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The Daily Life of the Immortal King


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As a cultivation genius who has achieved a new realm every two years since he was a year old, Wang Ling is a near-invincible existence with prowess far beyond his control. But now that he’s sixteen, he faces his greatest battle yet – Senior High School. With one challenge after another popping up, his plans for a low-key high school life seem further and further away… Wang Ling: I just want to eat my crispy noodle snacks in peace… Father Wang: If you’re careless enough to destroy the country, it’s coming out of your pocket money. Wang Ling: It’s not my fault that the backlash from punching me kills you. 仙王的日常生活
《The Daily Life of the Immortal King》 Text
Chapter 1: The “Richest” of the Rich
Chapter 2: Huaguo Water Curtain Group
Chapter 3: Sky-Swallowing Toad
Chapter 4: The One-In-A-Million Imperial Aura
Chapter 5: Someone Else’s Child
Chapter 6: The First Day of School
Chapter 7: The Great Teacher Pan
Chapter 8: The Mysterious Legend of No. 60 High School
Chapter 9: Loopy Toad and Dopey the Parrot
Chapter 10: The Truth from Six Years Ago
Chapter 11: Date a Live
Chapter 12: The Xiao Family Compound’s Sightseeing Spots
Chapter 13: Two Slain by “Angry Buddha Fire Lotus”
Chapter 14: Unreliable Lies and Slander
Chapter 15: Old Antique’s Time for Gossip
Chapter 16: There Is a Rip-Roaring Wind Today
Chapter 17: It Was Just a F**king Ordinary High School Student!
Chapter 18: Chief School Guard Old Li
Chapter 19: The Most Fearsome Air Is Suddenly Calm
Chapter 20: The Number One Weapon Hidden on School Grounds
Chapter 21: A Dog
Chapter 22: This Dog Is Abnormal!
Chapter 23: Just Came to be Made Fun of
Chapter 24: Mascot Wang Ling
Chapter 25: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 26: The Daily Life of a Mantis Shrimp
Chapter 27: Cunning Headmaster Chen
Chapter 28: Wang Ling’s Small Wooden Sword
Chapter 29: In the Flush of the Spring Wind the Horse Runs Fast...
Chapter 30: When Two Women Do Battle, Someone Is Going to Die
Chapter 31: Samsung Formation Flag
Chapter 32: A Mysterious Force from the East
Chapter 33: Lotus Sun’s Domain
Chapter 34: The Ongoing Might of Lotus Sun’s Domain
Chapter 35: No. 60 Demolition Squad and the Pengci Gang
Chapter 36: Pengci Gang, Peiyuan District Branch
Chapter 37: Twenty-Four True Words
Chapter 38: Old Antique’s Charisma and Substance
Chapter 39: Dangerous Radio Gymnastics
Chapter 40: Dopey the Cool and Aloof Parrot
Chapter 41: Bird Feather Prediction
Chapter 42: Old Antique’s Education Policy
Chapter 43: Senior He’s Revenge
Chapter 44: A Chance Encounter Between a Cat and a Human
Chapter 45: Wang Ling Is Lei Feng
Chapter 46: Sad Odd Zhuo
Chapter 47: As Soon as There Is an Opportunity Before You...
Chapter 48: Miss Dong
Chapter 49: Mother Juan from the World of Black Cuisine
Chapter 50: Our Theme Song (A Must-Read Side Story)
Chapter 51: Pretending to Be a Cultivator
Chapter 52: An Official Counterfeit Is the Most Deadly
Chapter 53: Elder Sister, You May Not Believe Me...
Chapter 54: A Brainless Kidnapper
Chapter 55: Immortal Meow
Chapter 56: Looking for Zheng Tan
Chapter 57: Zheng Tan’s Independent Regiment
Chapter 58: Second Battalion Commander! You Son of a B*tch...
Chapter 59: Yidali Research Bureau for Unique Artifacts
Chapter 60: She’s Hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction
Chapter 61: Elder Brother’s Original Intention
Chapter 62: My Silly Otouto
Chapter 63: Comrade Odd Zhuo Is Awesome!
Chapter 64: Spirit Sword Exchange Meet
Chapter 65: Welcome to Cultivator’s Rift
Chapter 66: The Support’s Path Toward Becoming Rich
Chapter 67: Body Movement Without Movement
Chapter 68: The Team Battle Can Be Lost, but Wang Ling Must Die
Chapter 69: Back Then on Mount Wuqing and Malan Hill...
