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Under the golden radiance, [King's Step] was activated as Kieran took his first.

The scene before his eyes changed repeatedly as he stepped out as if the world was fast-forwarding on itself and when he landed, he was already beside Starbeck.

Starbeck was exhausted on the ground as he was surrounded by a group of werewolves, guarding him. Despite that, Starbeck held tightly to his sack, providing the least amount of energy to Afu.

Starbeck obviously felt Kieran's arrival, he tried his best to look up but his weak body forbade him from performing a simple act.

Kieran bent down and picked him up.

"You've done enough, leave the rest… to me."

After his soft words, Kieran left Starbeck at a sturdier building, allowing him to stand while leaning on the wall; Starbeck looked at the sky.


Starbeck nodded with a smile on his face as he saw Kieran turn away.

Grandma Carla was also gazing at this golden radiating figure.

Her bloodline went rampant and out of control, thus causing her to lose all her powers but the elder still had her memories with her.

"A prelude to immortality?"

Grandma Carla muttered to herself softly before showing a bitter smile. "He really does go with your style, the heir you picked is like your mirror image."

The werewolf elder's words were not heard by anyone else other than herself; everyone's attention was placed on Kieran.

They saw Kieran look up to the battle in the sky and heard his praise to the giant dog head fighting tirelessly.

"Afu, you've done well."

"And whoever you are, whatever you are, you will pay! I mean what I say!"

His voice wasn't exactly loud but was not to be taken lightly.

The whole Dawn City could hear it.

Then, everyone too felt the giant dog, Afu did a good job despite not knowing where it came from.

Gratitude rose up in everyone's heart, it transformed into the most basic of powers and buffed the giant dog.

While the hatred towards the giant palm reached an all new height, likewise the grudge as sharp as blades were stabbed at the palm.

[King's Praise: Praise a target to recover all its injuries and stamina, gains a temporary buff that varies according to the power level of the king and the number of followers.]

[King's Prestige: Any target that offends the king will be punished. Increase stamina consumption and injuries will be more severe and the target will fall into a restrained state. Level of restraint varies according to the power level of the king and the numbers of followers.]


Woof! Woof Woof!

Amidst the loud barks, the exhausted giant dog was aroused once more, hungering for battle.

Afu which was just a dog head that appeared from the void started to reveal its neck under the [King's Praise]'s buff, making its giant head more energetic and lively.


The giant dog head landed another bite on the giant hand.

However, the overflowing dark energy was no longer a problem to Afu.

It wasn't just because of Afu gaining the temporary buffs and growing stronger, the gigantic palm was also weakening; it was weakening rapidly as if it was being restrained and suppressed.

The king's praise is delightful and joyous.

The king's prestige is not to be offended.


The battle between Afu and the giant palm continued on.

Just like how everyone could tell the giant palm had the upper hand before, now everyone could tell Afu was the one gaining the advantage.

When the scene happened, everyone was overjoyed and the joy in people's heart made them more respectful as they gazed at the golden glowing spot.

The respect born from joy was once again transformed into lively energy and infused into Kieran's body.

The suppressed feeling of his bloodline going out of control was completely removed this time.

On the contrary, there were some unknown changes occurring as well.

The remaining will in the Devil Force roared as loudly as it could as if it reigned the land again.

Pride of the Cardinal Sins Force raised its head up proudly, despising everything with his gaze.

Both of them loved the feeling.

Under a myriad of pairs of eyes, every being submitted to them as they suppressed the powerful foe.

This was what they were used to.

This was what they deserved.

Of course, the one who insulted them, they would never forget. That despicable bastard who tried to overwhelm them with sheer numbers, trying to destroy them… must die!


The devil mirage roared sonorously.

Pride coldly grunted and stood side by side with the devil.

Dawn Force didn't stop it, the persistence that floated around despair was Kieran's will. The persistence, the will was the focal point during the birth of Dawn Force, thus the outcome.

Plague Force didn't stop it either, hope that floated around despair was the reason it existed. Under Dawn Force's guidance, Plague Force too fused into the most fitting point of energy.

Saint Thorn Force didn't stop it either, because the sharpness hidden inside made it as keen as a blade, it wished that it could draw its sword and kill the bastard that almost made it destroy itself.

Still, the most important point was Kieran himself!

No one liked to be suppressed like an ant and killed, Kieran was no exception either.

More so, his persistence towards life made him even more hateful of the existence that showed hostility and threatened his life.

So, if it was possible, Kieran will not allow the existence with the gigantic palm to continue existing, neither would he spare the bastard a chance to catch its breath.


Kieran took a deep breath.

[Arrogant Word] appeared in his hand and the battle intention in Kieran's eyes climbed up rapidly as the Origin Forces inside him screamed.

During normal days, the energy in Kieran's body all went their separate ways, operating independently but following Kieran's boiling battle intent, all of them stood together, causing Kieran's aura to skyrocket.

One time!

Two times!

Three times!

Seemingly limitless energy was poured into [Arrogant Word] like the rising tide, its broad sword blade was buzzing continuously, the bewitching glare was shining brightly.

Arrogance, dauntless towards any challenge.

Untamed, fearless towards restraints.

While facing against a myriad of troops and warhorses, the greatsword would slash all.

While facing against destructive existences, the greatsword would also slash all.

At the next moment…

Kieran stepped out and vanished.

When Kieran appeared again in the sky, the greatsword that had been charged up with all his energy and consumed all his stamina was violently slashed at the giant palm.

[Arrogant Word] looked huge for a commoner, yet it was barely even a fork in front of the giant palm, to the point that it was too insignificant to see.

However, with the power the greatsword contained, its terrifying level was unrivaled.


A giant wound of the size of a trench appeared on the giant palm. It didn't just perforate the whole palm, even the bones inside were severed.

The enhanced version of [Fury Slash] declared its unrivaled power in a way that exceeded anyone's imagination, it declared how powerful [Arrogant Word]'s master was, but…

That single slash wasn't the end.

Black bloody energy scattered across the sky, it was expelled by the golden radiance and also being absorbed at the same time.

The burning red horn was absorbing the energy like a whale devouring water.

Then, it was blown.


The sonorous and arousing horn sound spread across the sky and what followed was ceaseless galloping.

Everyone looked up at the sky following the sound.

The group of riders appeared in the sky, riding air itself.

There was over a thousand of them, the riders' armors were bright and warhorses were in high spirits.

Although they were only a mirage, they bore the keep form like the tip of the blade, tearing everything on its path apart.

The symbolic victorious banner waved along with the wind and everyone saw the sun rising from the blazing flame on the banner.

Burning Dawn?!

It wasn't the current Burning Dawn but the one that swept the land and sky from a hundred years ago, which supposed to be dead and destroyed.

How could they appear?

Why did they appear?

Everyone was baffled by the question but soon enough, the questions were discarded from their mind because they saw the Burning Dawn riders enter their charging formation and facing the gargantuan palm.




The riders that rode the sky cheered loudly in unison.

Then, they charged forward at their foe. Their charging became an iron-like mighty torrent, gushing towards the gigantic palm.

With indomitable, unstoppable form, it cut, minced, and ground the gigantic palm to dust.

After the gigantic palm was disintegrated, the riders gathered around a single figure.

They stood up straight, laid their swords horizontally in front of their shield and saluted to Kieran who was holding the burning horn.

"Lord marshal!"