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After Fan Tong and his friends left the restaurant, he immediately asked his family's PR team to keep this embarrassing situation hidden. After all, he was with three celebrities. Many paparazzi were bound to follow them.

However, no matter what he did, the incident didn't escape the eyes of the media. Some paparazzi were able to take photos of them being lead by the security personnel outside of the premises. Aside from this, one attendant anonymously told them that Fan Tong and his group were banned from the establishment for causing some trouble to Mr. Fu and his fiance.

"What nonsense! Call this company and make them delete these articles! No... No!!!! I don't care what you do! Pay them! I don't care just take down this article now!" Fan Tong fumed as he cut the call and throw his phone on his bed. What a bad luck. If his father found out that he had offended Fu Jin, then he would surely got mad at him. He might even give the CEO position to Fan Tong's stepbrother.

"Mr. Fan?"

"What?" He snapped at one of the servants who called for him outside of his bedroom.

"The Master wants to see you." Fan Tong instantly gritted his teeth when he heard the servants words. As expected his father had already got a hold of it.

Instead of giving an answer, Fan Tong decided to directly go into his father's study. He did not even bother knocking as he went inside the room.

He saw his father, who was busy doing some paperwork, lift his head to look at him. His face was devoid of any expression.

"Sit." Fan Tong immediately took a seat across his father's desk. "Do you know what you have done?"

"Yes." He answered shortly. "But, at that time, I didn't know that he is Fu Jin. How should I know that he would be that ruthless?"

This time, his father's features turned into a frown. "Do you know what will happen if we offend someone like Fu Jin?"

Fan Tong shook his head. What could happen? Fu Jin was just a newbie in this city. He wouldn't be able to touch their family. After all, they had been around in this city for decades.

"I have always thought that you would have a little brain." Father Fan shook his head in disappointment. "Go set up a meeting with Fu Jin and take your sister to apologize. I don't want this matter to blow out of proportion."

"But father..."

"No buts... just listen to me. There is no going back now that you have offended someone from the Fu Conglomerate." Father Fan clenched his jaws. "Although Fu Jin is newbie, their company has already had endless connections in the black market. One single command from him and our company could lose millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars."

The mention of the black market instantly made Fan Tong's approach more serious. Their family business was in the food industry. However, it was just a front for their true money tree were selling weapons. Their family had been selling weapons illegally on the black market.

If his father's words were true, then it could only mean that the Fu Family had better connections than the Fan Family in the underworld.

"Okay. I will," he said after a minute of silence. If his father's words were true, then he needed to be careful around Fu Jin and even curry for his favor.

However, who would have known that his sister had different plans?

On the next day, Fan Linwen went to the Fu Conglomerate alone, without his father and brother's knowledge, to ask for Fu Jin's forgiveness.

She even bought some food that her favorite cook had made. According to her research, Fu Jin's fiance owns a cafe and according to the rumors, Fu Jin and his fiance had personally made the recipes of this cafe. This fact made her conclude that Fu Jin was a foodie. Because of this, Fan Linwen decided to be thoughtful and bought some home cooked food for Fu Jin.

Fu Jin was not married yet, so Fan Linwen hadn't seen anything wrong with this gesture. If the media got a hold of this, she could simply say that this was her apology for what she had done at the restaurant.

"I'm sorry Miss Fan but CEO Fu is not accepting any visitors right now." the receptionist politely said.

This answer surprised Fan Linwen. She was so confident in her appearance and standing in society. She originally thought that Fu Jin would immediately approve her visit. Who would have thought that this man would refuse to see her? Was he still mad about what had happened the other night?

He must be, she thought.

Because of this, Fan Linwen decided to show her sincerity by waiting for Fu Jin. After all, Fu Jin should have been raised as a gentleman, so a gentleman would not want a lady like her, to wait for long.

"Miss would it be okay if I just wait until CEO Fu finish his meeting?" she asked politely. Although she was mad on the inside, Fan Linwen wanted to show how civil she was.

The receptionist looked at her before nodding. This was the second woman who had wanted to see CEO Fu this day. And just like the first, she also wanted to wait. The receptionist couldn't help, but mock these stupid women. Did they think that they could fool CEO Fu with these acts?

What a pity.

With these thoughts in mind, the receptionist led Fan Linwen into a private lobby. It was the place where people could wait for someone in the company. "This way, Miss." Inwardly, the receptionist was laughing. She could not imagine what would happen if this Fan Linwen saw the other woman, waiting for CEO Fu with the same colorful lunchbox.

And just like what she had expected, Fan Linwen's steps halted when she saw that someone had been already waiting in the lobby. "Ma Xuehui? What are you doing here?" Then her gaze traveled down to the lunchbox in Ma Xuehui hands. It was exactly the same as the one in her hand!