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"Clank! Clank!" The sound of metal against metal could be heard in the courtyard. A young man around sixteen dressed in green jeans and a bright orange tee-shirt was training. His name was Lin Feng Jiang. He was preparing for the hunting entrance exam. Feng Jiang hoped he could acquire a licence for hunting to support his sister and him as his parents had been killed by an unknown entity.

As he had been preoccupied in training, he did not hear his sister calling him. His sister is Mei-er. She yelled again "Hello!" Mei-er was around fifteen, and she wore her hair in two braids. She was wearing a yellow dress with black shoes.

At first, Feng Jiang scowled and turned around but when he caught sight of Mei-er it transformed into a grin. He released his weapon and rushed to hug her. "Sis, there you are! Where were you the past few days?" he rambled excitedly. Mei-er sighed and responded, "I was in the store working, you silly fellow. Now, do you have anything to sell? The red scorpion you brought in before was wonderful! It was a high-grade spirit beast. I could even make the price go higher. I found a book that was a medical recipe. I ground up rocks and mixed it with its tail venom and added a few drops of water and it resulted in a vial that cures cold and cough," He explained, "It was just sheer luck. I almost got arrested by the guards. Even if that damned scorpion was beheaded, it still stung me. See." He rolled up his sleeve and showed her his arm. It was a little swollen and was in a shade of light olive.

He asked her, "So how is it at <Mei's Great Goods>?" She sighed, "You know how arduous it is to earn money in Tianwa these days," Feng Jiang contemplated for a second and chose to reward her. He led her to the nearby park for a stroll. The words <worry vanishing park> had been chiseled on the entrance. Feng Jiang noticed It radiated a weird aura. "Sis wait here I think I found something," He told her.

Feng Jiang stepped forward and noticed a little thing that resembled a teapot. He took it and said, Hey sis, let's bring this back home. We could use it as a teapot. If not, we still can sell it.''

said,"Hey sis let's bring this back home we could use it as a teapot. But if not we still can sell it ''