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343 Completely Unexpected

Chapter 343: Completely Unexpected
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After his phone call with Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal, Wang Ling immediately texted Wang Ming.

Wang Ming had just taken the Heavenly Materials sword back with him, and Wang Ling himself couldn't touch the sword blade directly. This was an important matter, and someone had to handle it. Wang Ling felt that it should be fine to leave it to Wang Ming. The Heavenly Materials sword didn't have a sword spirit, so Wang Ming didn't have to worry about controlling it. In addition, he had the spirit energy storage ring; as long as he relied on this spirit energy to operate the sword, he should be able to wield it easily enough.

After receiving Wang Ling's message in the lab, Wang Ming was extremely excited. He felt endlessly rejuvenated when he thought about how he would be able to save those lost sheep who had strayed off the cultivation path!

Although he couldn't cultivate because of his physique, the sense of heroism burned far more fiercely in his heart compared with a typical cultivator.

He had placed the Heavenly Materials sword in his research lab and had yet to seal it away for safekeeping. Wang Ling took off his spirit energy storage ring and connected it to a spirit energy crystal, and it pulsed with light.

After about five minutes or so, he took back the charged ring, picked up the Heavenly Materials sword from the table, and sneaked out of his lab.

But just as he approached the door, he could feel a cold aura advance on him from behind, and then a hand clamped down on his shoulder, jolting Wang Ming's entire body with fright.

"It's so late, where are you going?" Zhai Yin's voice sounded.

Wang Ming sighed inwardly and pretended to be unperturbed as he looked at Zhai Yin. "Oh... I'm going for a walk."

Zhai Yin crossed his arms and looked at him. "I'll go with you."


Wang Ming never thought that before he could so much as step outside to save the world, he would actually be thwarted here!

No way, he couldn't give up yet!

"I'll be back soon. I'm giving you the day off today, you don't have to especially follow me."

He knew that this guy might be amenable to persuasion but could never be coerced. Haranguing him harshly at this time wouldn't be of any damn use, and it would only aggravate the situation.

"If you were going to come back soon, why did you give your ring a full charge?" Zhai Yin gave him an inscrutable look, making Wang Ming quiver. Previously, President Qi had told him that before Zhai Yin had transferred to the depository of Buddhist texts as a librarian, he had mainly been involved in criminal investigation in the Magnificent Immortal Special Army Brigade. Furthermore, he was an expert in criminal psychology and had written a famous book called On Psychology .

Wang Ming had half-doubted this before, but now he could finally confirm that it was true.

He was very jittery, and felt like the fish in that one song... how did it go again?

I can't help becoming a stubborn fish...

Swimming alone against Zhai Yin until the end...

Unable to struggle free, unable to escape 1 ...

Wang Ming had been struggling endlessly in his heart, and had the urge to cry.

"You can't fool me. President Qi's directive was for me to follow you closely." Zhai Yin looked fixedly at Wang Ming. Liars would always appear guilty, and Wang Ming naturally wasn't an exception. Unable to hold Zhai Yin's gaze, he looked away with a flushed face.

He couldn't say for certain what the expression in Zhai Yin's eyes was. Although it looked icy-cold, there seemed to be something passionate beneath the surface.

No! He was mistaken... He had to be freaking mistaken!

He twitched his lips; Zhai Yin was a man among men. How could someone like that look at him with a passionate gaze?

But after second thoughts, Wang Ming cupped his chin and pondered... He was wondering if Zhai Yin was bent and had taken a fancy to him...

It sounded pretty outrageous, but he felt that it was indeed possible.

At this thought, he patted Zhai Yin on the shoulder and sighed. "You can't be blamed for this, blame me instead..." It had to be because he had teased Wang Ling too much, thus giving Zhai Yin the false impression that he was bent. But the fact was that he was freaking straight! Even straighter than the Guest Greeting Pine 2 !

Zhai Yin: "???"

Wang Ming: "I know that an elite as smart, tall, handsome and smooth-skinned like me is always the center of controversy and admiration. In fact, there has always been people chasing me since I was young."

Zhai Yin: "..."

Wang Ming: "Actually, I'm truly gratified that you're interested in me; this shows that you have good taste!"

Zhai Yin: "..."

Wang Ming: "But... we're not compatible. How can we be together? I still want to produce a second-generation strongest brain! So stop relying on Old Qi as a reason for always following me around. There are times when distance makes the heart grow fonder, understand?"

Listening up to this point, Zhai Yin's face had already turned red, and he said in a very low voice, "You... say that again."

Wang Ming very patiently repeated himself two words at a time. "I said, distance makes, the heart, grow fonder! It's hopeless, for us!"

Zhai Yin drew in a deep breath and in the end couldn't take it anymore. "I'm a woman, you moron!"

Wang Ming: "..."


He felt like his three views had been dealt a severe blow. "You... are you Hua Mulan, enlisting in your father's place?! Wait, how can you be a girl, your abs are hard as rock!"

Zhai Yin: "Anyone who's been with Magnificent Immortal since young and has cultivated for several hundred years would have rock-hard abs. Also, there's no rule saying that girls aren't allowed to have abs. Furthermore, if you're using muscles to judge a person's gender, then I have to wonder if you got this title of the strongest brain after buying eggs at the supermarket."


Wang Ming looked at Zhai Yin suspiciously.

Since she had now mentioned the fact that she was female, Wang Ming carefully examined her icy-cold face once again, and indeed did notice some feminine characteristics. For example, her eyebrows were actually very thin.

At that moment, Zhai Yin took off her army cap in front of Wang Ming for the first time. He had always thought that Zhai Yin had a buzz cut under the cap, but when she took it off, long, waist-length hair instantly spilled out as if by magic. Seeing this, the corners of Wang Ming's mouth twitched: this guy really was a girl!

"This is my magic weapon. I've never shown my hair to anyone else before – you're the first," Zhai Yin said as she looked at him.

After confirming her identity, she nonchalantly put her cap back on, immediately hiding her hair again.

"I know you went to see President Qi before about giving you a beautiful female bodyguard."

When she said that, she couldn't help curling her lips slightly. "Now do you know why he never responded to your request?"

Wang Ming: "..."