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Chapter 231: The Legendary “According to Plan”?

Chapter 231: The Legendary “According to Plan”?
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Wang Ling had always thought that there were actually very few things in the world that could shock him, but he was still startled by General Yi's words.

He was utterly dumbfounded. He felt that his poker face had been pretty constant since birth, but now, General Yi had genuinely and completely stunned him into revealing a rare expression as the corner of his mouth twitched despite himself.

There was even this type of operation...

Even if the skeleton in the crystal sarcophagus was a quality fake, it was still a quality imitation of the skeleton of Huaxiu's founding father!

Was it really alright to do this?

At that very moment, standing in the pit with this elder and with the protective immortal light from this elder's body illuminating the entire hole, Wang Ling could clearly see the unperturbed expression on General Yi's face. "So everything is for the sake of catching that old devil. He's now found a stand-in and wants to leave the stone ghost mask. If we let him get away with reconstructing the body, I fear that Huaxiu's peace and security will disappear in the days to come. Furthermore, all the evidence suggests that this devil still has followers in the current world, and they are not weak."

After hearing this, Wang Ling completely understood. It turned out that this had been a trap from the beginning.

After a surveillance chip had been planted inside the old devil's soul, the series of events related to the cooperation between the old devil and the Master of Shadow Stream Jiang Liuyue, from his being released from the stone ghost mask to reconstructing the body through a body-turning spell... General Yi had in fact known all of this.

What was even scarier was that if the surveillance chip hidden in General Yi's Palm Sword that year was the starting point, then this trap had already been set a thousand years ago.

Wang Ling wasn't someone who liked to gossip.

Even if General Yi hadn't said it, he actually wouldn't have cared at all. The only reason why he wanted to fix that old devil was all because the other party had disrupted his life.

It wasn't just that, he had also severely held up his studies!

That was the one thing that Wang Ling couldn't bear.

Of course, he was also very clear on why General Yi was telling him all this.

This was because the General was completely treating him as one of his people already, and the thing about wanting to take Wang Ling as his disciple was no joke — he was serious!

"Do you know who made this surveillance chip?"

It looked like it would still be a while before the trap was sprung. General Yi directly sat cross-legged on the ground with a very calm expression. "There's a youngster who's known as the strongest brain in our Huaxiu's Cultivation Academy of Science. This chip was made based on his research formula and I can guarantee that that devil can't detect it. If there's an opportunity next time, I'll introduce him to you."

Wang Ling: "..."

General Yi looked at the time and found that they still had some time to spare. "In a while, we'll start tightening the net. This old man will go out first to draw that devil out, and the remaining one hundred people will join forces together to create the Five Elements Great Array to capture him! The reason he could always escape before was all because of the Purple Gold Gourd. Once he's trapped in the array, he won't be able to escape, even with the gourd."

It was as if Wang Ling could already see the headlines from these words.

No wonder a hundred instructors had entered the small world; it turned out that all this had been carefully planned out.

And judging from the elder's words, Wang Ling felt that perhaps even the original purpose for holding the survival contest was to lure the old devil out.

General Yi had known earlier on that this devil would want to absorb the students' vitality to reconstruct the body.

"This old guy is really working slowly now, but it's not so easy to set up the Body-Turning Array."

General Yi sighed; he was a bit impatient at having to wait, so he simply took out his cellphone and started surfing the Internet.

Wang Ling had a glimpse of it and saw that a chat window was open, and General Yi was using the ID "Nine Times In One Night" to chat with someone.


Nine Times In One Night?

Wasn't this that Nine Times Man in the chat group?

The Nine Times Man in the chat group who claimed to be a mengxin 1 and who had been swindled into buying a fake Sunflower Manual ?!

Wang Ling felt it was inconceivable... he had completely never expected Nine Times Man's true identity to actually be General Yi!

"This is a group I joined a few years ago, it's very interesting."

General Yi slid his finger down the screen as he spoke. "Many people think we old guys in the cultivation circle are a stiff-faced bunch that stand high above everyone else. But this old man realized something: as people get older and their abilities become more profound, they also become more playful."

Wang Ling: "..."

General Yi: "Sometimes, when you create an alternate account and mingle around in the chat group and communicate with your juniors, you might reap an unexpected harvest and even gain new enlightenment on the meaning of Dao."

Wang Ling: "..."

In fact, Wang Ling's impression of the group's Nine Times Man was that he seemed to be a very lively and dopey person. General Yi himself was also an old street urchin 2 ; on this point, he was closest in character to his ID.

However, it was probably only General Yi who could do something like this, a grand big shot pretending to be a mengxin to mingle with juniors in the chat group and circle.

Immortal Toya had created this chat group for those old users and star-level active users from the cultivation forum. It could be said that everyone there was a "trusted follower." Immortal Toya had investigated the identity of each person who was eligible to join the group and verified the relevant information before allowing them in.

As one of the Ten Founding Generals of Huaxiu nation, it was simply too easy for General Yi to forge an identity.

After talking for a while, General Yi then started to tell Wang Ling about his opinion of some people in the chat group. "The group owner Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal is actually the disciple of a good friend and brother of mine from back then. Who would have thought that in a blink of an eye, he had already grown up so much. His chivalrous spirit and his particular fondness for focusing on the oddest things... is really just like his shifu ."

When General Yi said this, Wang Ling thought of the broccoli that Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had been obsessing over.

"Immortal Toya, level nine alchemist. Back when the Xiao clan held an alchemist contest, he competed one-on-one with each of the Xiao clan's top ten alchemists and won."

General Yi seemed to know a lot about each person's story. "This junior's future is bright. This old man has been looking for a chance to meet him, so I asked Little Dakang to hire him as the chief instructor for this survival contest."

Wang Ling: "..."

Little... Little Dakang?

"There is also the group manager Cailian Zhenren. To be honest, for the operation to capture the old devil this time, this Cailian Zhenren gave this old man a lot of inspiration. However, the person I'm still the most interested in is this one..."

Saying that, his finger slid across the screen and he ultimately focused on one person in the list of group members.

He pointed at Wang Ling's profile picture.