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The Devil is Evolution Catalog

Author:The Sole Survivor

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Mo Ke, a middle-aged good-for-nothing-loli-loving shut-in sage/wizard found himself in the unlikely role of a hero one day when he decided to take an uncharacteristic stroll outside of his lair on Valentine’s Day. Under the glaring headlights of an oncoming truck (Truck-kun), he dove into the middle of the road to save the love of his life, a random loli, and his nemesis, a r...
《The Devil is Evolution Catalog》 Text
Chapter 1: A Depressing Chapter About a Heroically Depressing Death
Chapter 2: A Broken New Family
Chapter 3: A New Life
Chapter 4: Powerless
Chapter 5: Sares’ Shadow
Chapter 6: Abyss of the Hear
Chapter 7: Leaving Home
Chapter 8: Goblins Vs Devils
Chapter 9: Recognized
Chapter 10: The Second Reincarnation
Chapter 11: Hunting in the Sea of Blood
Chapter 12:Why Are You Kneeling?
Chapter 13: Subordinates?
Chapter 14: Changes in the Sea of Blood
Chapter 15: Big 1
Chapter 16: Beneath the Entrance
Chapter 17: Another One Bends the Knee
Chapter 18: Scar-face
Chapter 19: The Battle at the Entrance
Chapter 20: The Guardian of the Thirteenth Step
Chapter 21: The Flames of Sorrow
Chapter 22: A new Environment and Situation
Chapter 23: Exploration
Chapter 24: The Flame Whip
Chapter 25: Mountain of the Dead
Chapter 26: The Tower Ruins
Chapter 27: Exploring the Tower
Chapter 28: The Grimoire of the Dead
Chapter 29: Bone Broadsword
Chapter 30: Bone Shield
Chapter 31: Skeletal Horsemen
Chapter 32: The Altar atop the Mountain
Chapter 33: Dark Alchemist?
Chapter 34: An Awful Defea
Chapter 35: The Grimoire can Evolve?
Chapter 36: Refined Bone Broadsword
Chapter 37: Abandoned Village
Chapter 38: The Fierce Battle in the Chapel
Chapter 39: New Weapons and Evolution
Chapter 40: Skeletal Assassin
Chapter 41: Returning to the Village
Chapter 42: Skeletal Mages
Chapter 43: The Cellar
Chapter 44: The Underground Tunnel
Chapter 45: The Arrogance of a Demon Child
Chapter 46: The End of Chipped Horn
Chapter 47: The Land of the Dead: Finale Part 1
Chapter 48: The Land of the Dead: Finale Part 2
Chapter 49: Mo Ci
Chapter 50: The Zombie Horde
Chapter 51: The Prison of the Dead appears!
Chapter 52: Stepping into Prison
Chapter 53: New Lifeforms
Chapter 54: The Abbadon Rodents’ Defea
Chapter 55: Violet Snow
Chapter 56: Hunting the Ratmen Part 1
Chapter 57: Hunting the Ratmen Part 2
Chapter 58: A Fierce Battle with the Ratman Boss
Chapter 59: An Unexpected Figh
Chapter 60: Violet Snow’s Grief
Chapter 61: Wandering Undead
Chapter 62: Plans
Chapter 63: Strange Humanoids
Chapter 64: Demonic Half-Orcs
Chapter 65: Deathmatch
Chapter 66: A Puppy Who Doesn’t Know How to Hold a Conversation
Chapter 67: A Sudden Rush of Anxiety
Chapter 68: Big 5
Chapter 69: The Demonic Werewolves and the Medusas
Chapter 70: The Chaotic Battle With the Demonic Werewolves Part 1
Chapter 71: The Chaotic Battle with the Demonic Werewolves Part 2
Chapter 72: Silver Furred Werewolf
Chapter 73: Baccarel
Chapter 74: The Return of the Powerful
Chapter 75: The Determination to Break Through
Chapter 76: The Origins of the Battle
Chapter 77: The Exchange Array
hapter 78: I Miss You So Much
Chapter 79: Soul Bard
Chapter 80: Overflowing Awe
Chapter 81: The Harpies’ Nes
Chapter 82: Saving Harlow
Chapter 83: Numila. Blaze
Chapter 84: Harpy Witch
Chapter 85: Mo En
Chapter 86: Persuading Allies Part 1
Chapter 87: Persuading Allies Part 2
Chapter 88: A Fight Between Sisters
Chapter 89: Shadowfang
Chapter 90: Inversion Cu
Chapter 91: Mimiya
Chapter 92: Conclusion End of Hell Arc
Chapter 93: The Black Robed Caster
Chapter 94: An Unexpected Summoning Medium
Chapter 95: Soloing a Three-Star
Chapter 96: Pain
Chapter 97: Questioning
Chapter 98: Ancarin
Chapter 99: Duran’s Sin
Chapter 100: Trus
Chapter 101: Regine
Chapter 102: Preparations for a Trip
Chapter 103: Disguise
Chapter 104: Encountering a Wolf Pack
Chapter 105: Plateau Hamle
Chapter 106: The Arrival of the Bandits
Chapter 107: The Strange Chief
Chapter 108: An Unexpected Confrontation
Chapter 109: Battling the Three-Star
Chapter 110: Peace Talks?
