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The Card Apprentice

Author:Fang Xiang

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Updates:Chapter 145: Pursuit

Claimed to be the greatest team in the history of the card film industry — “Mu Lei” is born. With even the elites of the academic world unable to decipher these cards’ structure, his powerful cards were able to unnerve even the federation, causing the greatest Card Creators and Card Fighters to grow frantic, triggering open battles and covert maneuvers among various interest groups — all behind the silhouette of Chen Mu. Although he was not the originator of the federation’s unrest, he was definitely the number one reason for continuously escalating it. Through his exceptional intelligence and toughness, he evolved from the weak to the mighty. From a solitary life of survival to his collaboration with his friend to the team’s business of fantasy stories: As card films full of fantastic oddities flowed from Chen Mu’s hands like an unending stream, his own fighting strength rapidly grew. Fame, wealth, beauties, dangers gathered all around from far and near until finally, he became a paragon of inspiration to all. 卡徒
《The Card Apprentice》 Text
Chapter 1: Making a Living from Cards
Chapter 2: Mysterious Cards
Chapter 3: Training Class
Chapter 4: Zuo Tingyi
Chapter 5: A Weird One-star Power-card
Chapter 6: Perception
Chapter 7: Card Variations
Chapter 8: A Predicament
Chapter 9: Making Contact
Chapter 10: An Enigma
Chapter 11: Healthy Exercise?
Chapter 12: Copper
Chapter 13: What Sort of Card is this Anyhow?
Chapter 14: Going Mad
Chapter 15: Fantasy Card Advertising
Chapter 16: News
Chapter 17: A Late Billboard
Chapter 18: Copper’s Grievance
Chapter 19: As Soon as You Get Up, Make a Card Show!
Chapter 20: And What is Card Play?
Chapter 21: Allah Gong
Chapter 22: The Little Slacker has a Lot of Power (1)
Chapter 23: The Little Slacker has a Lot of Power (2)
Chapter 24: The Little Slacker has a Lot of Power (3)
Chapter 25: The Discussion
Chapter 26: The First Card Play (1)
Chapter 27: The First Card Play (2)
Chapter 28: The First Card Play (3)
Chapter 29: Grand Revelations (1)
Chapter 30: Grand Revelations (2)
Chapter 31: Grand Revelations (3)
Chapter 32: Grand Revelations (4)
Chapter 33: A Conjecture?
Chapter 34: A New Plan
Chapter 35: The Master Shi Card-Play
Chapter 36: A Former Enemy
Chapter 37: Wounded
Chapter 38: Copper’s Conjecture
Chapter 39: The Twelve-Card Simple Water World
Chapter 40: Enjoying Agony
Chapter 41: A Few Seconds Every Hour
Chapter 42: The Low-Grade Fantasy Card Club
Chapter 43: Low-Grade?
Chapter 44: A New Discovery
Chapter 45: The Unwinding Game
Chapter 46: Star Academy Centennial
Chapter 47: Go Ahead!
Chapter 48: Point Sweeps
Chapter 49: Bai Zheyuan
Chapter 50: An Invitation
Chapter 51: The Tailless Shuttle Card
Chapter 52: Glittering Shuttle Moves
Chapter 53: Mei Da
Chapter 54: Copper’s Good News
Chapter 55: Interactive Meetings
Chapter 56: Surrounded by Peaks on a Winding Road
Chapter 57: Chen Mu’s Proposal
Chapter 58: A Mishap
Chapter 59: Swordfish – Challenge?
Chapter 60: Have You Started?
Chapter 61: Fly in the Sky, and Escape through the Ground
Chapter 62: The Ways of the Shuttle
Chapter 63: Demons, Demons
Chapter 64: Weird
Chapter 65: Taking Care of Business?
Chapter 66: The Investigation
Chapter 67: Entering the City
Chapter 68: About Killing People
Chapter 69: No Choice
Chapter 70: Secret Weapon
Chapter 71: Fear Looking Back
Chapter 72: The Sign of the Nouveaux Riche
Chapter 73: The Seductresses
Chapter 74: In an Emergency
Chapter 75: During a Read
Chapter 76: Lin Jiu
Chapter 77: Fright
Chapter 78: News So Astonishing
Chapter 79: A Bitter Battle
Chapter 80: Poverty is Just a Word
Chapter 81: Profiteer
Chapter 82: The Way of Wealth
Chapter 83: The Mud Fish Jet-Stream Card
Chapter 84: A Perfect Replica
Chapter 85: The Fiery Mayfly
Chapter 86: Dual Compostion
Chapter 87: Eight Million?
Chapter 88: A Gloomy Hong Tao
Chapter 89: Rays of Light and a Warning
Chapter 90: The Slightest Difference
Chapter 91: To Meet
Chapter 92: Fishing in Turbid Water
Chapter 93: The Ning Household
Chapter 94: The Will to Fight
Chapter 95: Cruel Reality
Chapter 96: Perception
Chapter 97: Breakthrough
Chapter 98: The Swordfish’s Reward
Chapter 99: Sensitivity of Perception
Chapter 100: The Raining Shuttles Card
Chapter 101: The Old Line of Work?
Chapter 102: The Fame of the Raining Shuttles
Chapter 103: Cooperation
Chapter 104: Raining Shuttles Card·Ⅱ
Chapter 105: The Big Mudfish
Chapter 106: Black and White Chrysanthemum Rock
Chapter 107: Strike When the Iron is Hot
Chapter 108: Problems
Chapter 109: Bo Wen
Chapter 110: Breath Control
Chapter 111: The Rose, Cheng Ying
Chapter 112: Commissions
Chapter 113: The Bipolar Thunderball Card
Chapter 114: Verification
Chapter 115: Deep Variations
Chapter 116: The Little Company of Five
Chapter 117: The Hundred Blades
Chapter 118: Three Moons
Chapter 119: Mark Victor
Chapter 120: What a Freak!
Chapter 121: Weak Water
Chapter 122: Mark Victor's Twisted Spinning Thorns
Chapter 123: The Great Mark Victor
Chapter 124: Breath Control!
Chapter 125: Turning a Weapon Against Oneself
Chapter 126: Resistance Training
Chapter 127: Good Cards and Good Pens
Chapter 128: The Night of the Cross
Chapter 129: The Best Breath Control
Chapter 130: The Best Breath Control (II)
Chapter 131: The Best Breath Control (III)
Chapter 132: The Best Breath Control (IV)
Chapter 133: The Best Breath Control (V)
Chapter 134: Bo Wen’s Promise
Chapter 135: The Dangerous Jungle
Chapter 136: Good Character is Really Good
Chapter 137: Three People and a Beast
Chapter 138: A Three Person Pact
Chapter 139: Card Artisan? Not Me
Chapter 140: Li Duhong
Chapter 141: Head to Head
Chapter 142: The Brilliant Ape
Chapter 143: A Bitter Battle
Chapter 144: The Amazing Tailless Shuttle
Chapter 145: Pursuit