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Wu Minxia stared at Jiang Yue, trying to analyze her.

Jiang Yue's words seem to sound as if she did not care about Fu Jin's childhood friend.

She would never believe that this woman would not feel any threat from an obvious competition like her.

"Well, he must have forgotten about it. But when we were children, I remember how he loved eating abalone and birds nest soup. Ahhh... the good old days" She said while trying to gauge Jiang Yue's facial expressions.

And to her surprise, Jiang Yue laughed at her and looked at her as if she is crazy.

"Right. Good old days indeed. Let me tell you something though Miss Wu, back then you were just children. Toddlers." She shrugged before she continued. "Now Fu Jin likes to eat my lips instead." She declared confidently, her lips curved upwards in provocation.

She wanted to see how much this supposedly love rival can take.

She wanted to see who will have a sleepless night later.

Jiang Yue's direct statement made all of the people stared at her in disbelief. Even Wang Huo was speechless.

This girl... is she planning to make Wu Minxia puke blood from too much anger?

Which is actually the case. Wu Minxia's face immediately reddened then paled after Jiang Yue finished her statement.

Fu Jin already kissed her? That's... No, she won't believe it!

Not ever!

Seeing Wu Minxia's reaction, Jiang Yue happily continue eating her meal.

"Ai... this child. How can you say something like that? I understand that you lost your mother early but you should still learn the proper etiquette while eating." Wu Ziliang spoke after a few seconds of awkward silence while patting her niece's back.

Judging from Wu Minxia's reaction, she knows that her niece is about to lose her rational side and erupt into a lava full of fury and rage.

"What's wrong with what I said? We were just talking about eating. Am I right, Miss Wu?" Jiang Yue countered without even looking a little bothered by her previous statement.

"You..." Wu Minxia clenched her fist as she tried to swallow the jealousy in her system.

"Yes? What about me?" She provoked while laughing inwardly.

How weak.

This is there first meeting and she is already showing some signs of defeat ah.

Where is the challenge in all this?

"I mean you should not talk about Young Master Fu like that. What will happen if other people hear you say something as vulgar as that? You are still unmarried after all." Wu Ziliang answered.

Jiang Yue instantly smirked while looking at Wu Ziliang. This woman is obviously trying to control the situation.

She would not want her niece to suddenly go berserk here.

However, Jiang Yue has other plans for tonight.

"Huh? Aunt Ziliang, I was just telling the truth. Jin even stayed in the mansion for... maybe more than a week. Am I right uncle?"And what would be a better way to shut Wu Ziliang than involving her uncle in the conversation?

Jiang Yue's inner self is already rolling from too much laughter. Wu Minxia, on the other hand, is already burning with hate and enmity.

Her spoiled little self can't take the fact that this Jiang Yue overshadowed her in every possible way.

Be it in looks and tact. Wu Minxia can't help but feel more and more insecure against the woman who stole Fu Jin's affection.

"Don't exaggerate Little Yue, that was just a week." Wang Huo answered. He knows what Jiang Yue is doing and he never thought that it would be this effective against shameless people like Wu Ziliang and Wu Minxia.

To be honest, he quite like this vulgar side of his niece. It is very refreshing to see her fight like this.

Even Wang Minghua was laughing inwardly. He never liked this Wu Ziliang nor Wu Minxia since he was a child. And he would never stand beside these people.


"See?" Jiang Yue gibed before taking a sip from her orange juice.

Wu Minxia narrowed her eyes while looking at Jiang Yue. Fires of fury and hatred can be seen smoldering from her as she was thinking of ways to get back at her words.

However, she can't think of anything! Her mind seemed to have stopped working.

And the only thing that she could think of is straggling this hateful Jiang Yue.

"Ehem... so how long are you planning to stay at the Wang Mansion? I mean you are a Jiang after all." Wu Ziliang asked trying to change the topic in the hopes of calming down her niece.

Her statement was just supposed to make the situation turn for the better. What she did not expect is for Wang Huo to respond to her harshly without even giving a little face.

"Wang or not she carries my father's blood. With that alone, she can stay here as long as she wanted. She is even more qualified to stay here than any of you combined."

"I...um... Yeah. You are right. She is indeed a Wang by blood. Forget I ever asked." she said as she lowered her head in embarrassment.

Why would Wang Huo answer her so harshly?

She.. she was just asking ah.

Why does it seem like the situation became worst the moment Jiang Yue arrived?