The Dark King
Chapter 308
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The Dark King
Author :Ancient Xi
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Chapter 308

The Dark King – Chapter 308

The girl looked back at Dudian: “My research room is in the second floor.”

Dudian nodded.

Both of them went into the building and walked up to the second floor. The size of the room was as large as Dudian’s room. However the furnishing was totally different. Even the racks were made out of metal. There were few small metal furnaces as well as various metal containers in different shapes. There was a bookcase by the window. There were books related to gold element faction on it. ‘Research into the gold system’, ‘Basic philosophy of gold system’ and so on.

Dudian saw that there were good enough equipment. He asked the girl: “Is there a carving knife?”

The girl was surprised: “Do you want to create the mold with the carving knife? It wouldn’t be that great.”

Dudian replied:” Your room is too small to forge and assemble the cage in here. I’ll create the molds and sheep them back to my own castle. Afterwards I’ll assemble it over there.”

The girl was startled: “Alright.” There was a trace of disappointment in her eyes. She was going to witness Dudian’s action but she would be seeing half of the process. However she knew that everyone kept their methods top secret. If someone else saw and plagiarized it then there was no way to defend themselves.

Dudian noted the expression on her face but he didn’t care much.

The girl handed him an excellent quality carving knife. Dudian took the woods from the shelf and used the knife with his right hand to carve. The blade was not too sharp but it was easily cut as he smoothly carved the parts.

“You can’t draw the …” The girl was surprised to see Dudian use the knife with his hands to depict the parts. However she stopped the moment she saw the straight lines carved by Dudian. There was not slightest crook in the model. There was a trace of surprise in her eyes. She secretly sighed as she saw his solid foundation. There were many rumors that Dudian’s results were because of the luck. But she was aware that such chisel modelling skills couldn’t be made by luck but with practice. Moreover it was not such an easy task to master something like that.

Dudian carved some models which had varying lengths. He had long conceived the shape of the cage in his mind.

The girl stood besides Dudian quietly as she watched the process. The boys fingers were white and slender as if it was a woman’s hand. However he cut through the wood as if he was cutting tofu. It didn’t seem difficult at all and looked calm and beautiful. She suddenly said: “The former architect said that you are a hunter. Is it true that you were born as a civilian?”

Dudian looked up at her and answered: “Yes.” His black hair proved his identity as a civilian. Although most of the nobles had golden blonde hair but there were a few which had dark too.

The girl’s eyes moved and fell onto his cheek. She whispered: “I have heard that hunters often deal with monsters and are very bad people. Their characters are arrogant and grump. You seem very different from the other hunters.”

“I have seen many hunters who are modest, wise and cautious. ”

The girl cautiously asked: “Are you still a hunter?”

Dudian was carving while he slowly replied after a second of silence: “Nope.”

“Really?” The girl’s eyes lit up: “That is really good!

Dudian silently worked on the mode. Because of using his left hand to practice engraving the models on wood the control of his right hand had increased a lot. He would be able to carve a fine artwork let alone a rough model such as a cage.

It didn’t take long for him to finish all the models.

Dudian took a chair and sat down to rest. He was thinking about something else as they waited for materials to be sent.

“Bam! Bam!” The door was knocked.

The girl was about to ask Dudian something when the knocks echoed. She stepped forward and opened the door. She indifferently asked: “What are you doing here?”

“Eli, I’ve come to see you.” The youth’s voice came inside: “Can we talk?”

“No.” The girl flatly refused. There was not the slightest politeness in her attitude. It seems that both of them had unpleasant past.

Youth didn’t let go: “Why are you doing this to me? I can come in as a guest anytime!”

“You are not welcome here.” Eli indifferently replied: “I know what you are trying to do.”

The youth was impatient as he saw her answer him straightforwardly: “I’ve heard that you have brought back a man. Is that true?”

The girl replied: “Real or fake! What has it do with you?”

“You are mine and you have relationship with me!” The youth saw that she had admitted. There was anger in his tone. He pushed the door and saw a young architect sitting by the bookshelf and reading various books. He pushed away the girl who tried to block him with her arms. He came forward into the room: “Hey, boy! Get the hell out of here!”

“Tungsten steel …” Dudian was browsing through the books when he heard the voice aimed at him. His brows wrinkled as he turned to look at the youth. The youth had pale blonde hair. He wasn’t handsome but wasn’t ugly too. Dudian knew that he should be from aristocratic origin from his clothing and hair. But his hair was a bit diluted and brownish. It seems the kid was from southern part of the commercial district where the climate was hot. Aristocrats generally have golden blonde hair. Only the ones whose ancestors have mated with civilians have different looks.

Dudian could identify the other’s identity just from the look. It was not because of his good eyesight but experience.

“I don’t know who you are but you better not yell at me!” Dudian indifferently said.

The youth saw Dudian’s appearance. There was anger in his face. He found out that the kid was a civilian from his pure black hair. Although it was very rare pure black but he didn’t care much about it: “I will say once again. Get out of here!”

In addition he also noticed the medal on Dudian’s chest. The kid belonged to wood faction and was an intermediate architect.

“Shut up!” The girl loudly said in hurry as she saw his rude behavior: “Apologize to Mr Dean. He was invited by me as a guest. You are an aristocrat but it doesn’t mean that you have to be so brutal! I’ll complain to the Temple that you are interfering with my research!”

“A man and a woman doing a research!?” The youth’s face was flushed red because of anger as blue veins popped up in his arms.

The girl trembled as she stared in to his eyes: “You! I dare you to say it again!”

There was a trace of remorse in youth’s eyes as he saw her appearance. But the regret in his heart was replaced by anger as he saw the outside sitting inside and not moving an inch. He shouted: “Brat! Roll out!”

Dudian looked at him as he slowly closed the book. He put it onto the table.


IT didn’t even take a second for a phantom-like body to sweep through the room.

The shadow stood in front of the aristocratic youth and slapped him. The youth fell to the ground and spilled few drops of blood to the ground. In addition two yellow teeth fell to the ground.

“I had warned you before so you should have continued in such a manner.” Dudian slowly said.

The youth heard Dudian’s words and saw him standing close to the girl. He knew that he was in awkward situation. He roared and tried to rush at Dudian.

Dudian kicked him in the chest and threw him out of the door. He turned towards the girl: “He had offended me so I hit him. But you gotta deal with this problem and don’t interfere with me” He turned back and went to sit on his chair. Dudian opened the book and continued to read. It seemed that as if nothing has happened.

Eli was startled as there was a trace of fear on her face. She didn’t know what had happened in the blink of an eye. Is this the overwhelming power of the hunter? Is he a modest hunter?

Eli recovered as she heard the young man’s groans. She reacted and went out. After all the youth was noble and she couldn’t afford to offend him.

The youth stood up and rushed to the door. He shouted out: “I’ll kill you!”

“Don’t …” Eli rushed to stop him at the door.

“Excuse me, is Mr Dean in here?” Suddenly someone asked Eli.


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