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873 Immortal Toya’s Emergency Treatment Plan

Li Hao had come to Immortal Toya because he knew that they were at the end of their rope and had nowhere else to go.

Immortal Toya was well-known for being a nice guy in the circle. He had publicly made it clear at the very beginning that he was severing ties with DG High School, but in the end, he was the only person Li Hao could think of that could help them.

Of course, Li Hao felt very remorseful. He never thought that shooting his mouth off on Tieba would actually cause him and his father to fall into such a wretched state overnight.

Li Hao initially thought that worst came to worst, they would just return home to Lixiu nation. However, they never thought that for the sake of preserving the last bit of DG High's reputation, the other school directors were actually prepared to abandon them as chess pieces. They were now wanted by Lixiu's vampire control center, and they would instantly come under their control as soon as they landed.

This was truly what it meant to not be able to go home…


What on earth did these three letters mean? His father on his back, Li Hao pondered them deeply.

Immortal Toya had given them this hint when they were at the end of their rope – this definitely wasn't some sort of nonsense. Perhaps it was a chance to save him and his father… But Li Hao still couldn't figure out what the exact meaning of the letters was.

Li Hao followed Immortal Toya as they entered the island. At that moment, Li Diao on his back suddenly said in an extremely distressed voice, "Li Hao…"

Li Hao turned his face slightly. "What is it, father?"

"I… I can't hold it in…" Li Diao's voice was full of pain.

To block his constant diarrhea, he had plugged up his ass and held it in until now, but it was quickly becoming too much.

"Father, we're almost there! Hold on a little longer!" Cold sweat ran down Li Hao's face as he sped up.

However, in the next moment, Immortal Toya heard a massive rumble.

When he turned, he saw Li Hao, with Li Diao on his back, actually take off from his spot, hurtling along like a jet propeller.

"My god…"

Seeing this scene, Immortal Toya couldn't help swearing as he hurriedly flew into the air to dodge them.

Li Hao advanced forward boldly under this powerful momentum… all the way to the horizon…


When Li Hao and his father landed back on the ground, half an hour had already passed.

Wearing face masks, Jin Shi and Yin Shi used purification talismans to clean up the filth on the island.

In the meantime, Immortal Toya had figured out a provisional emergency plan to ease Li Diao's pain.

"Immortal, you mean…" Li Hao looked at Immortal Toya's diagnosis report.

Actually, he couldn't understand the words on the report… because they were really too illegible! Worse than the mad scribbles in the diagnosis reports of hospital doctors! If their handwriting was just illegible, then Immortal Toya's was all pixels.

Oh, no, not everything was incomprehensible…

Li Hao saw a string of numbers: 365000000…

But he didn't know what they meant.

Just then, Jin Shi suddenly said, "If you don't understand, just say so. Otherwise, no one will know that you don't understand."

Li Hao: "…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Jin Shi then took off his gloves, straightaway took the diagnosis report, and interpreted it for Li Hao. "What shifu wrote is very clear – do you know about fighting poison with poison? Based on this diagnosis, shifu will later give your father a prescription. It's a powerful laxative which can clear the intestines and purify toxins. Shifu has diagnosed that your father's condition is the result of a bacterial infection in his gut."

"Fight poison with poison?" Li Hao was dazed.

"This is the only way to save your father right now!" Jin Shi said. "But this method is also risky – there's a chance that your father will die of diarrhea on the toilet… You have to understand, it's a twenty-eight percent chance, but currently there's no other way to save your father right now. The bacteria in your father's gut is super bacteria which is pretty nasty!"

After taking the diagnosis report back from Jin Shi, Li Hao fell into a long silence.

It was a very difficult choice.

But Li Hao also knew that except for Immortal Toya, there was currently no one else who could help them.

"I believe in Immortal's medical skills, I'll sign!"

In the end, Li Hao signed his name.

Jin Shi nodded; Li Hao turned out to be a filial son. Then, Jin Shi took a POS machine out of his storage ring. "The medical bill is 356 million HNY. Will you be paying by card, WeChat or Alipay?"

Hao Li was shaken. "So expensive…"

"Wasn't it on the diagnosis report? You can read numbers, can't you?" Jin Shi said.

Li Hao: "…" So that was what the numbers meant!

But the problem was that Li Hao and his father didn't have that much money!

To put down 356 million HNY… they would have to sell off some of their real estate properties in Lixiu nation to just cover that amount!

"I only have fifty million HNY in pocket money right now. Can I pay part of it first… and the rest in installments…" Li Hao said weakly.

"Yes; saving lives is more important, we're not devils. Everyone has their difficulties, we understand!" Jin Shi gave a very seasoned answer.

Immortal Toya gaped from where he was watching on the side.

He felt that after taking Jin Shi to the city previously, the latter's marketing skills had simply skyrocketed.

After the payment, Jin Shi and Yin Shi prepared to boil the medicine according to Immortal Toya's prescription, while Li Hao supported his father and followed Immortal Toya to a toilet on the island.

This was Immortal Toya's own toilet. Normally, he wouldn't let outsiders use it, but he didn't expect Li Diao's diarrhea to be so bad, so he had no choice but to open his own toilet to him.

This was because an ordinary toilet obviously couldn't withstand the force from Li Diao. The toilet bowl in Immortal Toya's toilet had in fact been enchanted by Wang Ling himself. This was Lord Ma Two, but it was different from the original Lord Ma.

Lord Ma Two didn't have its own spiritual intelligence; it was just sturdier than an ordinary toilet bowl. Furthermore, Lord Ma Two's inner space was connected to Lord Ma…


Meanwhile, the original Lord Ma, who was still negotiating with the Cosmic God Tree Miss Yu, saw a black hole suddenly appear in his inner space at that moment… and tons of fresh stuff was dumped in…

Miss Yu: "This person should be a vampire, right?"

Lord Ma was amazed. "This… Miss Yu can tell?"

Miss Yu pointed to the fresh, watery pile. "Type A, Type B, Type AB… and Type O…"

Lord Ma: "…"

At that moment, Miss Yu suddenly cried out. "Oh, not good!"

Lord Ma: "What's wrong?"

Miss Yu: "This person probably has a viral infection! His shit is poisonous!"