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Chapter 141: Fourth Step of the Blood Legacy

Chapter 141 – Fourth Step of the Blood Legacy
“Are you sure that you did not see incorrectly?”An angry voice stated in a quiet voice.“I am sure, Captain. I saw that same teen that we previously met entering the lady’s room in the Alchemy school.” A young knight in a light armor confirmed, as he stood behind his Knight Captain.“Goddamn it! So Barol was killed by that little boy…”Darton cursed furiously, his heavy armor rattling under his body’s movement.The young knight remained silent and waited for his Captain’s following orders.“Go inform the second young lord, and tell him that someone has set their eyes on his sister. This boy might be a spy from one of the other towers, as it’s clear he is an elite fighter if he was able to kill Barol without causing a big commotion. If my guess is not wrong, then he probably killed Barol in a single strike…”Darton stated in a contemplative voice, and commanded the young knight to depart.Which other Tower family dares to make a move on our Laxerus Tower?The Knight Captain brooded while closing his eyes once his subordinate left.…………………………….“How is she?”“The healer says that her bones are too fragile from months of starvation and that it will be next to impossible for her to walk again.”Roran answered Calron, as the two youths stood outside their room at the inn.After Calron had returned from his meeting with Mirane, he saw that Roran was standing outside their room with a wrathful expression on his face. This was because Jolt had asked for a city healer to be brought for Ellie, and the result of the healer’s examination infuriated Roran.If not for Calron’s previous statement, then Roran would have charged directly towards the slave trader’s shop and beat him until he could no longer move.“The tragedy that humans inflict against their own kind…”Calron sighed after hearing the news. He had already detected the frail and weakened bones inside Ellie the moment he had picked her up from her cage, but he had hoped that the situation was not this devastating.“Big brother, you talk as if you are not one of us.”Roran stated in a depressed tone, his mind still occupied by thoughts of Ellie and how that poor girl had to suffer for the rest of her life.“Roran, I forgot to ask you before but… how far have you trained in the Blood Legacy?”Calron chose to ignore Roran’s comment, and asked him a question of his own.“Eh? What does that have to do with this situation? Well, I recently mastered the Blood Mist Step and have been trying to break the third seal for the Titan’s Fury. I would have been faster in my legacy training if not for my father forcing me to learn under the Shadow Assassins.”Roran spoke in a confused tone, wondering why his brother had abruptly changed the topic.“The fourth seal of the Blood Legacy is where our rapid regeneration comes from, Roran. Even without breaking that seal, our wounds heal much faster than other cultivators; however, if we use the power of the fourth seal, then we can instantly recover from any broken bones or fractures.”Calron started, looking straight into Roran’s eyes as he continued.“However, if we lose too much blood during a fight then this technique becomes fatal, as it consumes your blood in order to heal the bones just like the Titan’s Fury. The name of this technique is called Blood Sacrifice, and I broke its seal a few weeks ago. I never had the chance to use it as I have not yet gotten into a dangerous fight, and furthermore, because the technique leaves me in a weakened state an hour after I finish using it.”Calron revealed, judging Roran’s face to see if he understood his meaning.“You mean…”Realization hit Roran after a second, when he gradually deduced what his brother was trying to convey.“Yes, I can use the Blood Sacrifice on other people as well. However, we will have to wait until the healer leaves before I use it, as it will complicate the situation if he finds out that Ellie has been healed so quickly.”Calron spoke while glancing at the shut door in front of them and patting Roran on the back.“Oh, there you are mister!”A rosy-cheeked Tanny came scrambling up the stairs and exclaimed out loud when she noticed Calron standing outside his room.“Hey Tanny! You were looking for me?”Calron’s mood brightened a bit when he saw the cute girl panting out of breath while supporting herself on the staircase rails.“Yeah! Uncle said that there was someone asking for you, and that they brought a few large boxes with them.”Tanny said while extending her arms wide to show how big the boxes were.“The delivery arrived quicker than I thought… thank you Tanny.”Calron thanked the young girl by pulling her cheek and walking past her to downstairs.“Ptuu∼ “Calron heard the little girl complain behind his back about pulling her cheek, before she turned to Roran in a worried tone and inquired about Ellie.If only all humans had a soul as pure as hers…Calron thought as he stepped down the stairs.………………….“Fuck! Who is this scum that is trying to make a move on my sister?”A young man with short and curly blonde hair shouted out while clenching a communication crystal within his hands.“What happened, Erten?”A dark-haired boy who was walking next to him asked in a curious tone.Both the youths were wearing the same uniform, and it seemed as if they attended the same academy.“I just received a message from one of our Knight Captains that a commoner has been trying to get close to Mirane, and he believes that this person might be a spy from one of the other towers. Those bastards! They used to constantly harass my sister before, and now they have even resorted to playing with her feelings.”Erten’s golden irises blazed with rage.“Someone is messing around with Mirane? Why don’t I ask someone from my clan to deal with him?”The dark-haired boy asked while turning to face his friend.“Are you sure that it will not cause any trouble for you, Asra? Your clan is also one of the towers.”Erten responded with a trace of hesitation in his voice. He could use the forces of his Laxerus family to deal with the spy, but his family was more dominant in crafting weapons, armors, potions, etc. and besides, the most powerful of their troops were always with his father.However, Asra’s family was focused entirely on military offence, and they were said to be one of the most powerful tower families within the city and only slightly behind the Royal court.“No, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Let’s see how this bastard survives under the might of the Raizel clan.” (LIMITED SPOTS)Check out the here!Give you daily vote to us !

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