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Meanwhile, no one in the Wang Family is aware of the storm that is about to wreak havoc in their doorstep.

The unaware Jiang Yue just continued to follow her usual routine while occasionally going to the Wang Estate.

For Jiang Yue, the Women from the Wu household is the least of her concern.

She already asked Bai'Li to do some research about Wu Ziliang abroad and she has been content about this decision so far.

She believed that these people weren't really worth her time.

The launch of her mobile game got closer and closer.

However, before that, Jiang Yue will have to attend the Summit with Wang Minghua and her grandfather.

Jiang Yue thought that everything will go according to her plans. However, she forgot to include the level of madness the Wu family have in her calculations.

This night, Jiang Yue decided to go to the Wang Household to check talk to her grandfather about the arrangements for the summit.

The summit will be held out of the country, so they need to set up more preparations than usual.

Jiang Yue arrived at the Wang residence with a smile on her face expecting to see her family welcome her with the same warmth and laughter.

However, to her surprise, an eerie silence shrouded the whole estate like a blanket of darkness.

She immediately frowned as she made her way into the dining area from the foyer.

Jiang Yue found the dark environment strange. This silence is making her uncomfortable.

She tried to find one attendant to ask about the events that transpired while she was away but she was not able to see anyone.

Jiang Yue narrowed her eyes in confusion. She wondered what could have happened to the attendants or the butler.

"Grandfather sent them all away for a quick break." Jiang Yue immediately turn to look at Wang Minghua who is standing by the stairs.

"What happened?" She asked with a furrowed brow. "What's wrong?"

Wang Minghua let out a sigh before he turns his back to Jiang Yue and walks towards the second floor of the mansion.

"Follow me. I will bring you to grandfather. You have to ask him yourself." Jiang Yue can hear the anger in her cousin's voice and she can't help but start feeling a little nervous.

What could have happened to make her grandfather do this?

The duo immediately arrived at Wang Guiren's study and Wang Minghua knocked before announcing their presence.

This gesture immediately earned another confusion from Jiang Yue. This is not the usual Wang Minghua!

Wang Minghua opened to the door and Jiang Yue immediately saw her grandfather sitting in her office table drinking a glass of alcoholic drinks.

"Grandfather! What's wrong?" she instantly asked the moment she enters the study."What the heck is going on? What's with all this dark aura all around the house?"

"Language young lady." Wang Guiren gently said before staring at Jiang Yue. He wondered what would Jiang Yue do after hearing the things that happened the other day.

"Grandfather! Answer me." Jiang Yue demanded. This suspense is killing her.

"Wang Huo agreed to marry Wu Ziliang."

"WHAT?!" Wang Guiren is already expecting this reaction from Jiang Yue. What he is afraid now is Jiang Yue's actions after this conversation.

"What happened grandpa? I thought uncle didn't like her? I thought she... she was the one who murdered aunt? What is this all about?" Jiang Yue's barrage of questions made Wang Guiren let out a sigh.

"Sit down. I will tell you all the details." He gestured for both Wang Minghua and Jiang Yue to sit before he started speaking.

"Wu Sangui and his son Wu Sheng asked to meet with Huo'er and me yesterday."

"I know a marriage proposal is coming, and we are already adamant to refuse to them. But, we were not expecting for Wu Sangui to use his shares in Wang Group to threaten us."

"What threat?" Jiang Yue asked.

"Wu Sangui owns at least 6 percent of our company's share. While this is little compared to our 34% share. He threatened to buy all the other shares from the other board members and take over our company by the end of this year." Wang Guiren explained.

"I know Wu Sangui. He is a very ruthless businessman. I'm sure is very capable of doing that." He added.

Jiang Yue's face darkened after hearing his grandfather's explanation. She forced to swallow down her anger, so she could assess the situation properly.

"Just to be clear. I refuse them on the spot. I would never exchange my son's happiness for some company." Wang Guiren said. He already made the wrong decision in Wang Ruo's marriage. How can he do that to his only son as well?

Without hearing the rest of the sentence, Jiang Yue already knows that it was Wang Huo who agreed for the marriage.

His uncle wouldn't want to implicate the whole company just for something as small as marriage. Wang Huo would rather sacrifice his happiness than implicate both Wang Minghua and her.

Jiang Yue stared at the dark circles under her grandfather's eyes.

The wrinkles on her grandfathers face is more pronounced than usual. This sudden predicament must have been weighing down their grandfather so much.

Jiang Yue shook her head slightly and gets up in her chair. She then went in her grandfather's side and pulled him into a tight hug.

Then Wang Minghua followed by him a side hug.

This surprised their grandfather to the point of tearing up. His granddaughter and grandson haven't even uttered a single word yet; he could already feel everything.

He could feel love, tenderness, comfort, and warmth.

Just how lucky is he to have both of them as his grandchildren?

However, before Wang Guiren could even return his grandchildren's hug, he suddenly felt a little tug in his chest.

Then another.

And another.

Wang Guiren gasps for air as he suddenly clutched his chest.

He felt his heart hammering inside.

Then he felt the room spins as he started to black out.




"Minghua call for an ambulance!"

"Minghua! What the hell are you standing there for? CALL FOR HELP!"

"Grandfather? Can you hear me?"

"Grandfather hold on. Okay."



'Is this going to be my end?' Grandfather Wang thought before his consciousness faded into darkness.