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Chapter 41 – Order of the World

Chapter 41 – Order of the World

As the sun’s rays shone in the morning, the disciples started to soon groggily wake up one after another.

In a separate hut, a dark haired boy of eight years buried his face into the pillow as the sunlight bore into his eyes.

Damn this stupid sun! Why did they have to put a window exactly there? I don’t like windows anymore…

Calron annoyingly muttered into the pillow as the bright light disturbed his sleep.

“Sigh… I still have Master’s training today, so I better get up.”

Forcing himself to climb out from the warmth of the bed, Calron dejectedly stood up.

After a quick cleanup, Calron wore his disciple robes and rushed to the gathering hall to meet up with Fatty.


“Big brother, why are you so happy? You even let me take your chocolate milk and usually you always smack me whenever I try to.”

Fatty curiously asked Calron, as they were walking towards the forest where their Master resided.

“What? I just didn’t feel like having chocolate milk, why is that so surprising?”

Calron retorted back to Fatty.

“Bah! The last time I sneaked one away from you, you suddenly grabbed my hand and twisted it backwards…”

Fatty’s voice died down towards the end, as he recalled that painful memory.

Usually Calron did not care much about food, but Fatty had recently found out that his big brother had a strange infatuation with chocolate milk.

Unlike Fatty, Calron did not have the luxury of sweet foods like chocolate, so after he tried the chocolate milk during one fateful morning, Calron was immediately obsessed with this godly drink!

“Eh? You’re hiding something! C’mon, big brother, tell me! Tell me! Please?”

Faced with Fatty’s constant harassment, Calron resigned himself as he quietly muttered.

“I broke through to the fourth rank… ”

“What? Stop mumbling!”

Fatty impatiently stated, as he was unable to hear Calron’s rambling.

“I said… “

Calron mumbled as he purposefully lowered his voice at the end.

“Big brother, I’ll forcefully kiss you if you don’t tell me right now!”

Fatty threatened Calron as he saw that the dark haired boy was intentionally teasing him.

“I’ll punch your mouth if you dare!”

Calron said in a low voice as he clenched his fists.

“Hehe, is that a challenge?”

Fatty snickered as he abruptly leapt onto Calron’s back and wrapped his arms around his neck.

“Dammit! Fatty get off!”

Calron yelled as he tried to shake off the large boy from his back.

Unlike before, Fatty was not the small chubby kid anymore. He was much heavier than Calron with his newfound muscular frame so it was difficult for Calron to kick him away. Although he could use the source energy to easily suppress Fatty, Calron did not want to use the power of the Blood Legacy on his brother unless they were sparring.

As the two boys rolled on the ground, Fatty loudly laughed every time he managed to kiss Calron on the cheek.

“Kekeke, if you don’t tell me soon, I think you know where I will kiss you next!”

Fatty exclaimed as he puckered his lips in exaggeration while making kissing noises.

“Ugh, you slobbering idiot! I said, I broke into the fourth rank!”

Calron shouted next to Fatty’s ear as he uttered a string of curses into the air.

Flinching from the piercing voice next to his ear, Fatty gingerly rubbed his ears as he inquired again.

“So, big brother, what did you say again?”

“Fatty, I’m going to kill you now!”

Calron stated in a frosty and irritated voice as he wiped away Fatty’s slobber from his cheeks.

“Haha, just kidding! I heard you perfectly. Wow, big brother, you’re so amazing! Although your cultivation is lower than my big sister, but I’m absolutely sure that you are no weaker than her with your current power!”

Fatty sincerely conveyed to Calron.

Standing up, Fatty smiled as he extended his hand to Calron on the ground.

Grabbing his brother’s hand, Calron returned the smile as he slowly stood up and patted the dirt out of his robes.

“By the way, Fatty…”

“Yes, big brother?”

Fatty curiously turned his head as Calron started talking.

“Kiss me again, and I will electrocute you.”