Chapter 111: An Unexpected Departure
Chapter 112: A Righteous Argumen
Chapter 113: Reinforcements for the Village
Chapter 114: The Drunkard Io
Chapter 115: A Polite Moranthal
Chapter 116: A Nonsensical Drama
Chapter 117: Unpredictable Matters
Chapter 118: The Fatty Eddison
Chapter 119: Persuading Eddison Part 1
Chapter 120: Persuading Eddison Part 2
Chapter 121: Ancarin’s Tears
Chapter 122: Unexpected Conflic
Chapter 123: Treachery
Chapter 124: A Broken Alliance
Chapter 125: Interrogation of the Soul
Chapter 126: The Difference between a Devil and a Devil
Chapter 127: Massacre
Chapter 128: A Volley of Flame Arrows
Chapter 129: Cleaning Up
Chapter 130: The Wolf’s Fang’s Bastille
Chapter 131: Hostages
Chapter 132: Dawson’s Ploy
Chapter 133: Dawson Reveals Himself
Chapter 134: An Unexpected Developmen
Chapter 135: Transformation
Chapter 136: Piercing Shadow
Chapter 137: The Long Awaited…Village Departure!
Chapter 138: Search For Nicole
Chapter 139: Returning Home
Chapter 140: Split Personality?
Chapter 141: Dual-sin Anointed Apostle
Chapter 142: Conclusion Part 1
Chapter 143: Conclusion Part 2
Chapter 144: Conclusion Part 3
Chapter 145: Mo En’s Family
Chapter 146: Visitation Part 1
Chapter 147: Visitation Part 2
Chapter 148: Visitation Part 3
Chapter 149: I Can’t Just Accept an Engagement Like This!
Chapter 150: Windstorm and Skyfros
Chapter 151: Epic Evolution
Chapter 152: This Isn’t a Harem
Chapter 153: Battle Preparations
Chapter 154: The Captives of the Two Races Part 1
Chapter 155: The Captives of the Two Races Part 2
Chapter 156: The Start Of Our Conques
Chapter 157: Skills Tes
Chapter 158: Aiding Violet Snow
Chapter 159: The Rodent Horde
Chapter 160: Undying Flametail
Chapter 161: The Ratman Captives
Chapter 162: Revolution Slice
Chapter 163: Spoils of War
Chapter 164: Nest of the Rodents
Chapter 165: The Lizardwoman Weslin
Chapter 166: Attacking the Nes
Chapter 167: The Door of the Dead
Chapter 168: The Defensive Magical Array
Chapter 169: Evil Eye
Chapter 170: Weslin Plays Squash
Chapter 171: Slave Contrac
Chapter 172: Setting Off
Chapter 173: Bone Pillar
Chapter 174: The Disappearing Soul Flames
Chapter 175: A Wait Filled With Unknowns
Chapter 176: Black Iron Titan Skeleton
Chapter 177: Individual Battles
Chapter 178: Titan Skeletons Wiped Ou
Chapter 179: Splitting the Loo
Chapter 180: A Silent Hell
Chapter 181: Sea of Bones
Chapter 182: Harlow’s Predicamen
Chapter 183: The Case of Zombification and Schemes
Chapter 184: Teleportation Gates
Chapter 185: A Medusa’s Fortune and Misfortune
Chapter 186: Conclusion
Chapter 186 Part 2: The Betrayer
Chapter 187: Nine-finger’s Counterattack
Chapter 188: Breaking the Shell
Chapter 189: Change in the Grimoire of the Dead
Chapter 190: Hair
Chapter 191: Biology Lesson
Chapter 192: Mo Na’s Skill
Chapter 193: Fire Elementals
Chapter 194: Push and Pull
Chapter 195: I’m Really Surprised
Chapter 196: A Request for Help
Chapter 197: An Escort Mission
Chapter 198: Hin
Chapter 199: Eastward
Chapter 200: Cerberus
Chapter 201: An Offering
Chapter 202: I’m a Sucker
Chapter 203:Sinmosa and Sasani
Chapter 204: Walking in the Cold Wind
Chapter 205: The Reason for Being Together
Chapter 206: Cruel and Unusual Punishmen
Chapter 207: Sidarth
Chapter 208: You Must Be Joking
Chapter 209: A Lady Clad in Black?
Chapter 210: Thieves
Chapter 211: Is This Cat Crazy?
Chapter 212: War?
Chapter 213: Questions
Chapter 214: Princess Meisian
Chapter 215: Carrot and Stick
Chapter 216: The War of the Cats
Chapter 217: The Second Castle
Chapter 218: Prince Weiderly
Chapter 219: I Just Knew This Would End in a Figh
Chapter 220: Don’t You Dare Force Me, I’ll Force You!
