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Chapter 82 – The Howl Of A Child

Chapter 82 – The Howl Of A Child
The green anaconda hissed as it continued to constrict the giant wolf with its muscular body. The dark wolf desperately tried to struggle, but the light within its eyes slowly began to fade away with each passing moment.

Unlike the dark wolf, although the green anaconda was not a magical beast, with its powerful physical body and the cultivation of the second rank of the Vajra stage, once any beast was within its clutches, it was almost impossible to escape.

“Your child still refuses to run away… such bravery. Can you see it just crying over there? Pitiful…”
The large reptile stated as it coiled its tail around the giant wolf’s throat.

The female wolf tried to yell, but only a hoarse whisper came out.

“It was foolish of you to leave your tribe, but then again, it worked out perfectly for me.”
The anaconda hissed with amusement as it turned its baleful gaze towards the distant whimpering wolf pup.

The female wolf rasped as it finally reached the last verges of its strength and stopped struggling.

“You keep asking that as if you actually expect me to answer you.”
The snake dryly retorted while twisting its head and bringing it an inch away from the dark wolf’s face.

Seeing the approaching death within the beast’s eyes, the anaconda quietly whispered.
“Have you heard of the special bloodlines?”

Hearing that single sentence, the wolf’s eyes widened in surprise while she agonizingly turned her head to glance at her child.

“No… please…”
The female wolf whispered with utter despair in its voice.

“Ther- “
The anaconda was just about to respond when it sensed another presence rapidly approaching its location.

The snake frantically searched its surroundings with its single eye to find the newcomer, but it still could not see it.

Instinctively, it looked up into the sky, and an expression of shock covered its face when it saw a human boy descending down from the sky.

“A human!”
The anaconda furiously hissed, as it viciously glared at the cascading boy with its uninjured eye.


The thundering sound of an explosion resounded within the area, as the clouds of dust gradually dispersed to reveal the enraged Calron.

“Let her go.”
Calron calmly breathed out his words while a wrathful aura surged around him.

“Hmph, a human actually dared to trespass this deep into the Desolate Mountains? Do you know what will happen to you once you are discovered?”
The green anaconda evenly replied. It did not see any need to be afraid of the human, as the human was clearly still a youth and only at the first rank of the Vajra stage.

Unlike in the previous Spiritual stages, advancing each rank within the Vajra stage was incomparably difficult. At the same time, however, there was an immense increase in strength after each breakthrough in ranks.

“Let her go.”
Calron repeated, as tendrils of crimson energy spiraled above him.

“It is too late. She will die regardless of what you do. Tell me human, how did you even manage to come here?”
The powerful snake curiously inquired while uncoiling itself from the dark wolf and slithering towards Calron.

The giant wolf soundlessly collapsed on the ground.

It remained completely motionless.

Seeing the still body of the female wolf, tears burned through Calron’s eyes as he remembered the moment when his own mother took her last breath in front of him.

“You killed her…”
Calron whispered as he took a few halting steps forward.

“And? You obviously don’t have any relation to her, so what difference does it make whether she’s dead or not?”
The anaconda hissed as it stared in confusion at the boy.

It did not know why but the boy’s actions were simply too strange. It was clear that the wolf’s death infuriated him, but the large snake could not understand why a beast’s death would affect a human.

Besides, it got a dangerous feeling from the waves of crimson energy rotating above the human boy.

“I do not think I have been this angry in a very long time…”
Calron gritted through his teeth, as a cloud of crimson energy erupted underneath him.

Calron roared into the sky, as his skin took on a reddish hue and the illusion of a colossal giant appeared behind him.

The muscular giant bellowed, as it brought down both its fists to strike the ground, causing a mighty earthquake.

“T-This… ”
The large snake dumbfoundedly stared at the human, with its heart in turmoil.

Just the aura of the giant’s illusion was enough to ignite fear within its body, but upon gazing into the cruel eyes of the approaching human, the anaconda felt afraid for the first time since advancing into the second rank.

Not even its tribe’s Chief could evoke such terror from its soul.

At this moment, even Calron did not realize that the current pressure emitted by him was causing a second rank Vajra stage expert to tremble in fright.

In the blink of an eye, Calron appeared in front of the green anaconda and thrust his palm towards its head.

The reflection of Calron’s reddish face appeared within the large snake’s eyes as it numbly stood there.

It wanted to attack.
It wanted to dodge.
But something prevented it from moving a single muscle.

Before it died, only a single word echoed throughout its mind.



Meanwhile, Ezkael patiently watched the scene unfold below him.

“Something is wrong… his power should not have increased by this great of a factor… “
Ezkael muttered to himself as he observed the energy fluctuations around his student.

“The Blood Legacy… I’ve never even heard of it in my realm… to think an existence such as that could exist in the mortal world. I will need to take a deeper look into it.”
Ezkael mused.

There was no strength in this world that did not have an equal price for its boons. The Divine Perception was a technique that eroded the minds of its user if not controlled properly, and the Azure Lightning could damage the internal body if used excessively.

However, the Blood Legacy appeared to deviate from this pattern.

Ezkael had recently observed that Calron could instantly use the legacy’s abilities without much backlash, and even the Titan’s Fury that would have once destroyed his body, no longer seemed to discomfort the boy.

“It might be due to Calron’s own strength and cultivation advancing, but something tells me that there is something more profound about this legacy…”
Ezkael speculated as his smoky body scattered into the wind.


A low whimper suddenly sounded out from behind Calron.

No longer channeling the Blood Legacy’s domain, Calron slowly turned around to face a tiny wolf pup quivering on the ground as it let out mournful sobs.
His heart throbbed with pity when he saw the tears pouring down the little beast’s furry face.
He did not know when, but he had come to see these beasts just like he would humans. Calron wanted to pick up the tiny pup from the ground and comfort it, but he did not wish to frighten it, so he simply watched in silence.

The little wolf pup slowly stepped towards its mother’s body, as its tiny limbs shook uncontrollably.
With a small whimper, it gently nudged the giant wolf’s snout.
Seeing that its mother was not waking up, the little beast once again nudged the giant wolf with its furry head.

The wolf pup raised its tiny head and let out a heart-broken howl, as it mourned to the world about the loss of its only family.