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"Father... I was raped. Help me... someone..." Wu Ziliang stuttered. "Someone raped me... Please father. Find him... I..."

"I am not chaste anymore... I am filthy..."

"Ziliang... calm yourself." Old Man Wu said while hugging his daughter tightly. He could not bear to watch his daughter like this.

"Father... how can I face Wang Huo now? I don't feel... I don't feel like I...I deserve him anymore..."

"Shhhh... that's not true. That's not true... We will solve this together, alright? You are not filthy. Shhhh... listen to me. You are not dirty." He comforted. "Come... sit down. Have some tea... Calm yourself. Then tell me everything that happened. From the moment that you left this room. "

Wu Ziliang obeyed her father's words. She took a sit and drunk the tea that her father gave her all in one gulp.

"I... I was in a bar then I met that guy... I... Father, he raped me. He drugged me and I woke up in that room... He..." Wu Ziliang took a deep breath. "He tied me up in that bed and... and..."

Old Man Wu frowned as he listened to Wu Ziliang's detailed explanation. This... someone, did this monstrous things to his daughter...

Who? Who would do something so sinister? He stared at his poor daughter who needed time to even utter a single word because she was sobbing too hard.

Her appearance was pale and some bruises could be seen on her neck and arms. Just how much did she endure?

"I think it will be better for you to go abroad as soon as possible. I do not want the Wangs or any family to get a hold of this information. I would not want to embarrass our family even more." He said after his daughter finished telling him what happened.

This is the most important thing right now. To make his daughter leave. After that, he will make sure to give his everything to find the man who harassed his daughter.

Wu Ziliang's expression instantly changed after she heard her father's words.

"What about Wang Huo? What will happen to our engagement?" She asked.

"The engagement can wait... what we need to do right now is to find the one who raped you and clean up this mess. I don't want Jiang Yue to know this incident and possibly use this against you." Old Man Wu explained.

He was lying.

Of course he would lie. This was the only way for him to get his daughter away from this place. However, he would make sure not to tell his daughter about the video.

For Old Man Wu, his daughter had gone through hell. He would not want her to experience this hell again by letting her watch the video.

That might have some negative effects on his daughter's state of mind.

Old Man Wu's plan was to get his daughter out of this country and have her stay in a mental hospital to help her with her obsession towards Wang Huo.

In this way, Wu Ziliang won't be able to cause any more chaos and he can focus on the problems in his company.

"Really?" Wu Ziliang asked as she tried to wipe away her tears. "The engagement will not be canceled?"

"Of course not. I apologize for making you angry the last time we talked about this. I was just stressed at that time." He answered. Another lie. There will be no engagement after this.

Although he pitied his daughter, he did not want her to cause any more chaos.

Of course, he will still find the man responsible for hurting her after Wu Ziliang leaves the country.

"Thank you, father... I... Please just don't cancel the engagement." She said before she lowered her head.

"I won't... I promise... now prepare your things. I will call your brother so he can send you to the airport." He said before getting up to call Wu Sheng.

Wu Ziliang also got up and proceeded to prepare her luggage so she could go home.

Since she was not able to unpack, it was really easy for her to prepare. All she needed to do was just to drag her bags into the living area of the room.

"Done?" Old Man Wu asked her while pouring another cup of tea for himself.

Wu Ziliang nodded while watching her father drink the tea in one go. "Father?"


"What do you think of me now?" She asked.

Her weird question immediately attracted Old Man Wu's attention. "What do you mean? If you think you are dirty now, then you should stop thinking about that. Don't worry I will help you find that man and will let you personally tear his face apart." He answered. This time he was telling the truth. He will definitely tear that person to shreds for doing those things to his daughter.

"No... that is not what I meant... I mean do you still see me as someone stupid?"

Old Man Wu frowned at Wu Ziliang's words. "Stupid? Of course not! When did I ever say that you are stupid?"

"How about as a bitch... do you see me as a bitch now? I am already dirty, father! Do you see me as a slut now?"

This time Old Man Wu sensed that something was wrong with his daughter.

"What are you..." Old Man Wu was not able to finish his words as the realization hit him. "You... You were listening?!"

However, instead of giving him an answer, Wu Ziliang did not say anything. Instead, she took a seat next to her father while giving him an eerie grin.

"You know father... I really love Wang Huo. Marrying him is my only dream." She continued to smile, making her father more and more uncomfortable. "However, it seems that you don't want me to be happy at all."

"Ziliang what..."

"Do not interrupt me when I'm talking father... " She interrupted her father. "Let me tell you something father. This time what I am going to tell you is the truth."

Old Man Wu was about to interrupt her again when he suddenly felt the sweat on his back and his vision getting a little blurry.

What was happening to him?

"I knew you were lying father. From the moment I took a step into your room, I could already smell your lies." She started before cupping her father's hands.

"What...what did you... ddd...do to meee?" he said as he struggled to speak.

"Insulin... relax, it will not kill you. After all, how can I kill my own father?"

Insulin? Insulin overdose? Did his daughter just tell him that he is having an insulin overdose?

Did she just... poison him?

"You are right... what you are experiencing now is insulin overdose... I would have used something else but that was the only thing that I could think of while trying to avoid your men." She explained.

"But don't worry father. This will just make you unconscious. No harm will be done. It's just like sleeping. You won't feel anything from this. I promise." She added before getting up.

"Enjoy your sleep father. Don't worry... I will also enjoy my engagement with my beloved. I hope you will be awake for my wedding though."

"It would really break my heart if you won't be able to walk me down the aisle."