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Chapter 169: Fighting a Saint Stage Exper

Chapter 169 – Fighting a Saint Stage ExpertDamn, this guy is strong.Calron thought while pulling the spear’s tip away from Mirane and feeling the resistance by the robed figure.Although his opponent was at the Saint stage, in terms of physical strength, Calron was not far behind him. Once the tip was safely away from Mirane and Ellie, he let go of the spear and struck a punch to the figure’s arm with his remaining non-transformed hand.“Kugh!”The figure groaned in pain, but his hand remained fixed on the spear’s body. Calron could not see the figure’s expression as his face was covered by the robe’s hood, but from the timbre of the groan, it seemed to be a man in his thirties or so.“Brat, I was going to kill that daughter of the tower lord first, but since you decided to butt in, I’ll take care of you first.”The figure threatened in a deep voice, as he summoned another ice spear in his other hand. Wielding dual spears, the robed figure let out a laugh and charged straight at Calron.This will be a tough one.Calron could not gauge the exact cultivation level of his opponent, but he knew that the robed figure was at least at the second rank of the Saint stage.In the blink of an eye, Calron’s body vanished from sight and reappeared directly behind the robed figure while he was still in motion. His golden claw stretched out towards the figure’s back, but before Calron could touch him, a deathly gas made of ice particles burst from the robed figure’s body, instantly freezing the tip of his claw.“Fuck.”Calron cursed as he swiftly retreated a few meters back and stared at the man in front of him.“Be careful, he can expel freezing gas from his body!”Mirane shouted from the side, gripping Ellie tight to her body.You should have said that before… Calron thought while throwing a wry smile at the blonde girl and returned his focus to the opponent in front.“I never got to test it out before, but I think this is a good time as any.”Calron smiled while the scales on his arm gradually receded until his arm returned back to normal. However, in the next instant, two small metal rods suddenly appeared in the open and attached themselves to each of his wrists. The metal rods morphed into two dark mini-crossbows with a lightning bolt already notched on the weapons.“You believe that a tiny crossbow like that could hurt me?”The robed figure taunted, spinning the ice spears in his hands. Without giving Calron a chance to react, the figure raced towards him and leapt off the ground for an aerial strike.Calron did not reply to the taunt and instead slowly aimed at the airborne enemy.“Die.”Calron whispered, his bright azure eyes boring into the robed figure as two bolts of lightning flashed from his hands.“AAARRRRGGGHHHH!”A wretched scream echoed throughout the battlefield, and a moment later, the robed figure tumbled to the ground, his black robes now stained red. Shortly following that, a quieter thud sounded in the area as a human-shaped arm landed right beside the robed figure.Calron stared coldly at the fallen figure on the ground and prepared to finish him off with another bolt into his body.The robed figure screamed with bloodlust while glaring at Calron, droplets of blood splashing on the dirt from the severed arm. He regretted underestimating the mini-crossbows as he chose not to dodge the attack even though he was fully capable of it. The robed figure simply wanted to show his opponent the difference in their levels, but the power play backfired and now he had lost his arm.“I will rip your throat out, kid! Let me show you the might of a Saint stage expert!”The robed figure growled, pulling back his hood with his remaining arm and slowly standing up on his feet. The robed figure was completely bald with vile-looking dark eyes.He cursed when he saw the severed arm bleeding out in the dirt, but he had to take care of the boy before he attempted to reattach the limb.“Too late.”Calron muttered, firing two more bolts of lightning at his enemy. Just as he waiting for the familiar scream, Calron felt a chilly gust of air behind him.“I underestimated you once, but I will not do it again. I’m done playing around with you, brat.”The robed figure whispered into Calron’s ear.What the hell just happened?Calron’s mind fell into a panic, as he quickly realized that he could not move his body anymore.“I’ll admit you’re strong for a Vajra stage cultivator, but no matter how powerful you are, you are still not a Saint stage expert.”The robed figure grabbed Calron’s left arm single-handedly and began to slowly twist it until sounds of bones cracking could be heard. Malicious laughter filled the air, as Calron could not even scream and silently watched his arm getting crushed.“My soul power is restricting your body and I’ve already partly detached your senses. You’ll feel every second of the agony and pain, but your body will not listen to your commands.” The bald man chortled as he let go Calron’s arm and began to mercilessly pound his fist into the boy’s chest, stomach and sides.Blood dribbled out of Calron’s motionless face while the bald man continued to pummel him.This is pathetic… Calron thought under all the excruciating pain. He had never felt so humiliated in a battle where he was so helpless against an enemy. Soon, he saw the bald man get tired of beating him and summon his ice spear again.“NOOOOOO!”Mirane cried out in anguish, seeing that the robed figure was about to kill the young boy right in front of her eyes. The little girl next to her with her eyes shut tight, kept asking her what was going on, but Mirane did not know how to respond. Sensing that something drastic was currently taking place, Ellie opened her eyes and the first thing that she saw was the scene of a bloodied Calron about to be struck by a spear.“MASTER!!”Ellie wailed in desperation and broke free of Mirane’s grasp. She sprinted with her tiny legs as fast as they could carry her. Mirane yelled at the back for Ellie to stop, knowing that her own power was hopeless against the Saint stage enemy. Ellie stumbled on the ground, her tear-soaked face now covered in dirt as she pitifully cried out to Calron.“Foolish child… I’ll kill you after I’m done with him.”The bald man smirked at Ellie on the ground, and put more force behind his ice spear.“CALRON! MASTER!”Both Mirane and Ellie screamed when they saw the ice spear pierce through Calron’s neck and break past the barrier of his skin.“Thank you Ellie, your scream let us know where big brother was.”All of a sudden, the little girl felt a gentle pat on her head and tilted her head up to see the smiling face of Roran.After Roran heard Calron’s call through the Blood Legacy, he took Avor to frantically search for his brother. Since he was not the Prime Inheritor, Roran could not accurately pinpoint Calron’s location through the legacy, so Ellie’s sharp cry alerted them instantly.“Master… ”Ellie choked on the words, bursting into sobs.“He is fine. Look there.”Roran picked Ellie off the ground and wiped the dirt away from her small face.Ellie quickly glanced back to where Calron was and saw a shocking scene.Avor had one of his hands wrapped around the body of the spear, preventing it from sinking any further into Calron’s flesh, while the other one was around the neck of the bald man.His once soft brown eyes were now exuding an atmosphere of danger and wrath, as Avor’s eyes penetrated the robed figure.“Go to sleep.”He stated in a frosty tone, and then squeezed his hand around the bald man’s neck, obliterating any and all bones within. (LIMITED SPOTS)BOOK 3 IS COMPLETED FOR DEITY ! BECOME ONE TO READ THE CONCLUSION NOW!Give your daily vote to us !

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