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Chapter 99 – Misfortune from Birth

Chapter 99 – Misfortune from Birth
“This ball is so stupid! It’s flying away!”
Rebran yelled while glancing up, as he chased the small ball in the air.

Initially, when he flung the ball into air, he had thought that it would come straight down back to him, but the small ball had trajected into a new path and was falling down towards another location. The wind had simply carried it away, and the young lion was adamamant on retrieving his small treasure.

“Wuwu, my wings are starting to hurt… hey ball, come back!”
The little white lion cried out, his wings started to slightly tremble with exhaustion.

It was right then that the young lion heard the screech of a mighty predator.

Turning around his head, he gazed at the mountainous golden bird rapidly approaching him. Rebran felt his soul shaking with fright when he looked into those cold azure eyes. He was not sure whether he was hallucinating or not, but Rebran also thought he saw a puppy and a raccoon flying on the giant bird’s back.

Compared his own puny four-foot height, this scaly bird was monstrous in size, and just its wingspan alone was enough to completely dwarf him.

Looking into the sharp and cold azure eyes of the predator, all traces of willpower left Rebran’s body and his wings disipated under a flash of white light.

My new ball…
Those were his last thoughts before his body began tumbling towards the ground.


Is that… a flying lion?
Calron wondered when he saw a distant figure within his sight.

Not sure, but it appears to be a variant species since it has those flashy wings on its back. Just avoid any contact and turn around. This might be a trap from the Dragon King.
Ezkael cautioned, urging Calron to not get involved.

After getting accustomed to Calron’s personality, he deduced that the boy would be too curious to leave the foreign beast alone and this tendency had already gotten them into plenty of trouble in the past.

Wait, something’s happening to it… it’s falling down!
Calron burst into flurry of motion, as he rushed below towards the tumbling beast.

This brat never learns…
Ezkael sighed, withdrawing away from his student’s mind.

Avi screamed in delight when Calron suddenly charged ahead, causing the gust of wind to graze past her fur. Both Tarnila and Avi were seated behind the golden bird, so neither of them had yet seen the young white lion ahead and thought Calron was simply fooling around.

Twenty yards away.
Fifteen yards.

“Sh*t! Not fast enough!”
Calron cursed out loud, when he saw that the lion would collide against the ground within the next thirty seconds.

Hearing Calron shout out loud, both the raccoon and the wolf pup quieted down, realising that something serious was occuring.

Now that is a beast I’ve never seen before. He is unconscious at the moment… that is a problem.

Tarnila pondered, while using her lightning abilities to investigate the foreign beast.

“Calron, bring out your essence and circulate it throughout your wings. Not a trace of essence should leak. Do it… NOW!”
Tarnila bellowed from Calron’s back, quickly capturing his attention.

“I can’t channel my lightning right now. If I do, Avi will get caught in the middle!”
Calron frantically replied, as he continued to race down to the ground.

Ten yards.

“I can shield her, you idiot, so hurry up!”
Tarnila lashed out, while a semi-translucent golden shield formed around her and Avi.

“woof, woof?”
Avi barked in confusion, sensing that her play time was coming to an abrupt end.

Unexpectedly feeling a bond of trust form between him and the crazy raccoon, Calron closed his eyes and forcefully pushed all the essence from his core into his metallic wings.
Sparks of lightning darted around his scaly body, as he struggled to keep the lightning strictly within his wings.

The Will of Lightning.

Those words once again reverberated throughout his mind, rousing the memories he had of his ancestors.

“Command the lightning on what you want it to do…”
Calron muttered under his breath, as a faint glow began emerging from his wings.

The lightning around his body vanished, leaving only a few occasional sparks around his wings.

What!? He was able to comprehend it so quickly? I thought that just the notion of circulating lightning without letting it leak would be too difficult for him!
Tarnila’s eyes widened in surprise when she noticed Calron’s wings glowing.
That glow signified that a torrent of essence was coursing throughout his wings, and almost none of it was leaking out of Calron’s body.

“What now?”
Calron bellowed with urgency in his voice. Only a few precious seconds were left until the young lion hit the ground and there was still more than five yards separating them both.

“Discharge all of that lighting from your wings in a single moment for a tremendous boost in speed. Since this is your first time trying it, I would prefer that both me and the little wolf here be as far away as possible. Good luck, little birdy!”
Tarnila stated, as she hugged the tiny pup to her chest and leapt off of Calron’s back. With golden lightning flashing underneath her feet, the raccoon whizzed down to the ground. It almost appeared as if she was walking on air.
If Calron was not so preoccupied with the drastic situation at hand, then he would have begged the annoying raccoon to teach that move to him.

“Alright, let’s do this!”
Calron slowly closed his eyes and took in a long, deep breath.

He felt the violent wind crashing into him, and the smell of earth gradually wafted into his nostrils. His golden scales glimmered under the light of the sun, and time itself seemed to slow down.


In a flash, Calron opened his eyes and traces of golden lightning darted across his azure pupils.

Roaring into his mind, Calron commanded the tsunami of lightning coursing through his wings to unleash itself into the outside world.

The sound of a sonic explosion echoed in the entire vicinity, as the sound of thunder erupting filled the surroundings.

Waves of adrenaline rushed into his brain, and the distance between him and the white lion became nonexistent, as Calron found himself staring into the face of the young beast.
Swiftly opening his beak, Calron gripped the lion by the scruff of its neck and flapped his wings to quickly slow down their descent.

*whoosh whoosh*
Landing with a crouch, Calron gently placed the young lion on the ground and tried to shake him up. However, the beast remained motionless.

Sensing something strange going on with the beast, Calron sent a trickle of his essence into the lion to wake up him.
“This… “
Calron immediately understood why the white lion was not waking up.

“Such is the cruel fate of this world. Some are meant for greatness, while others are left to be stranded in the shadows.”
Tarnila spoke out from behind Calron, as she slowly walked towards the unconscious white lion with Avi wrapped around her neck.

“Just leave him be, he should be waking up soon.”
The raccoon softly said when she arrived next to Calron.

“Can it be healed?”
Calron whispered, while gazing at the innocent face of the little lion.

“His crippled meridians? No. The fact that he even awakened an element is a miracle on its own, but he will have to forever live with his current cultivation of the first rank of the Spiritual stage.”
Tarnila replied back as she placed her claw on top of the lion’s forehead.

The whiskers on the young beast quivered slightly, as his chest began to rise and fall.
Both Calron and Tarnila let out a sigh of relief when they saw it happen.

Soon, the little lion started to mutter something. Curiously bringing down his face closer to the beast’s mouth, Calron tried to hear what he was saying.
“My… ball…”