Calron stated in a low voice as bursts of lightning crackled around his hand.

“Ah… of course… “

Fatty promised as drops of sweat rolled off his forehead.

“Well, as long as you understand, it’s fine. Now, let’s run or else we’ll be late for Master!”

Calron stated as he started running into the forest. Fatty soon followed him after he threw imaginary kisses at Calron behind his back.


“Hmm, so you both are finally here.”

Elias calmly stated as he detected his two disciples sprinting towards his hut.

He was seated in a meditative position as Calron and Fatty approached him. Elias’ cloudy grey eyes flashed as they abruptly opened.

“You’re late.”

Elias said in a serious tone.

“Sorry, Master, It was big brother’s fault! He wanted to kiss me!”

Fatty interjected before Calron could even speak.

Suddenly a bolt of golden lightning erupted behind Fatty’s bottom as he yelped in shock.

“I think Fatty is still sleepy, Master, as he’s spouting nonsense. Master, what are we training in today?”

Calron calmly stated without glancing at Fatty, who was currently gingerly rubbing his bottom as he glared at Calron.

“Calron, today you will begin your training in the Blood Mist Step. Roran, you will continue to practice the Formless Fist until you perfect it. I assume you still remember the forms and the stances?”

Elias asked with an amused smile on his face.

“Ugh, yes, Master! I will immediately start training! Hehe, big brother, just wait and see, I’ll definitely catch up to you!”

Fatty enthusiastically exclaimed as he walked off towards the nearby lake to train. Previously, Fatty had found out that both Calron and his Master trained their Formless Fist there, so he decided to practice in the same place as well.

As soon as Fatty left, Elias instantly adopted a serious tone as he continued.

“Calron, the Blood Mist Step is an extremely dangerous movement skill. The agility and speed it grants is second to none, but the risks in using it are just as high! Although it will not consume your blood like the Titan’s Fury, it will force you to draw large amounts of source energy from the pool.”

Knowing that his Master was completely serious about this matter, Calron did not speak and intently focused on the words of his Master.

“Since the seal has already been broken, you can now send your consciousness into the second step and retrieve the information for its activation. Unlike the first step, the rest of the following steps will have past records on the skills and movements that you can easily access once you have broken the seal on them. Come to me when you are stuck or need someone to spar with. I think Roran still has quite some time before he can even put up a resistance against you.”

Elias laughed as he glanced off into the distance where Fatty was currently practicing.

Noticing his Master so accurately perceive Fatty’s location, Calron had always found it intriguing that his Master’s technique let him see without the use of any essence or energy. Taking this time to ease his doubts, Calron hesitantly asked.

“Master, may I ask you something related to your eyes?”

“Hmm, sure, what do you want to know?”

Elias calmly replied.

“How does Master really see the world? I remember you saying it was technique that let you see, but wouldn’t you at least need essence to use any kind of technique?”

Calron curiously asked his Master.

“You’ve made some logical points, Calron. However, this world does not conform to an order, as do you really think mortals would be able to achieve immortality if they followed the order of the natural world? No, there always exists laws, techniques or objects that defy the will of the heavens!”

Elias stated in a somber tone.

“Then… your technique… ”

Calron unknowingly had his mouth wide open in shock.

“Yes, it is something that should not exist in this world.”

Elias casually stated as he confirmed the suspicion of his disciple.

“Truthfully, not many people know about it, even within my own family. Only my father and brother knew about the existence of this technique besides me. Our ancestor had left the secrets of this technique to the head of the Xurian family back then and commanded that it must only be passed onto direct heirs! Since you are the next Prime Inheritor of the legacy, you are the only one fit to be my direct heir.”

Elias explained in a calm voice.

Calron felt his heart racing.

A technique that defied the will of the heavens? Calron remembered his Teacher also telling him that eventually he would have to fight against his own destiny to reach the peak of cultivation!

No matter what, it seemed that Calron was fated to defy the heavens!

“Master, I want to learn this technique!”