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Chapter 139: Give Me A Name, Master

Chapter 139 – Give Me A Name, Master“Please… buy me! I pro… mise… to be help… full…”A young child’s voice rang out from below Calron’s feet, just as he passed a small metal cage.Perplexed by the sudden cry, Calron looked down to his right and saw a small girl around seven years old clinging to the bars of the cage with her tiny hands. She was covered in dirty rags, and both her face and body were stained with dirt and soot. Her dull black eyes stared into Calron, eliciting a sharp sting of pity from within his heart. Ever since entering the Slave Market, Calron had tried to steel his mind so that he would not be emotionally swayed by the environment around him, but upon seeing the pitiful state of the girl in front of him, his mental barriers crashed.“Big brother…”Roran gritted his teeth, his anger seething and about to explode at the slave traders.“Stop, Roran. I know how you feel, but we cannot carelessly take action before we are in a position of power. In order to eradicate this cruel system, just our individual strength is not enough.”Calron forcefully gripped Roran’s fist and whispered into his ear.Once Roran slightly calmed down, Calron released his arm and knelt down on the ground to face the young child. However, before he could say anything, a sharp voice was directed at him.“No talking to the slaves without my permission. If you just want to look around, piss off and go somewhere else! We only cater to buying customers here.”A tall and beefy man strutted from the shop’s entrance, giving both Calron and Roran a hostile glare.The slave trader did not think that the two youths were customers, as they appeared too young and moreover, their clothes did not give off a sense of wealth or luxury. Only the rich could afford the slaves, so it was obvious to the trader that these teens were here to cause trouble.“How much?”Calron’s cold and frosty voice sounded in the air, as he continued to gaze at the girl in front of him and ignored the expression on the trader’s face.“Hah? What is with that tone, you little shit! Get the fuck out of my shop!”The slave trader was furious with Calron’s attitude, and bellowed at him to leave his shop.*Rrrrrrrrrrrr*The ground underneath the slave trader started to abruptly tremble, as Calron released his true essence for a brief second.“S-sorry, sir, please f-forgive my previous words.”The trader shook in fright, realizing that the teen had been hiding his real cultivation.It was clear that the youth was close to the peak of Vajra stage, and achieving this cultivation at such a young age meant that he was definitely from one of the powerhouses of the Royal court or the six towers.“How much?”Calron repeated in an icy tone, continuing to ignore the trader.“That slave is on sale for three gold and twenty silvers, but you can have her for three gold.”The trader swallowed his saliva and answered in a worried tone, afraid that Calron would be offended by the price.Although slavery was legal under the kingdom’s authority, if a certain powerful clan or sect was offender by a trader, then they had the right to revoke their license and under special circumstances, they could even execute the trader publicly.Without glancing at the nervous slave trader, Calron took out three gold squares from his spacial bracelet and threw them towards the beefy trader.*katcha*Placing both his hands on the bars of the metal cage, Calron pulled them apart until the metal rods started to break under the force.“Thank… you…”The little girl’s dull eyes seemed to gain a bit of life, as two streaks of tears rolled down her cheeks.“What is your name?”Calron asked softly with a gentle look on his face, as he ignored the stench around the girl.“I… do not have… a name…”The girl answered in a hoarse voice.Her dull eyes blinked slowly with exhaustion, and it seemed as if the little girl was about to collapse.“Please, give… me a name… Master…”The girl said in a fading whisper before finally closing her eyes and going into unconsciousness. “Your name will be... Ellie.”Calron stated with a slight smile on his face, as he picked up the tiny figure from the cage and stood up.Walking towards Roran, Calron handed the little girl over to his brother while saying, “Take her back to the inn, and ask Jolt to get some clothes her size. Get one of the maids to give her a bath and to look after her.”“Big brother, where are you going?”Roran inquired, sensing that Calron was about to leave somewhere.“I just need to prepare some items for the shop tomorrow, so wait for me back at the inn.”Calron conveyed, and after a quick glance at the unconscious Ellie in Roran’s arms, he left the area.Calron had initially thought that it would take much longer to search for a suitable slave, and although Ellie was much younger than the slave he would have liked, he did not regret his choice one bit.……………………………….“My lady, some young lad is outside and says he wants to talk to you.”A plump old maid said with a slight bow after she entered an extremely messy room, and closed the door behind her.“Oh, Hi Romla! What do you think of this new pill?”A beautiful blonde-haired girl turned around with a small purple-colored pill in her hand, while her spectacles hanged crookedly on her nose.Mirane’s eyes sparkled with excitement, as she waved the pill in the air and let out a cheerful laugh.“Please be careful, my lady…”The plump maid smoothly walked over to the oblivious girl, and re-positioned the almost tipping boiling cauldron.After taking care of that, Romla faced Mirane and fixed the crooked spectacles on her face.Sigh, the little lady is still so careless…Romla inwardly complained, but she could never bring herself to scold the innocent and pure-hearted Mirane. The poor girl was ostracized by the other nobles because of her clumsiness and lack of dignified behavior. If not for her stunning beauty, then she would have been treated even more harshly.“Romla, did you say something before?”Mirane asked in her sweet voice, after putting down the purple-colored pill and checking the cauldron.“Yes, my lady. There is a young man here to see you. He said his name was… Calron.”………………………Would she accept this offer? Maybe…As Calron was contemplating his thoughts while seated outside the Royal Alchemy School’s entrance, his mind kept returning to the slave girl, Ellie.He did not realize until now why he had picked that name on the spur of the moment. He recalled that one night when his mother was pregnant, she was telling him a bed-time story. Once the story was over, Calron had asked her what she would name the baby, and she answered him while stroking his hair and placing a soft kiss on his forehead, “If it’s a boy, then Wilan and if it’s a girl… Ellie.” (LIMITED: Only 4 spots remaining for this tier)Give you daily vote to us !

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