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The room was engulfed in an uncomfortable silence as they watch Jiang Yue in horror.

Everyone only had one question in there mind.

What is happening here?


"Yes, Xuan'er... your friend cannot contact anyone outside of this estate. And so are you." Jiang Yue smiled sweetly before taking a seat on the chair next to the bed. "Now, shall we talk about the settlement again?"

"This is illegal!" Tang Fei fumed.

"Are you going to detain us illegally?" Chan Yueli. "You should already know who is backing us. right?" At this point, she is almost sure that Jiang Yue already know about their lies and purpose.

Now, everyone is really convinced that Jiang Yue was indeed very cunning. She was just like an evil in disguise. She would pretend to be innocent and helpless, but she would devour you once you provoked her.

"Detained?" Jiang Yue smiled at them. "I never even thought of that before. Such brilliance. Jin please call the authorities."

"Wait!" Chen Shi said. "Don't call them... Hey! What are you doing? Don't call them!" She tried to move closer to Fu Jin however, Fu Jin's bodyguard Bei Liu Ren was quick enough to stop her.

"Jin.. stop... do it later." Jiang Yue said, her attention was still on the group of people in front of her. "Now that I got everyone's attention, I wanna know who sent you here."

"Little Yue what..."

"Later uncle. I will tell you everything later." Jiang Yue interrupted Wang Huo. "Also, please call grandfather. Let's talk in his study in an hour."

Old Man Wang was not in the residence right now as he was spending some time on Wang Ruo's grave, alone. A tradition that he had been doing since she 'passed'.

After hearing Jiang Yue's words, Wang Huo could only stare at her before letting out a sigh. Then he nodded and walked out of the room without saying anything. Though he and his son did not understand the things that had been going on lately, he was sure that someone else had been targeting his niece again.

Jiang Yue only watch Wang Huo leave before turning her attention back to everyone. "So? Is it the queen? The prime minister? Or the king?"

"Since you already know that someone sent us then.. you should already know that you cannot defeat a royalty in our country." Chen Shi said. This time she is calmer. She now realizes Jiang Yue's reason for doing all this.

Or so she thought.

"Just let us go. We will not file any lawsuit and make any issues. We already got what we came for." Chen Yueli added.

"Liu Ren.. Give everyone the folder from the left side drawer of my table." Jiang Yue ordered.

Bei Liu Ren instantly gave the folder to everyone.

"Open it." She said. Making everyone opened the folder, instantly increasing the pressure inside the room. The folder contains every little dark secret that everyone in the room is hiding.

"I know every little thing about everyone in this room. Your dirty laundries and scandals are enough to bring your whole family down." Jiang Yue started.

"Your first mistake was coming here and using my mother to try and manipulate my family. Your second mistake was provoking me. Your third was when you try to touch my man. And for that... all of you will suffer." she said, her voice confident and intimidating."Now tell me... why did the queen sent you here?"

Once again everyone was silent when she asked the question. Some even wondered how Jiang Yue was able to know this when she just asked who sent them a while ago. They were not aware of how she was able to interpret this from their reactions when she asked the question to everyone earlier.

Meanwhile, both Chen Yueli and Chen Shi were extremely shocked by how the events ended. How come Jiang Yue is interrogating them now?

"I guess by now, you already know that I can manipulate your phones and any electronics. One click from my phone and this scandals will be automatically sent to your friends and family abroad," she added then narrowed her eyes at everyone. "Again, why did the queen sent you here?"

"I'll say it!" Zhang Biqi suddenly blurted out. Making everyone in their family widened their eyes in surprise.

"What are you doing?" Zhang Wenhao asked.

"Let go..." She hissed at her brother. "I will tell her everything that I know.. I don't want my scandals that I painstakingly hide away from the eyes of the public revealed!"

Then she looked at Jiang Yue, her eyes full of certainty. "The queen wanted to know if you are indeed as outstanding as what everyone says."

"And why is that?"

"We don't know." Chen Shi answered. "She just said that she wanted to know if you are indeed a threat to everyone."

"A threat?" Jiang Yue blurted out her thoughts. How could she become a threat? She might be a Li but there is no way for her to try and rebelled to claim the throne away from the current king and queen. So why were they so afraid of her?

Was it because of her true father?

"Yes, if you were deemed a threat then... she will use your friend to force you to go to M Country and deal with you." A deep voice suddenly echoed inside the room. Making everyone turn their heads towards the door that was now opened revealing a man whose face Jiang Yue did not recognize.

"How disappointing... Is this how you greet your king?"

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