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Chapter 143: God Tiles

Chapter 143 – God Tiles
*katcha*The metal sheet cracked under Calron’s lightning.Shit. I need to reduce the intensity of my essence even more.Calron thought while looking at the two broken pieces of metal in his hands.The tiny lightning bolts that he saw with his Divine Perception were very thin and almost transparent, so he had to summon the weakest possible bolt of lightning in order to succeed.Calron felt that it was much easier to summon his strongest lightning attack than to produce a tiny and weak bolt of lightning.“Let’s try once again.”He discarded the broken metal pieces and picked up another sheet.Releasing a single bolt of a pale yellow lightning, Calron pushed it once again into the elemental metal.*katcha*………………………After the seventh try, Calron finally managed to imbue his lightning within the metal sheet. The elemental metal now glowed with a faint golden light and, if one observed the metal sheet carefully, they would see numerous miniature bolts of lightning darting around inside.“That took much longer than I expected…”Calron let out a relieved sigh and inspected the completed piece of elemental metal.The technique that Calron used to succeed was to imbue numerous tiny bolts of lightning at the same time, instead of utilizing a weaker version of his normal lightning.What should I test out first… let’s do the easiest one first.Calron thought inwardly, deciding on which special characteristic he should imbue the metal sheet with. There were several ideas that he could use, the effects ranging from making the user immune to pain, have vivid hallucinations, paralysis, etc. The simplest, however, was to enhance the fighting capability of a cultivator so Calron decided to open up his new shop with this basic product.In the next moment, a bright white symbol appeared on top of Calron’s forehead as its light illuminated every corner of the room.“Go!”Calron whispered in a quiet voice while his azure eyes turned completely grey, and the tiny bolts of lightning began to scramble within the metal until they formed a distinct array of mysterious symbols.Calron was shaping the lightning using his mental thoughts and imprinting what purpose he wanted it to fulfil. The array of symbols shone briefly with a pale golden light before they all vanished from the metal.Returning back to his normal azure eyes, Calron laughed joyfully when he saw the completed item in his hands.Roran, come here.Calron sent his thoughts into the Blood Legacy’s source pool and pushed his consciousness towards Roran’s bridge. With how physically close they both were right now, it was close to effortless for Calron to use the legacy’s telepathic skill to communicate with Roran as its Prime Inheritor.………………………….“Big brother?”A knock was heard on the door, as a confused Roran poked his head through to make sure it was indeed Calron in the room.“Haha, Roran, come inside. I got this extra room so I could have a space to work with the elemental metal.”Calron chuckled at seeing the confusion still on his brother’s face.“Big brother, how did you communicate with your thoughts? I thought I was imagining your voice, but it seemed too real so I followed your voice. Can I do the same thing as well?”Roran asked in an excited voice, as he sat on the ground in front of Calron.“I think you might be able to once you reach a higher stage in the Blood Legacy Arts. I can only do so because of my position as the Prime Inheritor.”Calron explained with a smile.“Ehh? That’s not fair!”“Roran, I need your help with something. Take this sheet of metal and send a bit of your essence into it.”Halting Roran’s complaints before he could delve any further, Calron quickly took the sheet of the completed elemental metal and placed it on top of Roran’s outstretched palms.“Alright.”Roran mumbled at being ignored, but proceeded to send a trickle of his essence into the metal.Meanwhile, Calron remained on alert and focused on any changes that might occur with Roran in the next few seconds.All of a sudden, Roran’s eyes shot wide open and dilated to the point where even his irises could not be seen at all.*whooosh*Without giving any warning, Calron abruptly sent his fist with lightning speed towards Roran’s face. If this were done during any other time, then Roran would have been sent flying away under Calron’s speed and strength, which was at the eighth rank of Vajra stage; however, without even blinking once, Roran managed to easily dodge the incoming attack.“Why is big brother moving so slow? I feel strange…”Roran asked Calron, as he stared down at his body and glanced at his surroundings with his mind in an utter daze.Although, on the outside it appeared as if Roran’s hands were moving in rapid flashes, while his head kept darting around with an inhuman speed.“So it works! But I need to reduce the amount of metal I used as it will be too dangerous if someone at the Saint stage used it.”Calron talked to himself, mentally noting down the effects of the elemental metal he saw in Roran.Calron had imprinted on the tiny bolts of lightning to merge with the mind of one who held the piece of metal and enhance his vision and reaction speed. This will allow the holder to see outside movements much slower while increasing their own body’s movement speed.This effect would only last for a few minutes, but in a fight, each second was absolutely priceless and could mean the difference between life or death.Calron decided to significantly reduce the effects of the metal, as it would alarm the Selior city officials if they found out that he was capable of producing an object that achieve such astonishing results.“I’ll give it only a tenth of its original power… also, I need a name for this when I sell it.”Calron stood up while muttering to himself. Roran was still in his daze with a fascinated expression on his face as he continued to explore the new changes happening inside him.I’ll call them the “God Tiles”, hahaha!Calron decided, amused at how others would react to this name when he opened his shop tomorrow.“Roran, let’s go. It’s time to cure Ellie.”Calron’s eyes flashed with a hint of grey for half a second, as he dispelled the effects of the unique lightning inside Roran.I hope the Blood Sacrifice works…A serious atmosphere settled around Calron, as he headed towards the girl that he named after his own sister. (LIMITED SPOTS)Check out the here!Give you daily vote to us !

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