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"Excuse me?" Huang Guigu immediately raised her voice at Jiang Yue gaining even more attention from the people surrounding them.

"Are you saying that I am not qualified to attend this event?" She seethed."How about you? Why are you even here? Do you have the talent to represent your company?"

"Shhhh... Gu Gu stop it. People are looking at us." Wu Minxia whispered enough for Huang Guigu to hear.

This stupid woman is here because she wanted someone to witness Jiang Yue's embarrassment. She even asked her to secretly take a video of this later.

Now, she is already barking at Jiang Yue the moment she sees her. Is she looking to cause trouble to attract the security's attention?

"Ehem... Miss Jiang. Please don't mind our friend here. She... um, she is a little drunk already." Quan Yi Feng immediately pacified the situation.

The one thing that her father, the Patriarch of the Quan Family told her before she boarded her flight to this event is to never offend this Jiang Yue.

Quan Yi Feng thought that this might be because of her connections to the Fu Family.

"No problem. I just did not expect to see a dog in this event. How inappropriate." Jiang Yue mockingly said while looking at Huang Guigu. This Huang blood is truly dirty ah. The Old Man Huang is dirty and he even passed his virus to his daughter.

"You..." However, before Huang Guigu can continue her words, Wu Minxia already sent her a glare. Making her stop what she is about to say midway.

"Hmp." Huang Guigu harrumphed. If Wu Minxia did not stop her then she would have torn this Jiang Yue into shreds.

"Anyway, Guigu is right. I actually never thought to see you here Miss Jiang. After all, I never heard you have any experience with handling computers? Am I right?" Wu Minxia asked while trying to divert the topic.

"You are right. I don't handle computer stuff." Jiang Yue answered. What computer stuff? She handles codes alright? Not some childish computer stuff.

"I see." Wu Minxia nodded while feeling her excitement grew by another mile. "Oh... did you know? Aunt Fu will attend later. I am actually waiting for her. Some say that she will be late though. I wonder what time will she arrive."

Jiang Yue's face immediately showed a shocked expression. Her mother told her that she will be on time ah. Something must have happened for her to arrived late.

However, this expression made Wu Minxia think that Jiang Yue is afraid of seeing Zhao Feiyan. Her doubts about Madam Fu asking for Jiang Yue to stay in their villa immediately increased.

"So, what do you think will Aunt Fu do when she sees you?" Wu Minxia asked while gesturing for a waiter to bring them drinks.

"Ah?" Confusion can be seen on Jiang Yue's face. What does she think? Um...Nothing?

"Oh.. didn't you say that you already met her? I mean, were you lying then?" Wu Minxia added. Hah. Just like what she expected. This woman lied about meeting Madam Fu.

"Of course she would lie. Just what would you expect from a woman who only knows how to use her face and body to seduce Young Master Fu?" the shrill voice of Huang Guigu immediately echoed after Wu Minxia. Making most of the people stop talking and focus their attention on the unfolding drama in front of them.

Jiang Yue looked at both Wu Minxia and Huang Guigu horrified. She can't help but asked herself if it is possible for a donkey to kick both of their brains.

Just what is the end of their stupidity? Or is there such a thing as the end of it?

"What? Too speechless to say something? You did not think that we will catch your lies right? Too bad Madam Fu is not yet here. Or else, who would know what she will do to you?" Huang Guigu continued to provoke her.

"Shut your trap! My cousin is not lying!" Wang Minghua blurted, unable to stop himself.

These people are too malicious. How can a woman be so poisonous as them?

Jealousy and insecurities. Is that really the current trend in modern women today?

"Cousin... stop protecting Miss Jiang here. We all know that she did not meet with Aunt Fu. I mean is she really that important to Young Master Fu to have her meet his mother?" Wu Minxia gibed, her mocking eyes focused at Jiang Yue.

Not just her, but most of the people who attended the welcome banquet is now looking at Jiang Yue with varied expression.

All of them heard Wu Minxia's words. This young lady used the Fu's name and pretended to know the matriarch of the Fu Family. Is she looking to die?

Most of these people know the reputation of Madam Fu. No one can just use her name to gain favor and influence. Just how pitiful is this young woman's future if Madam Fu will gain some knowledge of her actions?

Seeing the crowds reaction, Wu Minxia instantly felt elated. It's just the first day of the event and Jiang Yue is already so pitiful.

What more if her plans will succeed tomorrow? Will Jiang Yue kill herself from bringing too much shame to the Wang Family?

However, Jiang Yue suddenly smiled at Wu Minxia and Huang Guigu. Making them a little confused.

Ah... why is she smiling?