeing the look of confusion on both Roran and Calron’s faces, Linda started to explain. “Uncle Kail is known for being… how do I put it… a monster when it comes to teaching. He is brutal with his punishments, but the terrifying fact about his teaching is that…. It just doesn’t make any sense!”“I remember when he taught me hand-to-hand combat and it was basically him bashing me with his fists as he talked about how the fighting is similar to baking bread. I didn’t learn anything besides the recipe of a flour bread…”Asra mumbled with a gloomy atmosphere around him.“Ah, I’m sure you’ll be fine though. Uncle Kail has grown up quite a lot since back then.”Linda comforted Calron, but everyone could tell that even she didn’t believe it herself.“Hey, Calron, I wanted to ask you something about that lightning of yours.”Rain began, leaning forward to whisper in Calron’s ear.“We can all hear you, Rain.”Asra commented, but he still shifted in his seat to pay closer attention to what Calron’s answer.I figured this would come up soon.Calron inwardly thought as he answered Rain’s question.“I’m not too sure about it myself, but it used to be the power of our ancestor. I don’t know how I got it, but I inherited it during the moment of my elemental awakening”“Hmm, so it’s not something that can be learned.”Linda stated in a pensive voice.“That sucks… but it was pretty cool when you used it to destroy those Saint stage experts!”Rain recalled the scene of Calron effortlessly defeating those enemies, and it sent goosebumps up his body.Calron did not want to reveal the fact that during the whole time that he was using the Azure Lightning’s power, it was slowly killing his body from the inside. It was only because of the golden-eyed man that he survived that day.“I’m hungry, let’s go!”Roran whined from the side, and the teens continued to talk as they got up and walked towards the clan’s kitchen.They had completely forgotten about Ellie.……………………“I think the boy is ready.”A voice sounded inside a dark room.“We still do not know where his loyalties lie, and moreover, we know nothing about who his parents or predecessors were.”Another voice challenged the first one.“That doesn’t matter. He has the Divine Element, and that is proof enough that he is the scion of Raizel. If we continue to hesitate about this matter, the future of our clan will be in a dire situation.”“I concur with Elder Tiok. I have been shadowing the boy for over a month now, and I believe that he is the true scion.”A deep voice echoed.“Has the Patriarch agreed to this decision?”“I do not know as I haven’t seen the Patriarch since this morning.”An Elder muttered, his voice fading at the end.……………………………..“This is weird.”Calron whispered with shock as he glanced at the metal tile on his palm.After eating at the kitchen with everyone, Calron had returned back to his room inside the Raizel mansion to start making more God Tiles for the shop. With his current situation amongst the nobles and the Royal Court, he needed to strengthen his base at the Azure Pavilion and spread its influence.However, Calron noticed something strange the moment he completed the first tile he made.He felt no mental pain. Usually, when he finished with a God Tile, the Divine Perception would send a sharp pain to his mind, but this time it was like it was almost effortless for him to make the tile.Something has changed.He did not know what it was, but he could feel that something had transformed inside of him. Taking another piece of elemental metal, Calron began imprinting the lightning onto it to shape it into a series of complex symbols. *huaa*The God Tile glowed with a dim golden light until returning back to normal.“There’s still no pain.”Calron murmured with astonishment, staring at the second God Tile he created today.“It’s because of your divinity, kid.”A familiar voice resounded inside the room behind Calron.“Patriarch?”Calron did not even sense the old man’s presence. “Divinity? What are you talking about?”“It’s what he left you with.”The Patriarch smiled, arriving next to Calron and proceeding to sit in front of him.“It’s time for you to know everything, Calron.” (LIMITED SPOTS)Buy the and leave us a review!

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