Chapter 70: A Spirit Sword Is Like Its Master
Chapter 71: The Second Half of “Jingke Assassinates Emperor is...Qin”
Chapter 72: Holding Onto Thighs
Chapter 73: Is Little Xuan Here?
Chapter 74: Father Wang’s Daily Life of Looking for Inspiration
Chapter 75: The Weekend Is Naturally For Studying!
Chapter 76: Learning Makes Me Happy
Chapter 77: Do You Know the Reason Why You Lost?
Chapter 78: Super High School Level Deputy Director
Chapter 79: Odd Zhuo’s Family Heirlooms
Chapter 80: The Terrified Monkey Coder Little Black
Chapter 81: Online Shopping for Cultivators
Chapter 82: Remember to Include the Delivery Fee...
Chapter 83: The Woes of Romance
Chapter 84: Déjà Vu Menu
Chapter 85: Cursed Stone Ghost Mask
Chapter 86: Two-Week Semester Curse
Chapter 87: Forbidden to Keep Dogs
Chapter 88: Your Son Looks Just Like You
Chapter 89: A Target?
Chapter 90: There Was a Girl, She Was a Little...
Chapter 91: The Proper Way to Open a Cultivation Group Chat
Chapter 92: Shock! The Real Reason for the Owner’s Disappearance Is...
Chapter 93: Can the Group Chat Still Be So High Without Wifi?
Chapter 94: The Most Horrifying Thing
Chapter 95: It’s an Unnatural Morning
Chapter 96: Old Antique’s Time for Gossip
Chapter 97: There Is a Mo Immortal Castle in Legend
Chapter 98: Heard That the Parent-Teacher Conference Is the Cause of Roast Meat with Bamboo Shoots
Chapter 99: Devil Emperor Gua Pi’s Weakness
Chapter 100: Father Wang’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception
Chapter 101: Even an Extortion Should Be Gracefully Done
Chapter 102: Bloody Hell!! There Is Even This Way?!
Chapter 103: Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal Is Shocked Once Again
Chapter 104: I Think It Can Still Be Salvaged...
Chapter 105: A Wronged Child over Two Thousand Years Old
Chapter 106: Camera Knockoffs Are Really Awesome!
Chapter 107: Loopy Toad’s Human Observation Diary
Chapter 108: The Wang Ling Aid Project
Chapter 109: Lin Xiaocong’s Fish-Slaying Sword
Chapter 110: A Student’s Nightmare Is the Home Visit!
Chapter 111: Don’t Lose to the Storm of First Love!
Chapter 112: Don’t Forget the Rainbow After the Storm
Chapter 113: Give Me a “Fighting Lion”
Chapter 114: Brother Ling, Come over for a Bit...
Chapter 115: Come! Let You Cop a Feel!
Chapter 116: Even a Soul Formation Cultivator Should Abide by Basic Laws
Chapter 117: If the World Insults Me, Curses Me, Betrays Me, What to Do?
Chapter 118: Senior Great Saint, Are You Alright?
Chapter 119: Senior Second Saint, Are You Alright?!
Chapter 120: Haven’t Dropped Dead Yet, but on the Way to It
Chapter 121: Are You Senior Killer Taoist?
Chapter 122: I Don’t Want Such A Plot Twist!
Chapter 123: Like Father, Like Son
Chapter 124: Experienced Officer Wang
Chapter 125: I, Internet Celebrity Father Wang, Am a Fierce Man of Few Words
Chapter 126: Wang Situ in a Fury over a Beauty
Chapter 127: Evil Monarch Jun Xie
Chapter 128: Father Wang’s Most Powerful Fan
Chapter 129: Which Old Leader Is This?
Chapter 130: Filming the Second Season of Train to Busan?!
Chapter 131: Victory for the People of Chaoyang
Chapter 132: The Upcoming, Extremely Nasty Physical Exam Before Military Training
Chapter 133: Little Peanut Has Finally Grown Up!
Chapter 134: Midnight Dining Hall
Chapter 135: Crushing a Dream with a Poisonous Tongue
Chapter 136: The Most Precious Thing About a Dream
Chapter 137: What Is South Tianhe’s Specialty?