Chapter 221: We Have a Traitor Among US
Chapter 222: A Dribble of Scruples
Chapter 223: The Past of the Purgatory Shadowcats
Chapter 224: No Wonder
Chapter 225: Gaiuz
Chapter 226: Another Blasted Siscon
Chapter 227: Setting Off
Chapter 228: A Cat Figh
Chapter 229: Try-not-to-laugh Challenge
Chapter 230: A Prince Withdraws
Chapter 231: Meisian Pays a Visi
Chapter 232: Secret Part 1
Chapter 233: Secret Part 2
Chapter 234: A Fight’s Conclusion
Chapter 235: Hunting in the Wilds
Chapter 236: Counterattack of the Giants
Chapter 237: I Thought We Were Just Here For the Popcorn?!
Chapter 238: The Weak Have No Say In This
Chapter 239: The Pursuit of Life and Death
Chapter 240: Nightmare Steed
Chapter 241: Dream…
Chapter 242: Consume…
Chapter 243: You’re the Reincarnation of BLEEP?
Chapter 244: Doling Out the Loo
Chapter 245: She Awakens Once More
Chapter 246 Northward Once More
Chapter 247: A Narrow Road for Enemies to Mee
Chapter 248: Don’t Try Me or I’ll Scare Your Figurative Pants Off In a Second
Chapter 249: So After All That, We Still Have to Fight?!
Chapter 250: That’s It For Now
Chapter 251: Let’s Just Do It…
Chapter 252: I Never Asked You to Trust Me
Chapter 253: Nozala
Chapter 254: It’s Ou
Chapter 255: A Broken Down Golem
Chapter 256: An Inevitable Figh
Chapter 257: Near Death…
Chapter 258: Out of Danger
Chapter 259: Nola Joins Us
Chapter 260: Food
Chapter 261: Let’s Eat This Then
Chapter 262: Taste Testers
Chapter 263: Should We Continue Eating?
Chapter 264: An Offering?
Chapter 265: Test Subjec
Chapter 266 Ambush
Chapter 267: Mo Na’s New Spell
Chapter 268: I Think We Made I
Chapter 269: Everything In This World Has Its Own Place
Chapter 270: A Strange Garden
Chapter 271: A Statue that Talks
Chapter 272: Genesis and the Apocalypse 1
Chapter 273: Genesis and the Apocalypse 2
Chapter 274: Genesis and the Apocalypse 3
Chapter 275: Genesis and Apocalypse 4
Chapter 276: Genesis and Apocalypse 5
Chapter 277: Genesis and Apocalypse 6
Chapter 278: Genesis and Apocalypse 7
Chapter 279: Genesis and Apocalypse 8
Chapter 280: Genesis and Apocalypse 9
Chapter 281: Conclusion 1
Chapter 282: Conclusion 2
Chapter 283: Conclusion 3
Chapter 284: Conclusion 4
Chapter 285: Conclusion 5
Chapter 286: Conclusion 6
The Devil is Evolution Catalog
Chapter 288: Conclusion 8
Chapter 289: You’ve Awakened Again I See
Chapter 290: Is it Really Okay For a Person to be Toyed Around by a Rock?
Chapter 291: Shadow Guardian
Chapter 292: The Quest for the Weapons Factory
Chapter 293: A Winged Abyssal Golem
Chapter 294: A Storage Full of Golems
Chapter 295: This is the Schematic?
Chapter 296: The Conditions For Activation
Chapter 297: Activating the Golems
Chapter 298: I Thought You Said That This Isn’t a Trap?
Chapter 299: How Hard is it to Establish One’s Divinity?
Chapter 300: Inborn Divinity
Chapter 301: A Discussion on Golem Construction 1
Chapter 302: A Discussion on Golem Construction 2
Chapter 303: A Discussion on Golem Construction 3
Chapter 304: The Black Stone of Authority
Chapter 305: Visitors from my Hometown?
Chapter 306: Back to the Old Days
Chapter 307: It’s No Use Trying to Run
Chapter 308: Such Cheap Tactics Won’t Work on Me
Chapter 309: Don’t Worry, It’s Not Like I’ll Believe it Anyway
Chapter 310: D@mn You
Chapter 311: Igneous Rain
Chapter 312: It’s Nautilus, Titan of the Depths!
Chapter 313: Demonic Fire Sprite
Chapter 314: Summoning Stick Figures
Chapter 315: Black Blades
Chapter 316: The Right Way to Use Nether Flames, Yo~
Chapter 317: The Right Way to Kill a Person in an Instan
Chapter 318: A Fight That Didn’t Make Sense
Chapter 319: Sometimes, Even Trying to Leave is a Problem
Chapter 320: Thoughts of Captivity
Chapter 321: The Small Imp who Recommended Himself
Chapter 322: No. 6
Chapter 323: So, Are Those Fishing Nets Working Out as Planned?
Chapter 324: Initial Plannings of a Safe Zone
Chapter 325: Trial Run for the Safe Zone
Chapter 326: Improved Magic
Chapter 327: This Time, I’m Leaving for Real…
An Understanding with Sinmosa
Returning to the Royal Capital
Chapter 330: Plans
Chapter 331: A Third Teleportation Point?