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5 Inproving Arsenal

After Jiang Feng got his hunting license, he went to the arena. He met the receptionist and registered for the upcoming battle. She said to him," The next battle will be in two days make sure you are here by 5 of may. " "Okay."He replied. Once Jiang Feng reached his house he was greeted with the same voice thundering in his mind.'HOW WAS YOUR TRIP MORTAL' "It was great, thanks for the armor. I am going to fight after two days."'WHAT?!' "Yes you heard right I am participating in an upcoming battle." 'WHY' "The champion will get 25 platinum coins." 'GO TO THE COURTYARD' "Why" 'I AM GOING TO TRAIN YOU' "Ok"

'YOU CAN PICK THREE BOOKS AND THE REST WILL BE KEPT UNTIL YOU NEED OK? AFE YOU READY' "Yes ." Immediately after Jiang Feng said that he felt like there was an immense pressure crashing onto his head. 'CALM DOWN JUST FLICK THROUGH YOUR MIND THEN YOU CAN PICK THEN THE PRESSURE WILL BE GONE ' With much difficulty he managed to pick out three books .' I SEE YOU HAVE A GOOD EYE THESE ARE THE STRONGEST BUT MOST POWERFUL TECHNIQUES'

The books were < Pheonix transformation>,<A draconic warrior>,<Wearing out everything>

After a few hours of tedious training, Jiang Feng finally mastered the skills.
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