Chapter 138: I Have a Bold Idea
Chapter 139: Director Li’s Great Senior
Chapter 140: The Lord of the Castle Wants to Make Trouble Yet Again
Chapter 141: There Are Times When Being Bald Won’t Help You Get Stronger
Chapter 142: The Most Powerful Means of Transportation on Earth
Chapter 143: Do You Know Who the Owner Is?
Chapter 144: The Obsessiveness of a Scapegoat!
Chapter 145: Ling Zhenren’s ‘Mwah Mwah’
Chapter 146: Tough People, Tough Pigs, Tough Trees
Chapter 147: Has Death Come?
Chapter 148: It’s Impossible to Eat and Not Get Fat
Chapter 149: Shock! The Real Godly Weapon Is Actually...
Chapter 150: God-Level Long Johns
Chapter 151: Studying Medicine Won’t Save Cultivators!
Chapter 152: People with Slit Eyes Are Monsters!
Chapter 153: You Need a Bag of Laundry Detergent
Chapter 154: Senior Wang’s Home is Full of Treasure
Chapter 155: A Lewd Female Cultivator
Chapter 156: I Don't Want This Gift!
Chapter 157: A Large Roulingzhi in the Air!
Chapter 158: Where Does the Power of Forgiveness Come From?
Chapter 159: The Daily Life of Loopy Toad
Chapter 160: Loopy Toad Is One Hundred and Eighty Centimeters Tall Today
Chapter 161: A Haircut Needs to Be Fresh and Original
Chapter 162: Life Is a Circle
Chapter 163: How Was the Stone Ghost Mask Made?
Chapter 164: Some Were Happy, Some Were Worried
Chapter 165: What Had She Done In Prison?
Chapter 166: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Chapter 167: Ling Zhenren’s Family Cat Is Missing
Chapter 168: Exactly How Strong Is the Independent Regiment?
Chapter 169: At Least Gang Up Before a Fight
Chapter 170: Wasn’t It Agreed That Animals Couldn’t Be “Awakened”?!
Chapter 171: A Strange Light In Its Eyes
Chapter 172: Those Who Don’t Eat Crispy Noodle Snacks Are Definitely Not Friendly
Chapter 173: Little Sister Ying Fell from the Sky
Chapter 174: Always Be on the Alert!
Chapter 175: Guo Uncles Everywhere
Chapter 176: Shadow Stream Has been Annihilated; Is Mo Immortal Castle Not Far Behind?
Chapter 177: There’s a Huge Problem with This Information
Chapter 178: The Key to Increasing Your Height Is to Break Your Legs
Chapter 179: Lie Mengmeng, Someone Has Stolen Your White Bunny Slippers!
Chapter 180: Old Antique’s Gossip Time
Chapter 181: Bandit Evil, Cold Wind and Teacher Killer
Chapter 182: Working With Gua Pi
Chapter 183: Give You a Pair of Floral Shorts
Chapter 184: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Chapter 185: The Lurkers Are All Big Shots
Chapter 186: Too Bad He’s Gay!
Chapter 187: Stand Back, My Venerable Self Is Going to Put On a Show!
Chapter 188: Who Is the Real Boss in the Takeout World?
Chapter 189: Oh My...
Chapter 190: The No. 2 Scapegoat
Chapter 191: I Think It Can Still Be Rescued
Chapter 192: Hurray for Ling Zhenren
Chapter 193: The Old Devil’s Secret Space
Chapter 194: I’m a Good Person, But I’m Not the Holy Mother!
Chapter 195: Do You Think the Power of Lightning Is Only Used for Teaching?
Chapter 196: Godly Thunder Inheritance
Chapter 197: After a Light Tremor of the Body...
Chapter 198: Come on, You’re so Weak, Hey
Chapter 199: You, Zhenren, Are Zhenren
Chapter 200: From Baicao Garden to Sanwei ...Study
Chapter 201: An Arrow Piercing the Sky...
Chapter 202: Bewildered Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal
Chapter 203: Kill this Master-Con!
Chapter 204: A Man from Immortal Mansion Will Never Admit Defeat
Chapter 205: Golden Flash And Silver Lightning
Chapter 206: Ai, Another One Has Bite the Dust...
Chapter 207: Mercury Retrograde Is Too Powerful!
Chapter 208: The Old Devil’s Invasion Plan
Chapter 209: You Idiot!
Chapter 210: There Are Still Nine Other People as Awesome as General Yi
Chapter 211: A Qigong Wave Without Waves...
