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Chapter 142: Calron’s First Creation

Chapter 142 – Calron’s First Creation
“You are Calron?”A skinny old man standing next to the bar counter asked Calron the moment he approached him.“Yes, that is me.”“Lady Laxerus asked us to deliver a few batches of goods to you. Where do you want us to place them?”The old man scrutinized Calron’s face, curious as to how a nobody like him managed to gain the favor of the Laxerus family.“Just show me where they are and I’ll carry it myself.”Calron stated in a polite tone. He did not want other people to enter his room because Ellie was currently recuperating there, and he did not want to disturb her.“Of course.”The old man raised an eyebrow at the boy’s unusual behavior, but did not comment any further.Following the skinny old man outside, Calron saw a small wooden cart which had two medium-sized crates placed on it. Elemental metal was comparatively cheaper than other metals which were typically used for a cultivator’s weapon, as it was denser and more brittle than other metals. Usually, only Spiritual stage cultivators utilized weapons made of elemental metal as, if a Vajra stage expert used one, it would definitely crack under the pressure of their powerful essence.Calron effortlessly lifted both crates out of the cart and roughly gauged their weight. It seemed like they both weighed around forty kilograms altogether, causing Calron to be pleasantly surprised.A kilogram of elemental metal could be sold for approximately three gold in the market. Thus, for a hundred gold squares, Calron would only be able to obtain thirty-three or thirty-four kilograms of the metal. However, it appeared as if Mirane had given him a few extra kilograms of metal.“Thank you, please send my regards and gratitude to Lady Mirane.”Calron said happily to the old man, as he turned around and went back into the inn.The old man gave a small bow and walked away with his cart.Far off into the distance, a slim shadow remained crouching on top of a building and when Calron returned back to the inn, the shadow gradually stood up and let out a sardonic laugh.“Hahaha, that’s the punk, young master sent me to take care of?”The shadow’s azure eyes flashed with a bolt of lightning.…………………………..“Hey Jolt, is there an extra room available next to mine upstairs?”Calron inquired, after locating Jolt who was in the kitchen sampling the roast meat for tonight’s dinner.“Oh, hello lad! Hmmm, the one next to yours is occupied, but a room a few doors away from yours was recently evacuated by a customer so you can have that. So, how’s the child doing?”Jolt put down his plate, and asked Calron with a trace of worry in his voice.Calron had recently found out that a majority of the maids that worked in the Wandering Eagle were young girls that Jolt had took under his care long ago, when they had nowhere to go. It was due to the death of Tanny’s mother, Jolt’s little sister, that developed the over-protective attitude that Jolt had towards other young girls.“She’s resting for now, but hopefully, she’ll be better by tomorrow.”Calron consoled the man while picking up the two crates from the ground.“Sigh… poor girl. Anyways, Selin is currently cleaning the room so the door should be open. Also, I talked to my friend, and the store is yours for a month. If you can continue to pay the rent, then he will let you extend the contract. I’ll tell you where it is tomorrow, so rest easy.”Jolt patted the Calron’s shoulder and picked up plate.“Thanks for all the help, Jolt. I will never forget what you have done for me.”Calron stated seriously, his eyes looking straight at the bald innkeeper.Jolt did not have to go through all that hassle for him, especially since he was just a stranger who Jolt had met recently, and yet the innkeeper selflessly helped Calron through a lot of his troubles. From finding a shop for him, to calling a healer for Ellie, Jolt asked nothing in return.“Haha, you might be a powerful cultivator, but it’s the job of us elders to still take care of the young.”Jolt waved his hands with a chuckle and continued chewing on his roasted meat.Letting out a warm smile, Calron left the kitchen and went upstairs to his room. Seeing that Roran was no longer standing outside, he concentrated his senses and discovered that Roran was inside the room and meditating on the floor.It seemed that the healer had left while Calron was downstairs, leaving Roran to continue his cultivating inside, along with making sure that no one disturbed Ellie.I’ll let her rest for a bit more, and use the Blood Sacrifice on her tonight.Calron thought, as he treaded ahead to the nearby open door a few meters away.Stepping inside, Calron saw an old maid picking up her broom and lifting up a bucket from the ground. It looked as if Selin had just finished cleaning the room.“Hey Selin, Jolt said that I could have this room so if you are finished cleaning it. Is it okay if I step in?”Calron asked politely to the elder maid.“Ah, if it isn’t the young boy that Tanny keeps rattling about? I just finished cleaning, so the room is all yours. I’ll see you downstairs for dinner.”Selin let out a pleasant laugh and beckoned Calron to enter, while she gathered her equipment and left the room.I wonder what that little brat was saying about me…Calron shook his head with amusement and put down the crates in the middle of the room.“Time to get started.”With a swift flick of his hand, bolts of lightning rushed towards the wooden crates, disintegrating them into ashes and leaving behind two stacked piles of square metal sheets.Each sheet was around the size of Calron’s two hands, and they had the thickness of his little finger.Calron took one sheet from the pile and keenly observed the elemental metal. With a glossy outside, the metal had a dark blue hue and the single sheet was much heavier than what Calron initially expected.“I took a big gamble with this, so I hope it works.”Calron quietly muttered while staring at the sheet of metal in his hands.He had taken a big risk in this matter and, if his idea did not work, then he would owe a lot of money to Mirane and to also Jolt.The main reason that Calron had picked the elemental metal was because this piece of metal had the property of storing any element’s essence…. including lightning!Calron planned on modifying his lightning akin to the unique small bolts of the lightning that he had seen with the Divine Perception coursing through all living beings. If he could emulate that unique lightning, then the possibilities of his creation would be endless.*crackle*Strands of gentle golden lightning coalesced around Calron’s palm, and he pushed the docile bolts into the sheet of metal. 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