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879 Bounty Reward

The newly embedded [Brutal Lightning Hand] with its new attributes was presented to Kieran.

[Name: Brutal Lightning Hand (Left Hand)]

[Type: Glove]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Defense: Powerful]

[Attribute: 1. Thunder Strike; 2. Chain Lightning; 3. Brutality]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: This is entirely new equipment that has been embedded with the Thunder Fall Stone]

[Thunder Strike: Additional Strong rank electric strike following each successful attack on a target]

[Chain Lightning: Each time you hit the target, there is a certain chance to trigger a Strong rank chain lightning that jumps 3 times (Jumping targets can't be more than 5 meters apart and when all the chain lightning strikes the same target, lightning attack +1)]

[Brutality: After killing a target, glove attack +1 for the next attack; after killing 2 targets in succession, Thunder Strike level +1 for the next attack; after killing 3 targets in succession, Chain Lighting will trigger for the next attack]

"Attack and Defense both reached Powerful level, each of the attributes got a bump as well, especially [Brutality] which changed from killing five targets in succession to a lowered number of two to three for the buffs. It's more practical now. Plus the new [Chain Lightning], it allows me to fight better in a group battle! Should I say it's expected of Legendary equipment?" Kieran exclaimed.

Undoubtedly, the [Thunder Fall Stone] embedded into [Brutal Lightning Hand]'s effect had far exceeded his initial expectations.

The increase of rarity, the power-up of original attributes and the new additional attributes were all delightful news to Kieran.

While he was feeling delighted, he related to more matters with the embedding process.

At the next moment, Kieran turned to Blacksmith.

"If I find another similar attribute gemstones, can you boost a Legendary rank item higher?" Kieran asked without holding back.

This time it was a native Legendary rank item. Few of Kieran's main equipment were at the native Legendary rank, if he could find similar attributes gemstone and perform embedding, it would be a good increment without a doubt.

After all, compared to the stability of embedding, it was harder to hope for a suitable item to drop in the dungeon world.

"You want to embed your greatsword?"

Blacksmith looked at [Arrogant Word] behind Kieran.

"Yes." Kieran nodded.

He had the thought for a while now, so there was nothing to hide.

"You need to wait a little bit more, my skill levels are still a bit short. I've some matters to take care off. I'll take my leave now."

Then, Blacksmith drained the "Ice Lake" before leaving.

Kieran had got used to Blacksmith's loner attitude, he didn't feel surprised at all. He too finished the remaining honeymead and entrusted some unwanted equipment for Rachel to sell before making his move.

While tidying the equipment and items Kieran left behind, the female inn owner sighed and shook her head.

"What a dumb guy."

After leaving Harvest Inn, Kieran hopped on the train in the big city and headed straight to Uruhal Street.

It was closer to Harvest Inn and only took around an hour to get there.

When Kieran disembarked from the train, the scenery before his eyes had drastically changed.

It changed from a small street that had a mixture of medieval architectures to a concrete jungle filled with skyscrapers that pierced the clouds. The tall buildings on both sides of the street cast a shadow over it and only during noon, the sun would hang up high, dispelling the dark shadows in the street.

But for Kieran, he didn't dislike the scenery. Transcendence [Undercover] made him exceptionally fond of shadows.

While standing in the shadows, Kieran was sizing up where his target was: the fourth building on his left.

It was the headquarters of Burning Bottle.

As for the fact that they occupied an entire skyscraper despite being a group of less than 10?

It wasn't that much of a surprise in the underground game.

Someone like Kieran didn't mind his game room at all as long as he has a place to settle down; someone else would be extremely mindful of their own room, whether it was comfortable enough or not while some were even concerned about the grandness or luxuriousness of the premise, especially some player organizations like the guilds.

The members of the guild would treat locating a grand and magnificent building as their headquarters like main missions in dungeons because it was directly related to the recruitment of members.

Even though it was wrong to judge a book by its cover, most of the time people did exactly that.

The players who joined the underground game came from the real world, what made them any different than they were in real life?

That was why the underground game would have so many castles, skyscrapers and even a city within a city.

However, the Burning Bottle's headquarters was a little weird.

Quiet! Its surroundings were too quiet!

Kieran stood there for over ten minutes and he didn't even see a player pass by. The only living beings that entered his sight were a couple of stray animals from the city.

"No one's home?" Kieran frowned

Though he didn't walk out recklessly but continued waiting patiently.

To Kieran who had a tenacious attitude, waiting wasn't a hard thing for him but the result of the wait was less than pleasant.

Two days!

Kieran waited for two damned days! He was sure Hilton was already gone in the wind.

"Not only is he forbearing but extremely cautious. Even if there is the slightest possibility that I will pay him a visit, he chose to leave… I have to mark him down!"

Hilton's escape didn't cause Kieran to underestimate his strength; on the contrary, he was more alarmed than ever.

He was clear how hard it would be to tangle with such an opponent.

The lion might be strong but it was always on the outside; it was far less dangerous than a venomous viper hiding in the bushes. Once the viper struck, it would be lethal.

So, in order to deal with such a venomous viper, Kieran couldn't afford to let Hilton lay low.

He must startle the viper by hitting the bush!

Kieran opened up the message tab to Rachel.

2567: Rachel, can I set up a bounty at your place?

Rachel: What bounty?

2567: I can give the equipment and items that I entrust you as rewards. The bounty is to locate Hilton, any precise details will do.

Rachel: Not a problem.

Rachel: I'll set up the bounty right away.

The female inn owner didn't ask much; she agreed to it directly.

It was not rare to see such bounties in Harvest Inn though. The reason why the inn attracted the lone-wolves, other than Lawless, was because the inn must have had something attractive other than the beautiful wine and delicious food from Rachel.

In fact, a lot of mercenary-type players initially headed to Harvest Inn for bounties.

Of course, the list of bounties didn't include the "assassination" kind and it was also because of Lawless.

After another glance at Burning Bottle's headquarters, Kieran turned away. He believed he would get the information he sought after soon enough.

Even though the big city was huge and never stop expanding, unless Hilton really hid in his room and never came out, otherwise, someone would spot him in the near future.

When a high reward is offered, brave fellows were bound to come forward.

Never doubt the attractiveness of a high bounty reward to players.

Even more so, the bounty did not require any battle, just a tip would be enough.

Basically, it was open to all players and Kieran dared not doubt how fast news would spread in Harvest Inn.

Kieran returned to his room and went offline to eat and settle his nature's calling before returning to the game.

The moment he logged on the game, his message tab was pining.

It was Lawless.