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When Wang Rua started feeding her with the poisoned turkey, Jiang Mian's tears rolled down from her eyes.

For some reason, their bodyguards were not able to notice anything strange. It must have been because Wang Ruo was blocking their view, or maybe because their priority was always Wang Ruo's safety.

Jiang Mian swallowed the small turkey piece, as Wang Ruo pressed something on her nape, making her open her mouth from the pain.

"You really shouldn't have done something this stupid," Wang Ruo said. "You know how harsh Li Qiang is, he will give you the most painful torture, you will beg him for death if something happens to me."

"I'll remind you... that man is cruel. Even his stare can totally kill you." Wang Ruo said, while giving a small giggle at her silly words. Then she fed Jiang Mian another mouthful of turkey.

Jiang Mian was just staring at her in horror. How came Wang Ruo right now was so different, than Wang Ruo an hour ago. This Wang Ruo reminded her of... Jiang Yue.

Right, her sinister eyes and condescending laugh were making her look like Jiang Yue.

"You know, I remember seeing you when you were a child," Wang Ruo muttered. "You were so innocent then. I wonder what has happened?"

"It should be Lu Shi's fault. That woman was so jealous, she has taught you crazy things."

Jiang Mian was unable to answer, she just kept on staring at Wang Ruo.

So, she was just pretending after all. Wang Ruo did not have any amnesia. Jiang Mian couldn't help, but wonder, how did Wang Ruo fool Li Qiang. How came she knew acupuncture and poisons? This Wang Ruo was so different, she even talked like a totally different person, than the meek Wang Ruo that she had met before. Just... What was she? No, the question should be, who was she?

"I wonder if you really think that Li Qiang is your father?" she asked. "I mean he was well... a very handsome man, but you don't look a bit like him."

"Right... I forgot... you can't answer me. Here... why don't you have some more?"

The monologue continued for more than an hour.

"This poison is not really that great, so your chance of survival is still good. But, Li Qiang will know what has happened, so he will still kill you. Too bad..." Wang Ruo shook her head. "By the way, did I tell you that Li Qiang will also recognize that necklace of yours... so why don't I just take it now? Hmmm?" she raised an eyebrow at Jiang Mian, before unceremoniously removing the necklace from her neck.

"Now... Now... it's time for me to go. If you survive, there is a possibility that Li Qiang will keep you alive and torture you... but don't worry, if I see you in that state, I will not hesitate to kill you."

"I mean... I am kind after all," she smiled and kissed Jiang Mian's forehead. "Goodbye child. I'll see you around." She said before walking towards the restroom of the restaurant. Her face was still gentle and kind, as if she was a different person at all.

Jiang Mian tried to move her limbs, or send some signal to the people, who were sitting next to their table. But for some reason, no one noticed her strange behavior at all. She felt her chest constricting before it radiated to her arms, shoulders, neck, and jaw. Then, she remembered that panic would make the human body more vulnerable to this type of poison.

Her breathing became shallow and almost nonexistent, as she tried her best to calm herself down. The more she panicked, the easier it would be for the poison to affect her. And she couldn't let that happen.

Jiang Mian's started crying, as the realization that death could come to her anytime exploded in her mind. Was this going to be her end?

What about Jiang Yue? Would she still survive and be happy? Would she even think about or wonder, why Jiang Mian had suddenly disappeared?

Would someone even care if she died right now? The feeling of helplessness drowned Jiang Mian, as she started thinking about the things that had happened in her life.

She was indeed very pitiful. If Jiang Chanming and Li Qiang were not her father, then who was? Would she just die, without knowing who her true father was? She remembered Wang Ruo mention that everything was Lu Shi's fault. Was it really?

Her mother was just a victim of the cruel Li Qiang and the naive Jiang Chanming. These two men manipulated Lu Shi, made her jealous and insecure, made her believe that she needed a title to feel better. They had made her commit all those sins.

So, who should she blame? Was it really Lu Shi's fault? Or maybe Jiang Yue's? Was it Jiang Chanming?

All this time, Jiang Mian still kept on blaming everyone else. She really was not able to see that the fault actually laid within her. After all, some people always find it easy to blame anybody else, than accepting that they really were in the wrong.

Jiang Mian's confusion continued until Li Qiang's people started noticing that Wang Ruo had disappeared. At first, they were complacent and trusting, after all, Wang Ruo looked too gentle and kind. She was even laughing and joking with Jiang Mian. Aside from that, one of Li Qiang's people also followed her inside the restroom. So, who would have thought that someone so harmless would just disappear without a trace?

Everyone panicked when they noticed that Jiang Mian was turning blue. Since no one was an expert in acupuncture, they were also unable to unseal her vital points, making it hard for Jiang Mian to inform them that she had been poisoned.

At first, no one informed Li Qiang, they were confident that they could easily find a meek girl in a place like this. However, no matter how much they tried to check all the CCTV in the area, they were unable to find even her shadow. At this point, Jiang Mian had already lost consciousness. After realizing that something was definitely wrong with Jiang Mian, they finally sent her to the ER and realized how severe the situation was.

So they finally decided to call Li Qiang.

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