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Chapter 51 – Entering the Stage

Chapter 51 – Entering the Stage

A loud horn buzzed throughout the entire Arena.

“Lord Jarin, the first duel has just ended. Please make your way to the stadium before the Captain gets angry.”

Serina stated in a strict tone as she glared at the old man.

“Alright, alright, I’m going!”

The old man responded, as he started walking past the beautiful woman.


Serina suddenly yelped as she grabbed her behind.

“Hehe, I’m suddenly feeling very motivated!”

The old man abruptly exclaimed as he vanished from the booth in a blink of an eye!

“Damn that geezer! This is the third time today that he has pinched my butt! I will report it to the Captain when this tournament is over!”

Serina furiously muttered as she then walked out of the contestants’ booth.

The disciples all stood numbly at the side with their hearts in turmoil.

“I thought the Moderators were supposed to be high ranking officials… what’s up with that perverted geezer then?”

“Hey! The second duel is starting! Who are the ones fighting?”

As the surrounding disciples all chattered amongst themselves, Felice abruptly turned towards Fatty and gently whispered.

“Rory, you will fight the duel after this. I don’t know who your opponent is, but you have to be careful! If you feel like you cannot win, just surrender before you get hurt.”

Hearing his sister’s words, Fatty obediently nodded back.

“Alright, big sister!”

Meanwhile, Calron was pondering within his own thoughts.

That ball of flame was too dangerous. That bastard is definitely in the eighth rank! I can’t let my guard down around him…

Chax had a cunning and despicable personality, which was evident when he attempted a surprise attack on Calron when his guard was down!

Shaking his thoughts of the large bully, Calron turned to Fatty.

“Fatty! Let’s go watch the fight! You are next after this duel, so you need to check out your competition.”

Calron stated as he rushed towards the stadium.

Fatty immediately followed behind his big brother after saying a quick goodbye to Felice.


“….are the two participants ready?”

A familiar voice loudly echoed within the stadium.

Calron and Fatty both looked towards the source of voice, and found the old man from earlier standing in the middle of the stage.

The calm and powerful aura around him had returned, and if the two boys had not witnessed the previous scene in the booth with the old man harassing the beautiful woman, then both of them would also have deep admiring gazes like the rest of the people around the stadium!

“Hey, isn’t that the perverted old man we just saw in the booth?”

Fatty abruptly shouted into the crowd as he turned towards Calron.

“You idiot!”

Calron suddenly plunged Fatty’s head down before the old man could notice them in the crowd

Just a second later, the old man had turned his head around, as he scrutinized the crowd to find the source of the voice. A tint of embarrassment could be seen on his face, as he lightly coughed to regain his composure.

Seeing the two competitors nod their heads in agreement, the old man vanished from his original spot and re-appeared at the edge of the stage.


The old man roared with a booming voice!

The disciples on the stage burst into motion as they simultaneously released their essence.

One of the two disciples was a girl around ten years old, with dark brown hair and a petite body. Scarlet tendrils of essence coalesced around her as waves of flames erupted behind her!

The other disciple was a boy, who was similar in age to the girl, but appeared to be much older due to his larger frame which completely overshadowed the petite body of the girl.

A burgundy colored essence coalesced around the boy as his fists suddenly morphed into a rock-like appearance! They had the shape of human hands, but the texture was akin to a dense slab of rock!

The crowed gasped in astonishment when they saw the technique of the boy, and stepped closer to the stage as they eagerly waited for the battle.

“I wonder which family that boy is from?…. To comprehend such a complex earth attributed technique at that age is simply amazing… “

As the audience all chattered amongst themselves, the male disciple rushed towards the girl in front of him, as he prepared to strike his fist.

Seeing her opponent make a move, the petite girl patiently stood there as her eyes continued to bore into her opponent. There was absolutely no sign of fear or alarm on her face, as she stoically remained standing in the same position.

A trace of worry flashed across the boy’s face, but he paid no heed to it when he realized that he had almost arrived in front of the petite girl!

