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Lu Cheng: Devil CEO stuck in a dangerous trap tries to save his kid.

Tang Xi : A lonely girl lost her family in her 20.She decides to leave the cruel business world which lead her family to die and thinks to lead a simple life alone.
Tang Xi tries to pull the man from the seat.
The man holds her hand tightly “Leave me... Save my kid!“.
She takes the kid and holds him...
《The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher》 Volume 1
1 Save my child!!
2 Tianxian is dead?
3 Baby ! I will be right back Okay!!
4 Chapter 4: This man...How much money he has?
5 Chapter 5: Baby! I thought you are considerate!
6 Chapter 6 : Baby ! Stop! You are turning into a frog!!
7 Chapter 7: Baby You sure will become a Businessman!
8 Chapter 8: Mommy!! Help!!
9 Chapter 9 : Thank you so much for everything Ananya!
10 Chapter 10 : .......He believes me blindly!
11 Chapter 11 : President Dinesh
12 Chapter 12 : Mommy I will not grow after 5
13 Chapter 13 :He should not hate his dad!!
14 Chapter 14 : He still actually believes me as her mom!
15 Chapter 15 : Chief Lu !!
16 Chapter 16 :President You personally came...
17 Chapter 17 : Mommy ! why did you left me alone?
18 Chapter 18 : A lifetime contract signed!
19 Chapter 19 : He really is scared to say he is scared!!
20 Chapter 20 : Mommy!! It burns!!
21 Chapter 21 : May be his Dad have this allergy!!
22 Chapter 22 : I won't leave you alone..do you here me?
23 Chapter 23 : Xi..You got me! Ok?
24 Chapter 24 :Don't tell me you loved him!
25 Chapter 25 : ..Yes! Lu Cheng I am waiting for him!!...only to give Jing back!
26 Chapter 26 : This kid always creates an urge to get me married!!!
27 Chapter 27 : What is he behaving weird?!
28 Chapter 28 : Whatever he does it hits my heart directly!!
29 Chapter 29 : I don't have a daughter
30 Chapter 30 : Ms.Tang? Are you unwell?
31 Chapter 31 : He never forgets to claim his share!!
32 Chapter 32 : She must be Lu Yei's mom..
33 Chapter 33 : The Young Master- Lu Cheng
34 Chapter 34 : Is it him?
35 Chapter 35 :In every possibility there will be nothing good will happen to her!!
36 Chapter 36 : Why are you dying to run to him!!??
37 Chapter 37 : Because I am smart than you!!
38 Chapter 38 : I am back ..I will explained once I meet you
39 Chapter 39 : I am really happy you are back!!
40 Chapter 40 : Bingo!! He believed!!.
41 Chapter 41 : Its really a great coincidence you appeared!
42 Chapter 42 : Mommy!! Take me!
43 Chapter 43 : Of course snatching your phone!
44 Chapter 44 : When did my brother become so childish!!??
45 Chapter 45 : Kid before marriage? Oh.. That's alright these days!!
46 Chapter 46 : Miss..Are you blind?
47 Chapter 47 : Why does he look like Lu Cheng?!!
48 Chapter 48 : Today I missed to see him again
49 Chapter 49: MEET ME!! NOW!!
50 Chapter 50 : she has every answers for my questions...
51 Chapter 51 :Trauma?
52 Chapter 52 : Not even Lu Cheng!
53 Chapter 53 : He is alive!! But not anymore!!
54 Impossible !!
55 We have something to plan
56 Nothing..Take care
57 Trapping me for that women!!
58 Marriage!?
59 Brat!! Dare you betray me!!
60 Grandpa!! You really drove him crazy!
61 Jing...I have a surprise for you..
62 This girl is really not bad at acting!
63 She planned to take away Jing with her!? Never!
64 I got Jing's custody!!
65 Jing is not hers anymore
66 Daddy? Will you take me away from Mommy?
67 You are the outsider you stupid!!
68 Finally you are going to your father
69 Bring her within 15 minutes
70 I am..... kidnapped!?
71 Did you forget about your son?
72 Get her right now!
73 Wait. For .me.
74 I will drag you to hell!!
75 Did I become horrible to see?
76 I am angry
77 Can we be friends?
78 I will walk
79 It was my responsibility
80 I couldn't even laugh!!
81 Oh stop it!! You are making me laugh!
82 She didn't take her medicines!
83 Ah! Su Ran..I am really going to fire you!!
