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381 Dignified Queen

At that point, the Minister of Finance also started feeling that something was a little off. The King was supposed to side with them in front of everyone. He was supposed to get angry, then declare about Jiang Yue being his daughter.

So, how come he was this calm? Except for his obvious anger, the King was not actually showing anything that would signify that he was siding with them?

"Your Highness, why are you saying such a thing? The Young Prince is just concerned about his mother." The Prime Minister chimed in.

"Is he?" Gideon asked, his gaze never leaving the Crown Prince.

Carlisle could only grit his teeth under his father's scrutinizing gaze. Did he know? Was he having suspicions now, when he was about to die? Carlisle inwardly shook his head. That was impossible. It was not possible for him to know anything.

"Father... How can you ask something like that?" He spoke while eyeing his wristwatch. It was already thirty minutes past nine. This was supposed to be the time when his mother barged into the room, then he should have sent a signal to Mr. Wu.

If his mother didn't cause a ruckus, then he would not be able to send a signal to Mr. Wu… there was just no way that they could convince everyone that Jiang Yue was the one responsible for the so-called 'Operation Hermes' without the Queen confronting Jiang Yue. It was just because the Queen was the one who was supposed to have all the proof that Jiang Yue was trying to steal some information from them.

Since the Queen's evidence was going to be solid enough, the King would not have any other choice but to announce about Jiang Yue being his daughter.

After that, Jiang Yue would supposedly have a motive to kill Gideon to steal the throne from him. Thus, Operation Hermes would start.

"Please, Father, order your men to arrest this woman." Once again, Carlisle pointed at Jiang Yue. "She wants to frame my Mother and cause trouble in our country."

"And why would she want to do that?" Gideon asked. "Tell me... Do you have anything personal against Miss Jiang?"

"I... I... No… I am just…"

Carlisle was not able to finish his words, as the doors were abruptly opened by some of the guards before the Queen entered the meeting room. She was already neatly dressed. However, her hair was in a mess. It seemed like she had tried to fix them in a hurry.

"Your Highness… have you called for me?" Queen Ah-Joong asked. Her instincts were already telling her that something was wrong. When she was on her way here, a lot of people were whispering and shooting mocking gazes towards her. Although she wanted to reprimand those people, the guard who was asked to fetch her, forbade her to do so.

The guard's behavior immediately made her angry. How come these mere guards were treating her like a piece of trash? Like a prisoner?

She was the dignified Queen! She must not be treated that way!

The very moment the Queen entered the room, a lot of Ministers lowered their heads and avoided her gaze.

"Mother... I'm glad that you are here." Carlisle immediately approached her. "This woman is trying to frame you! You have to convince Father that you are innocent and have her arrested."

Queen Ah-Joong immediately furrowed her brows at her son's words. Frame her? How was that possible? She was the one who came here to frame Jiang Yue and not the other way around.

Seeing her clueless appearance, Jiang Yue smirked inwardly. Too bad the Kim Family thought that they could attack her without facing the consequences.

"Mother... She…" Carlisle awkwardly started telling his mother about what had happened, as Queen Ah-Joong's face started getting pale.

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