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301 She won“t be in my life

Bran gets a call from Feng and whines taking the call "She hailed a cab! Stop making me embarrassed Feng! She didn't plan to run this time!".

Feng frowns "But why didn't you pick her personally? Why did you let her go?".

Bran grunts "Stop ordering Feng! I would rather bang my head somewhere to talk with an angry woman! And she looks so dangerous! Didn't you know what happened just before?! She just pushed a rack! Don't you know what she had done to Cheng before? I don't want to get my skull broken! If you wish! You try!".

Feng "..." How can I forget?! I was the first one to see her angry version! I shouldn't have heard Cheng that day! If not for him, I wouldn't have asked her to not celebrate Jing's birthday!.

Bran ends the call and traces Tang Xi's location.

In few minutes, Bran smiles "Did she really not plan to run away? She is going to .... Lu Residence?".

He informs Feng.


City Hospital.

Feng ends the call and walks into the Emergency room. He looks at Lu Cheng sitting angrily and walks looking at Rouxi who was in unconscious state yet.

He says "I will take care of her. I think you should leave".

Lu Cheng sits idle and stares at Rouxi continuously.

Feng holds Lu Cheng's shoulder and tries to speak "Cheng".

Lu Cheng grits his teeth "Just take her away!".

Feng frowns " Cheng! Its not the right time to do. Now you have to go back".

Lu Cheng disagrees "No! I can't ! How could I? What would I answer Tang Xi? I can't face her".

Feng smiles "I am happy that you have got someone to get scared".

Lu Cheng stands frustrated "Feng! I can't explain how am I feeling now! I-".

Feng announces "Then don't! Just go back for now! I can bet things would get worse if you stay here longer".

Lu Cheng gets sad "She might hate me..".

Feng sighs "If you explain, she would understand Cheng. She is not a coward. I am sure ...She would understand everything someday. Why don't we explain her-".

Lu Cheng gets angry and warns "Don't you dare!".

Feng "...".

Lu Cheng looks at Rouxi "She has done enough today. I shouldn't see her from now on".

Feng closes his eyes and mutters "Why don't you clarify everything before things get difficult?".

Lu Cheng stops and speaks "If she gets to know them, she won't be in my life".

Feng grunts "Cheng! Stop deciding everything yourself!".

Lu Cheng smiles "I know her Feng...I may not know about her completely....But in this matter...Its better to keep her away from the truth!".

Saying so Lu Cheng walks out.

Han Rouxi opens her eyes slowly and asks "So....He didn't tell her the complete truth?".

Feng was startled by her sudden voice and shakes his head "Don't take them seriously! They would eventually together anyway!".

Rouxi frowns "What do you mean?".

Feng shrugs "Then always fight and finally would patch up! I am used to them".

Han Rouxi looks at him confused "I can't believe Cheng have changed".

Feng smiles "Do you remember any incident of Cheng being slapped by anyone?".

Rouxi creases her eyebrows and speaks thinking seriously "No! He never allowed anyone and what's it do with-".

Feng smiles excited "But Cheng is getting slapped by his wife recently! Actually quite often! You should realize before things get worse Xi! Cheng has moved on...He has got family now..Soon he have to take care of his kids! Can you believe that? He is already stressed about Tang Xi's pregnancy complications..Stop making things difficult for him! He is our best friend before you guys fell in love! Can't you see how much frustrated he is now thinking about Tang Xi's reaction? Open your eyes! Stop fooling yourself!".

Rouxi gets tears "She left him before..What if she leaves-".

Feng sulks "What's it do with you Xi?! Don't you think you should ask yourself this question?".

Rouxi justifies "I was wrong! I know! I just don't want Cheng to get hurt again! He likes her! But She doesn't! If so, she wouldn't have allowed me into Lu Residence again Feng!".

Feng declares sullenly "Its their problem Xi! And how can you conclude about them?! I have never seen Cheng happy or excited when it comes to Tang Xi! Even if Tang Xi doesn't love him, its their problem!They will sort out everything! You have to get that Cheng's decision is final in everything! I am sorry Xi ..but I am saying the truth! They are made for each other! You should stop now!".

Rouxi cries and closes her face by both hands defeated.

Feng pats her head and asks calmly "What did you ask Tang Xi? Why did you make her angry?".

Rouxi sobs "I was just ...".

Feng gets sad and asks "You were intended to provoke her, right?".

Han Rouxi nods guiltily "Don't you know how possessive I am?".

Feng nods reluctantly and requests "Don't do anything that would harm yourself Xi. I have put my everything to save you. I can't lose you just like that! What if you got hurt today?! Did you forget-".

Han Rouxi looks at him surprised "Won't you blame me? like him?".

Feng smiles bitterly "He is angry at you so he will. Why would I blame you? I just want my both friends to be happy. I can't see them spoiling each others lives".

Han Rouxi smiles emotionally "When did you become so ....understanding?".

Feng smiles "We still have big things to handle Xi...Stop messing around! I don't like your this side! Come on! Lets go to take an another test!".

Han Rouxi asks "Feng? Shall I meet Tang Xi?".

Feng disagrees instantly "No! Cheng would go mad if-".

Han Rouxi asks earnestly "But I want to apologize".

Feng tries to persuade "Not now Xi. Cheng would get into trouble if you meet her now. Let him convince Tanxi first. I don't know what would be happening there".