Chapter 212: ‘Fashionable’ Patriarch Reliance
Chapter 213: All of You Have Overlooked a Bug
Chapter 214: My Contemporaries Make Me Look Evil in Contrast
Chapter 215: Dopey Guo Spiraling Into the Sky
Chapter 216: Wang Ming’s Counterattack
Chapter 217: Ouqimanman
Chapter 218: A Devil and Also a Devoted Lover
Chapter 219: You Are Already Dead...
Chapter 220: Ancient Barter Array
Chapter 221: Dog God
Chapter 222: The Way for Humans to Live in Harmony with Animals
Chapter 223: Will I Become the Strongest Moron?!
Chapter 224: The Correct Way to Use “Impure Earth Reincarnation”
Chapter 225: The Marvelous Error in Understanding
Chapter 226: Déjà Vu Act
Chapter 227: It Used to Be a King...
Chapter 228: Old Li, Breaking Down
Chapter 229: I Want You!
Chapter 230: You’ve Succeeded in Getting My Attention!
Chapter 231: The Legendary “According to Plan”?
Chapter 232: Throwing a Cup as the Signal!
Chapter 233: The Old Devil’s Dignity
Chapter 234: A One-Thousand-Year Old Farce
Chapter 235: Spirit Shackles
Chapter 236: The Astrology Heir Song Cai
Chapter 237: Song Cai, Breaking Down
Chapter 238: The King of Laying Low in No. 60 High School
Chapter 239: Open the Door! Let Jingke Out!
Chapter 240: The Same Eyes as Ling Zhenren
Chapter 241: The Wang Family’s Small Villa is Full of Big Shots!
Chapter 242: Those Enlightened Big Shots
Chapter 243: The Multi-Purpose Holy Relic
Chapter 244: If I Can Lie On Ling Zhenren’s Bed Someday...
Chapter 245: Your Lao Tan Pickled Cabbage Beef Noodles Have Arrived
Chapter 246: A Spirit Sword Collector Maniac
Chapter 247: Can Only Become a Big Shot Through Study
Chapter 248: Loopy Toad’s Dream
Chapter 249: Your Stamina Sucks!
Chapter 250: I'm Not His Little Sister...
Chapter 251: Fatty Luo Metalware
Chapter 252: Perpetual! Motion! Machine?!
Chapter 253: Fatty Luo’s Collection
Chapter 254: You're Not Acting It Right!
Chapter 255: Your Son Has Been Enlightened!
Chapter 256: Lord Jingke Is Really Too Cool!
Chapter 257: New Transfer Student
Chapter 258: Old Antique’s Gossip Time
Chapter 259: White Night Spell
Chapter 260: The Forty-Meter Broadsword Can’t Be Put Back
Chapter 261: This Guy Was Doing It on Purpose!
Chapter 262: Our Family Runs a Noodles Shop!
Chapter 263: The Phantom Sixth Man... Lie Mengmeng!
Chapter 264: Who Says All Novel Editors Are Damn Fat Nerds?!
Chapter 265: Only Learning Can Make You Happy?
Chapter 266: RuleBreakers
Chapter 267: A Renminbi Player Has No Fear
Chapter 268: Like Squeezing a Pissing Beef Ball with One Hand
Chapter 269: “Open Cabinet and Kill” Should Also Follow The Basic Rules!
Chapter 270: All Mensao People Like to Use Ellipses!
Chapter 271: Do You Know What It Feels Like to Encounter a Bug?
Chapter 272: This Is What a Big Shot Is Probably Like...
Chapter 273: Unquantifiable Data
Chapter 274: A Conversation Between Immortals
Chapter 275: How Do You Increase Rapport with a Sword Spirit?
Chapter 276: Go! Brother Ling! Let’s Go Beat Up Tyrants!
Chapter 277: Brother Toya Is Also Full of Vigor Today!
Chapter 278: Fate... Is So Ineffable
Chapter 279: Wang Lost On a Journey
Chapter 280: How Ling Zhenren Becomes Stronger!
Chapter 281: The Thoughtful Disciple
Chapter 282: Are You Teacher Wang Ling?
Chapter 283: Boy, You Have Potential!
Chapter 284: Tremble With Déjà Vu
Chapter 285: Brother Ling, Can You Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?
