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Jiang Yue's lips instantly twitched while reading the message. How confident. However, her curiosity instantly prevailed.

*Send me your contacts and come to my company tomorrow morning : )* she replied with a smiley face. The confidence of this person was somehow making her smile.

After a while, she received an email from a person named Long Die. To her surprise, Long Die was a forty-year-old woman wearing thick eyeglasses with unkempt hair. Her mind instantly traveled to the person, who she met with Bai'Li a few days ago. For some reason this Long Die instantly made her laugh.

She immediately forwarded Long Die's information to Shen Rong and Bai'Li, so they could make some quick background check.

After all, Jiang Yue decided to talk to this person not just because of her skills. But because of the fact that there were some similarities with her mentor Blake Lee, in the way this Long Die breached her computer. She wondered if this person were related to him. Maybe his mentor? Or someone that he knew.


On the next day, Jiang Yue was surprised to know that Long Die indeed turned up for her interview. It was exactly eight in the morning, and Jiang Yue had just arrived at her office when she was informed that someone, named Long Die, was here for an interview.

"Good morning," Jiang Yue greeted the woman, wearing neon pink, long skirt with a white long-sleeved blouse.

"Morning." Long Die said as she lowered her head. "Sorry, I... I am an extremely shy person."

"No problem... please take a seat," she answered. Jiang Yue had already expected that the confidence that Long Die showed on the web, was different from her real personality. After all, things like this happened very frequently. Some people could have the courage to be confident only online. "Have we meet before?" She asked after she realized that the woman in front of her seemed familiar.

"No... I don't think so." She answered meekly. "I wouldn't forget someone as beautiful as you."

"Thank you." Jiang Yue smiled. "Anyway, tell me about yourself. Something that is not in your resume, different from the things that I have found online."

For some reason, Jiang Yue could feel a deep sense of familiarity towards this woman in front of her. She felt that the woman's black eyes were extremely familiar. Yet, she was also sure that this was the first time she met this woman.

"I... um... I once had a daughter but she um... passed... I uh... I was a single mother, so now, I am alone." Long Die answered.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Can you tell me more about the things you did yesterday? Where did you learn those things?"

"I am a self-taught hacker. I used to study, but I got pregnant, so my parents forced me to stop."

"Okay... Can you tell me more about the extent of your knowledge in Cyber Security?" she asked curiously.

The woman answered her, as she continued asking questions about her knowledge in computer science.

"I also know some AI." Long Die said.

"Really? Can you tell me more about this?" she asked.

"Yes... I uh... I made this for you." Long Die gave a piece of paper for Jiang Yue. It contained some codes and some outlines. In response, Jiang Yue instantly widened her eyes.

"You made this?"

Long Die nodded. "I was planning to use this to make you accept me in your company."

"This... This is very good. I can't believe you made something like this! We can use this for a machine, isn't it? Is that your goal? Using this in a drone?"

Again, Long Die nodded, as she watched Jiang Yue's eyes sparkle while watching the piece of paper in her hand. Long Die smiled inwardly, as Jiang Yue started typing the codes on her computer. Her daughter was indeed very smart. She was able to see the purpose of the codes that she had made especially for her.

That's right, the reason why Jiang Yue felt some sense of familiarity towards her was just because she was her mother, Wang Ruo, disguised as Long Die. And she was her beloved daughter, someone that she had longed to hug since she woke up in Li Qiang's place.

"I'm sorry?" she asked when she noticed that Jiang Yue was looking at her intently.

"I was just asking you if you are okay. You are umm... crying." Jiang Yue awkwardly asked before she handed her a piece of tissue. "Here, use this to wipe your tears."

"Oh..." Long Die instantly wiped away her tears and smiled at her. "I'm sorry... you just uh... reminded me of my daughter so much... I uh... I will not do it again."

"Oh... it's okay. I understand." Jiang Yue just nodded as a deep sense of longing flashed in her eyes. "Well... it seems that I have no other choice than to hire you now." Jiang Yue did not doubt Long Die's abilities. She was able to make her sweat for five minutes to defeat her. Jiang Yue clearly understood that she was not an ordinary person and could definitely do whatever she promised to do. Aside from that, some strings inside Jiang Yue's soul felt a pull from the woman. Something, some emotion was pulling her towards the woman.

Jiang Yue got up and gave her hands to Long Die. "Congratulations Long Die and welcome aboard."

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