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It had been 3 years since they started living in the Jiang's Mansion.

Although the circumstances that time earned them a lot of scorned and disgust, she, Lu Shi, didn't care. Lu Shi and Jiang Chanming were in love. In fact, they were childhood lovers. However, Jiang Chanming married Wang Rou to elevate the Jiang Family.

Lu Shi was aggrieved at first. Lu Shi and Jiang Chanming grow up together. She always thought that she will be his wife. Lu Shi couldn't take the fact that Jiang Chanming will marry another woman. So she choose to sleep with him days before he got married. Jiang Chanming got hooked and it didn't just become a one-time affair. They continued to see each other even after Jiang Chanming's wedding.

When Wang Rou discovered their affair, Lu Shi and Jiang Chanming already had a 5-year-old daughter. They thought a divorce was coming. They waited and waited but Wang Rou didn't file for a divorce nor let the Wang family know of her grievances. To Lu Shi's delight, Wang Rou even distanced herself from Jiang Chanming. Months later, after the discovery of the affair, Jiang Chanming was fuming with rage when they discovered that all of Wang Rou's property and company shares were transferred to her daughter's name. That includes all of her offshore accounts and business affiliations.

In all honesty, Lu Shi was also not happy with what Wang Rou did. The Lu family is just a simple merchant family. She thought that Jiang Chanming will receive some of Wang Rou's inheritance if they separated. But lo and behold, that woman had the guts to give everything to her only daughter. However, with their current circumstance, Lu Shi was forced to swallow down her anger and instead plan ways to get rid of that loathsome woman.

And she succeeded. Lu Shi couldn't help but smile to herself. Wang Rou is dead but her daughter still lives. How unfortunate. Still, she always had the chance to entice Jiang Yue to give some inheritance to her stepsister Jiang Mian. An evil smile slowly made its way into her face. 'Or she could just get rid of her.' She thought.

"Madam…Madam... Hurry. Madam!" She was startled by a panting maidservant.

"Fe-er what is your problem? Are planning to give me a heart attack?

"Madam. The young miss… The young miss has arrived." Fe'er is holding her chest while speaking as if she was just running for her life.

"Eh? So what is the matter? What are you panicking for?" She inquired. She was thinking of her daughter Jiang Mian. Her daughter had been studying for the National Higher Educational Entrance exam. It is normal for her to come home and spend the night in the Mansion instead of her dormitory to study.

"No Madam. It's the Eldest Miss. Jiang Yue. She is here."

The mention of Jiang Yue's name made Lu Shi tremble. How could it not? She was just plotting to kill her a while ago.

"What did you say? Jiang Yue? Where is she? Quickly show me…" She is currently tending to her flowers in the terraces at the back of the Mansion. It is going to be a long walk so she had to hasten her footsteps to save some time.

She couldn't help but curse. How come Jiang Yue just arrived without letting anyone know? Jiang Chanming is not here. He is doing business overseas and will come back home tomorrow. She gritted her teeth in annoyance.

She was panting when she arrived at the Veranda where Jiang Yue is currently sitting elegantly while reading a book in another language and sipping her tea. She calmed herself before speaking to announce her presence.

"Jiang Yue? How come you didn't tell us that you will be arriving. We could have prepared something." Lu Shi said. Her tone will make a stranger think that she is speaking to someone she knows well.

Jiang Yue tear away her eyes from her book and look at her. Lu Shi gasp in astonishment. The girl before her is very beautiful. No. To say that Jiang Yue is beautiful was an understatement.

She looks like a deity. She had a long dark and gray ombre hair. Dark roots that transitioned to beautifully colored gray hair. Slender eyebrows matched with curly eyelashes. She had a tall and long nose and pink full lips. And her biggest feature is her deep-seated gray eyes that she inherited from her mother Wang Rou.

Jiang Yue looked at her from head to toe. Questions apparent in her eyes.

Then she lifted her brow and asked "And you are?"