Chapter 286: Set Off Firecrackers For You Ahead Of Time
Chapter 287: Give These Two Aunties Cappuccinos!
Chapter 288: Great Minds Think Alike
Chapter 289: Who Is The Real Cross-Dressing Big Shot?
Chapter 290: Who Is Your Plastic Surgeon?
Chapter 291: Get a Hold of Yourselves!
Chapter 292: So Cute, They’re Definitely Guys!
Chapter 293: Intrinsic Spirit Field
Chapter 294: In Theory
Chapter 295: Everyone Has a Responsibility to Care for Animals
Chapter 296: You Are My...
Chapter 297: I Don’t Want to Be a Silk Banner!
Chapter 298: Help Me Nail Down The Coffin Lid!
Chapter 299: Fang Xing’s Identity
Chapter 300: Hundred Swords Demonstration!
Chapter 301: Villains Who Talk Too Much Die
Chapter 302: The Heavenly Materials Sword’s Eight Hearts and Arrows
Chapter 303: Heh, Na?ve...
Chapter 304: The King of Sword SpiritsThe brown sword light surged forth from the black space channel, illuminating all the glaciers in the spirit field.
Chapter 305: Ling Zhenren’s Intrinsic Spirit Field
Chapter 306: Ling Zhenren’s Exclusive Sealed Lips Package
Chapter 307: A Heartwarming Little Story
Chapter 308: Our Shiye Must Be So Outstanding!
Chapter 309: Dharmaraja’s Girlfriends
Chapter 310: Damn Brother-Con!
Chapter 311: We Are Focused On the Wrong Thing
Chapter 312: A New Backer
Chapter 313: Real Son and Fake Son
Chapter 314: The Mysterious Substance in the Heavenly Materials Sword
Chapter 315: Old Antique’s Time for Gossip
Chapter 316: Taoist Taotie and Qiongchi Sect
Chapter 317: Taoist Taotie And Gorgeous Itinerant
Chapter 318: Shuigou Sect
Chapter 319: Kitchen Knife Sect
Chapter 320: Running for the Parents Committee
Chapter 321: Brother, Give Me a Light
Chapter 322: Do You See That Pretty Boy Up Ahead with the Dead Fish Eyes?
Chapter 323: The Most Important Thing for a Family Is to Be Neat and Tidy
Chapter 324: My Cellmates and Me...
Chapter 325: There Is Only One Truth!
Chapter 326: Taoist Taotie
Chapter 327: There Are Three People With Such Precise Aim!
Chapter 328: Loopy Toad’s Boring Dog Life
Chapter 329: Dog Lovers Voice Strong Condemnation
Chapter 330: Ling Zhenren’s Strength Is Called Into Question!
Chapter 331: You Have to Act Based On the Expression in His Eyes!
Chapter 332: There Is a Traitor In Our Midst
Chapter 333: The Great Ancestor of Killers
Chapter 334: The World Is So Damn Small
Chapter 335: A Decent Fatty Becomes Bent Just Like That
Chapter 336: Ai, Wait! Don’t Go Offline!
Chapter 337: No Zuo No Die
Chapter 338: The Reason for Father Wang Dragging His Feet
Chapter 339: Stay There and Don’t Move
Chapter 340: Magnificent Immortal’s Depository of Buddhist Texts
Chapter 341: Fruit
Chapter 342: Abbot Zhihu’s Life Philosophy
Chapter 343: Completely Unexpected
Chapter 344: Ai... Being a Tsundere Can Ruin One’s Life!
Chapter 345: Going After the Chuunibyou
Chapter 346: The Correct Pose in Full Armor
Chapter 347: You Have to Start on Crispy Noodle Snacks As a Child
Chapter 348: The Strongest Brain
Chapter 349: I'm Just An Ordinary Person!
Chapter 350: What Is the Meaning Behind the Gyro Needle?
Chapter 351: Extra Skills Are No Burden for the Man Who Roams the World
Chapter 352: Everyday
Chapter 353: Bro...ther Fang Xing?
Chapter 354: Lie Mengmeng's Psychiatric Treatment
Chapter 355: Descendants of the Flame Emperor
Chapter 356: Parents and Teachers
Chapter 357: The Moment You Open the Delivery
358 A Showdown Between Two Epic Killers One
359 A Showdown Between Two Epic Killers Two
360 A Showdown Between Two Epic Killers Three
361 Gorgeous Itinerant's Great Weapon