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607 The Most Pitiful Demon Saint in History

"How is it, the top of the Holy Pillar not as vast as you imagined?" Shen Wuyue stepped out from behind them. His head was still bleeding profusely as he lost a lot of blood… And there wasn't the slightest sign of it stopping.

Zhenyuan raised his eyebrows. "Lord Shen, are you sure you don't need to stop the bleeding…"

"Like I said earlier, it'll continue to bleed before the antlers grow back. It's no use trying to stop it or applying medicine to it." Shen Wuyue smiled. "Don't worry about me, Senior Immortal Zhenyuan. My self-healing ability is also very strong. I make blood while I lose it, and it's actually like blood washing; I think it's pretty healthy."

Zhenyuan: "…"

Loopy Toad: "…"

What damn "healthy"…

Disappointed, Loopy Toad looked around and deliberately assumed the expression of an elder. "I didn't expect the magnificent Demon Saint to be so lacking in grandeur."

"This is a rule that was established by the original Demon Saint. A person sleeps on a bed and dies in a box; he doesn't need that much space at all. The original Demon Saint paid more attention to the practical use of space." As Shen Wuyue replied, the blood had already run down his white Daoist robe, gradually soaking it as it turned from white to red…

"The succeeding Demon Saint has no authority to modify it?"

"The rules set by the former Demon Saint carry over to the next two generations at most. If Second Generation Demon Saint establishes some rules now, the third and fourth generations don't have the authority to modify them; only Fifth Generation Demon Saint will," Shen Wuyue answered.

"I see." Dog Two nodded.

At that moment, its and Zhenyuan's faces changed slightly as they sensed someone approaching.

A very strong aura came out of Demon Saint's Holy Palace up ahead. It was a blue-skinned demon beast in human form, also known in short as a man-demon… This man-demon held a scepter in his hand, and the fish scales on his azure blue skin glittered with light.

Dog Two and Zhenyuan had already guessed the identity of this person based on his aura alone.

"As expected of Second Generation Demon Saint, your aura is indeed a lot more amazing in person than in a virtual body." Immortal Zhenyuan smiled.

Of course, this was just the standard polite greeting. In his mind, the strongest person would forever be his "Senior Dog"!

"Same to you." The corners of Second Generation Demon Saint's lips lifted in a smile, and then he stepped aside to make way for them. "Welcome, seniors who have come from afar. Please come into the Holy Palace."

This was Loopy Toad's first time seeing Demon Saint. To be honest, the latter's appearance was very far from what it had imagined.

Forget his blue skin, he even had fish scales; was Second Generation Demon Saint's original form that of a tropical ornamental fish?

Seeing that "Senior Dog" was in a daze, Zhenyuan was very concerned and asked, "What's wrong, Senior Dog?"

"Nothing." Dog Two shook its head and said in a very deep voice, "I was just wondering why the color of Second Generation Demon Saint's skin is so strange."

Zhenyuan: "…"

Second Generation Demon Saint and Sage Master Shen Wuyue were taken aback. "…"

A dog with such strange-colored fur actually had the nerve to comment on other people…


Just as Dog Two had expected, Demon Saint's Holy Palace didn't have any space expansion-type spell cast on it, perfectly demonstrating the original Demon Saint's approach to space…

In the Holy Palace, which wasn't very large, the banquet had already been prepared. After they sat down in turn, Dog Two saw two girls in maid outfits actually come out from behind the curtain of the main hall of the temple.

Zhenyuan's eyes lit up. "There are other people here?"

"They're just puppets made out of demon clay, without any consciousness of their own. Although the Holy Palace is small, we still need some people around to do things." Shen Wuyue smiled and said, "There are ten puppets like these in the palace, and they are all very exquisitely made. They were personally made by Second Generation Demon Saint. We have all types: cougar, lolita, dominatrix, young wife and so on…"

Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan: "…"

Second Generation Demon Saint: "Before I became Demon Saint, I was actually a puppet maker by trade."

Shen Wuyue was blank. "Weren't you an opera singer?"

Second Generation Demon Saint: "That was before I made puppets."

Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan: "…"

From this simple conversation, Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan could already guess that Sage Master Shen Wuyue was definitely very fond of knocking this Second Generation Demon Saint off his pedestal.

Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan's sympathy for Second Generation Demon Saint inevitably increased by a few more degrees…

In the end, before they could stop feeling sympathetic toward Second Generation Demon Saint, Shen Wuyue began to undermine him again…

"Let me tell you something interesting." Shen Wuyue looked at Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan with a comical expression on his face. "At the time, Second Generation Demon Saint was so excited when he finished making them!"

Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan: "…"

At that moment, Loopy Toad turned its eyes to Second Generation Demon Saint and somehow felt that something wasn't right with the latter's expression, which seemed very sad.

Zhenyuan: "What's wrong with Demon Saint?"

"It's fine."

Shen Wuyue shook his head. "He's probably lost in the pain from making the puppets back then."

"Didn't you say Demon Saint was very excited?" Zhenyuan thought it was very strange.

"He was very excited before he made them, but when he found out once these puppets were done that they were cold inside and out… he couldn't get excited anymore."

Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan: "…"

By the time they heard the word "cold," Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan's sympathy for Demon Saint had already reached saturation point.

As Demon Saint, first of all, his freedom was limited by the Holy Pillar's control, and he was further trapped by the original Demon Saint's space restrictions, resulting in the top of the Holy Pillar, from the plaza to the Holy Palace, not having the least bit of grandeur. Finally, he still had to put up with Sage Master beside him every day, undermining whatever he did.

But Loopy Toad felt that the most pitiful thing of all was still in making these puppets.

Judging from the level of detail that had gone into making these puppets from demon clay, it was very obvious that Second Generation Demon Saint had carried out very precise arrangements and calculations in order to make the puppets look realistic enough.

In a situation where he had lost his freedom and grandeur as Demon Saint, if he could have all kinds of puppets accompany him, that actually wouldn't be so bad, come to think of it.

But in the end, Second Generation Demon Saint had to acknowledge the tragic fact… after these puppets were enlightened, they were all cold.

They couldn't be used at all!

I've already taken off my pants, this is what you show me?!

Thinking of this…

Both Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan were already sending Demon Saint sympathetic glances.

At that moment, they suddenly wanted to ask Shen Wuyue if there were any welfare organizations in the demon world which cared for left-behind children… They really wanted to go and make a donation.The joke here is that while this is a literal translation of 人妖, the word actually means transvestite in Chinese.The term for rural children whose parents move to urban areas for work but can't afford to bring their children with them.