Clenching his fists tighter, the boy drew his right arm back and just as he was preparing to launch his blow, the flames around the girl abruptly surged as they covered her entire body!

Watching the current scene unfold, the crowed all shouted and cheered in excitement!

This was the reason they all came here for.




These youngsters were the future of their city, and the more talented each one was, the more their city would benefit. These disciples all trained with extreme perseverance, and the tournament was the place where they could showcase their talents! How could the crowd not be excited when they saw these youngsters fight with such passion?


Waves of flames suddenly dispersed around the girl as it slowly revealed her firmly grasping the stony hand of the boy, just inches away from her body!

A look of shock flashed across the boy’s eyes, but he immediately regained his composure and raised his left leg in an attempt to kick.

“You are certainly strong, but this fight needs to end now.”

The petite girl fiercely stated as a slow smile spread across her face.

Suddenly a raging torrent of fire flowed around her body, as it viciously rushed towards the boy!

The boy tried to escape from the petite girl’s grasp, but he was unable to shake her grip off.

“H-how is your strength so strong!?”

The boy whispered in panic.

It was understandable that the boy would be shocked, as with his earth element, he had a much stronger vitality and strength than any other cultivator of the same rank!

He sensed from the beginning that the petite girl had the same level of cultivation as him, the seventh rank of the Spiritual stage, so how could she be so much stronger than him?

Suddenly a faint orange colored energy separated itself from the girl’s flames.

“You’re an Inheritor!”

The boy exclaimed in surprise, as he noticed the unique aura of the orange colored energy!

It was no wonder that he could not break free. The girl in front of him was an actual Inheritor of a legacy!

“Haha, I admit defeat.”

The boy calmly stated as he nodded his head towards the girl.

Releasing her grip on the boy, the petite girl withdrew her essence and source energy back into her body.

Giving a slight bow to her opponent, the small girl abruptly turned around and exited the stage without speaking a single word.

“The winner of the second duel is… Alicia!”

The old man’s booming voice reverberated in the audience!

“Wow! Big brother, that was so amazing! I can’t wait to enter the stage!”

Fatty excitedly spoke as he stared at the stadium with a bright twinkle in his eyes.

“Haha, calm down, Fatty! They will call you onto the stage soon. Just make sure to surrender if your opponent is someone really strong.”

Calron softly advised Fatty, as he swung his arm around the large boy’s shoulder.

“I will, big brother!”

Just as Fatty finished replying to Calron, the old man’s voice suddenly sounded again.

“The disciples assigned to the third duel, please step forward!”

“Big brother, wish me good luck!”

Fatty whispered as he prepared to go on stage.

“Go crush your opponent, Fatty!”

Calron softly said, as he clasped his arm around Fatty’s wrist.

Giving a huge grin, Fatty leapt onto the stage.


A voice suddenly shouted from the back of the audience, as owner of the voice tried to push apart the crowd to reach the front of the stage. Felice waved her hand to get her little brother’s attention.

Seeing his sister, Fatty enthusiastically returned the wave as he turned to face the old man.

“Hey, perverted old man! I’m ready!”

Fatty stated while a stupid grin covered his face.

Meanwhile, Calron just smacked his head against his palm as he muttered to himself.

“I knew he would do something like this… “

The crowd was similarly astonished when they heard Fatty shout. How could such an influential and a prestigious man be a pervert? They thought the boy was simply playing a joke.

“You brat! How dare you call me a pervert!”

The old man furiously yelled when he heard Fatty’s shout.

“Eh? But weren’t you touching that nice lady back in the booth?”

Fatty innocently responded back to the old man.

“I-I was just talking to her… anyways, if your opponent doesn’t arrive in the next few minutes, you will win the duel by default.”

The old man stated with an intense blush on his face. It was clear that he was quite embarrassed on having been called out by a child in public.

Abruptly, a cruel and sinister voice sounded out from the audience as a figure slowly stepped forward onto the stage.

“No need to wait anymore. Let’s begin.”

Seeing the figure step on the stage, Calron felt all the blood drain from his face!