84 I am her husband
85 I g-got a flash of memory
86 Lu Cheng! Watch out!
87 Only thought I have now is not to trust ANYONE easily!!
88 I can't afford to leave my son's birthday without celebration
89 I don't care whether you believe or not but Tang Xi is my wife now
90 You dare to slap my wife?
91 Happy Birthday Jing
92 She was the one used me!
93 New life?
94 Do you have a boyfriend?
95 You are drunk!! Don't act mad Lu Cheng!!
96 You better not flirt with my wife!!
97 I should do this!
98 Hell with the contract!!
99 He said OUR son?
100 You can be a good mother to my son
101 Thank you for saving Our kid.. saving Us..
102 Mr.Ning Yuhan
103 This ruthless world would never cherish a good heart!
104 Seems he understood!
105 I should be the one to send her to hell!!
106 You like him?
107 I want the kid ....legally
108 Is it because of his confessions?
109 I am not single-maniac!
110 Just what you owe to Knight?
111 He can't take it anymore
112 Lets create our own family
113 I was scared..
114 Its useless to talk with you!
115 To forget about the dignity
116 Mr.Yuhan? Can you step aside?
117 Now you have got a sister!
118 You scared me to hell to ask this?
119 I will show you how its done
120 Lu Yei?!
121 Little bun is hungry!
122 My granddaughter-in-law!
123 A Nightmare
124 We had an argumen
125 Why I always end up with his room!?
126 Do you have a boyfriend?- Again!
127 Aww! My baby is so smar
128 Wife..Come out!
129 His girlfriend?
130 But he resembles lot like his father
131 What is the complete truth?
132 Wife..Don't be angry anymore
133 Knight!?
134 Bran
135 This guy is not easy to track
136 Forget it!!
137 He is a tough guy
138 I caught you Lu Cheng!
139 I got two kids? Without any 'hardwork'?
140 Of course! I love you!
141 Lets create our new family wife!
142 Are you gambling with your brother?
143 Sissy! Cool down!
144 Thanks brother-in-law and sorry I sold you out!
145 She didn't show up for past 3 years
147 Will you tell her that Jing is dead?
148 Who are you?
149 She turned into a game changer now!
150 Use your nose to breath wifey!
151 Chief! In hospital!? Too shameless!!
152 Chief is unreasonable!
153 Trauma? again?
154 You resemble Jing very much
155 How long will you take?
156 Lady Lu House?!
157 Sign the divorce papers and get single like me!
158 Trapped in Cheng's plan!!
159 Stop pretending
160 Do you really go to pubs?
161 I hate scheming!
162 Secret?
163 You already cheated on me!?
164 My Luv
165 He is her Luv! not love!
166 Can't survive more than a five years!
167 I will send you to hell!
168 I am dumping you!
169 How would he know?
170 Please help me!
171 Stop smiling! I am losing my appetite!
172 I dumped him too!!
173 Disappointment!
174 Coming with me would bring you headache?
175 He trapped her?
176 Forget it! I have done what I wanted
177 Little Master Jing...is seriously sick
178 He is my son! He can't leave me!
179 She has only Jing in her world
180 Let me see my son!
181 He used you in his difficult situation!
182 Its him!!
183 You are in wrong side!
184 Knight is the masked man?
185 I knew from start!
186 Tang Yuhan
187 This 'sister' of mine is really troublesome!!
188 I want to end everything..but how?
189 The End... to be continued!
《The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher》 Volume 2
190 Find her
191 She is a ghost!
192 I really wanted to strike that option!
193 Hide and Seek
194 Hide and Seek 2
195 Hide and Seek 3
196 The Truth!
197 Brother
198 Can I get my little sister back now?
199 I never said this to anyone! I was scared
200 I too will apologize after divorcing you!
201 I can't anymore
202 I have a condition
203 Can't you be quiet just for a minute!?
204 Don't you ever think of running away from me!
205 They had a fight!
206 Gun!?
207 Why am I scared of his jealousy!?
208 To admit ..that I love him?
209 When did you know that you are pregnant?
210 make you admit your love!
