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3 Strangest Amour Under The Heavens

'OK MORTAL GIVE ME YOUR HAND' Feng Jiang winced and asked," Could you please not be so loud?" 'OK MORTAL' The cat seemed hell-bent on making Feng Jiang feel like having a concussion. To add to the injury, the dratted cat seemed to be smiling.

The cat climbed all around Jiang Feng. 'MORTAL BRING ME TO THE TEAPOT' Jiang Feng was puzzled but compromised.

'NOW GIVE ME MY CUP' Jiang Feng gave the cat the teacup. The cat jumped back into the teacup. The effect was immediate on Jiang Feng " What are you doing! I just saved you from there why are you going back in!"

The cat popped its head out.'SILLY MORTAL I AM GETTING SOMETHING FOR YOU' "Ok then" Jiang Feng visibly calmed down.

The cat went back again and returned with... a bag? 'WEAR THIS' "How?" 'PUT IT ON YOUR HEAD' "What! You know what I don't care anymore fine ."

There was a brilliant flash of white light and Jiang Feng was covered completely black with spiky thorns on it."Huh, it actually works, Nice. Hey kitty what else does this do."'FIND OUT YOURSELF MORTAL'"Fine. Oh, expandable limbs cool. Wonder what else this can do. Huh don't know I am going to rest now" Jiang Feng touch his electric fan and it broke."Seriously, I just bought this yesterday. Jiang Feng felt hot and started to fan himself but the moment he tried to a fan from the armor formed. "Whoa! This is cool. Now I am going to take a nap. Hey, cat wake me up later ."