211 Let the destiny decide i
212 Who is killing whom?
213 I really didn't realize you are this heartless!!
214 Don't worry wifey!
215 His way of calming me is....
216 How was what!?
217 we would have divorced already
218 Lu Cheng do you have a heart!?
219 Please don't do anything to Su Ran!
220 I really don't want to do this!
221 I just want to see you dead
222 Lady Lu
223 scared to face him
224 Nightmare again!
225 Did she agree to stay?
226 She was supposed to be safe and sound
227 Is she really fine!?
228 I knew ...she wasn't fine!
229 I could never take this loss!
230 Why can't you pretend this time too!?
231 I fell for for you
232 You don't have to comfort me with your lies!
233 I really want to be with you..
234 Lu Cheng! You will regret this!
235 Should I go to see that girl?
236 The girl before me..Su Ran
237 she just wants to run away
238 Solution
239 I don't want to hear anything like that in future
240 Just come back to me wifey!
241 Love you *Kiss*
242 I swear..I will kill you all !!
243 Morning sickness?
244 *Kiss* Love you 2
245 I have someone waiting ..
246 Then you chased him away?
247 After making me smile, you dare to go on a date?
248 Such a merciless boss!!
249 Stop mentioning him Su Ran!
250 Its none of your business!
251 I can find her myself!
252 Suicide!? Such a stupidity!
253 What have I done for him?!
254 While I ask him to 'marry' me!
255 Its going to be my first and best gift for him!
256 For not letting me go!
257 Baby..I miss you...
258 Lose every powers to me
259 You are really a trouble!
260 How about we date?
261 Join me if you still want to
262 Ananya...You are the best!!
263 you still won't stop speaking to me
264 Aww! I am so talented!
265 Our ultimate goal is to wipe Knigh
266 Did you forgot whom YOU are talking to?
267 making things harder for me
《The Devil CEO and Fairy Teacher》 Volume 3
268 Both kids would be the smartest!
269 Taking risks plays a vital role in our relationship
270 Why my jealousy never ends?!
271 I was kidnapping a pregnant woman?
272 I am sorry
273 We have something to discuss
274 Get caught with me?!
275 Was I trapped?!
276 I Love You
277 Embrace me...
278 Let me teach you because I have a big hear
279 Shall I kiss you?
280 Even better to get his wife’s corpse too
281 Stupid..Insane…A Clown?!
282 I am alive only for you….
283 I wonder how you would save the kid alone
284 Baby? Can you release me..Please?
285 Invisible wife!
286 No one listened to me...
287 I owe you Miss Rouxi
288 What if she gets to know about Tang Xi?
289 you should be the one to get out you fool!
290 I would make you pay for what you had done for me!
291 Such a dramatic coincidence it was!
292 I would bring Miss Han back
293 I can't snatch you selfishly
294 No more conditions!
295 The Queen of stubborness
296 Don't blame me if you feel alone
297 Lu Cheng's Ex is so sweet!
298 Save your apologies
299 I can handle this
300 She has got sharp tongue!
301 She won't be in my life
302 You are hurting me!
303 Will you trust me
304 Feel my presence in my absence
305 How his real concern would be?
306 It tastes terrible!!
307 You should have stayed ou
308 Convince me!
309 Did he remember me finally?
310 Blaming me unreasonably!
311 Su Ran?
312 Don't tell me you are afraid to lose to me!
313 Love your man wholeheartedly but not blindly
314 Just sleep with your deals!
315 some good names for my kids
316 Betray him again!
317 Everything was an act? To lure Tang Xi?
318 Now why the hell are you here?!
319 Little Dumb Sister!
320 May be your husband has another ex
321 Where are you?
322 Missed moments of childhood?
323 Tang Xi's safety is risked!
324 I am not going alone little sister
325 I can't wish for a simple life
326 I am not a coward!
327 Chellakutty!
328 His birthday!
329 An Unpredictable Bitch
330 Did you really fall for that traitor?!
331 Stupid date!
332 Lu Cheng's Birthday
333 Lu Cheng's Birthday 2
334 Lu Cheng's Birthday 3
335 Destined to be mine
336 Whether it's love or hate...Lets do it together!
336 Whether it's love or hate...Lets do it being together!
337 I just have to lit a matchstick to see the end
338 Flirting gets overboard
339 Someone's face turned ugly!
340 Something that I never did before
341 What's the use of just being handsome?
342 To be together ...for real
343 Universe wants me to stay with you today!
344 Being stabbed right after one's heart is broken
345 I don't want you to love me anymore!
346 I would love to dare!
348 What were Knight's plans?!
349 The First Kick!
350 He too likes books!
351 Why?!
352 She could have said me that she loves me!
353 I only love you
354 I Owe Knigh
355 Where the hell is my Assistant?!
356 She is...is alive!
357 That's what Tang siblings do
358 I never break my promise!
359 He is a master in flirting!
360 Is Lu Cheng helping Yuhan?!
361 Win everyone's heart!
362 He will relieve me from evey pain!
363 Not allowed to leave me!
364 I am married already!