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103 An Earthquake Every Time **

Arya did not stop being naughty inside the car. It was a good thing that their service was a limousine and there's a closed partition between the passenger and the driver's seat.

"Hmm I don't want to wait for so long. Look there's traffic so we'll have to wait for more than one hour to reach our suite. Let's play for a while in here and have some fun love… Okay?" She said teasingly as she hiccupped. Obviously she was not herself already.

She laughed hard then pinched Ryu's cheeks and said, "Wow, my baby Ryu, my love is so cute today!"

Then she leaned on his ear and whispered, "Because you were very sweet and so attentive to me today, you deserve to be rewarded. I will give you an out of the world reward today. Something exciting and I'm sure you'll like it too…"

Then she nibbled his ear.

Ryu did not know how to react, whether to laugh at Arya's brazenness and boldness or to stop her. However, he was already getting affected by Arya's teasing and caressing hands..

She was getting playful and while she touched Ryu all over she began to shower him with little kisses on his face and neck.

When she felt like she couldn't get enough access, she changed her position and sat on his lap and gently slipped her hands inside of his polo shirt to feel his chest and tease his nipples with her fingers.

Then she looked at Ryu and winked. "Do you like it love?" she asked referring to her teasing hands on his nipples. Ryu gulped and nodded while Arya smiled seductively and pulled up his polo shirt to replace her teasing hands with her teasing tongue and lips.

Ryu looked up as he arched his body because of the sensation Arya was giving him.

After a while, she lifted herself up and reached to Ryu's lips. She started slowly licking his lips and then took his lower lip in between hers and sucked on it. Then took both his lips in her mouth and kissed him passionately.

Ryu could taste the limoncello from Arya's mouth and he felt like he himself was getting drunk because of the way Arya was kissing him.

She was giving a perfect French kiss like an expert now and the kissing and her touches all over his body were making Ryu to go insane. Arya was wearing a skirt and it was easy for him to access her with his hands.

He kept his hands on her butt and groped her round butts gently and softly… sending shivers in Arya's body
He then started to caress her soft legs and heard her moan while she was kissing him deeply and passionately. Their tongues intertwined and sucking and exploring each other in every way possible. Their tongues were like swords that were fighting as well as dancing with each other.

He felt Arya's hand between his thighs as she unbuttoned his shorts and pulled it down together with his briefs to gain better access on his already hard shaft. It was rock hard and Arya stopped kissing him to look at it.

"Hmm so naughty pet you have love… Why is it poking already? It stands so tall… Like it's so proud to show me…" She whispered near his ears as she put her hand to grab, tug and rub it.

Ryu moaned in excitement and pleasure given by Arya's teasing hand on his shaft.

Then he saw her slightly stood and bent to quickly remove her panty short and panty then went back on his lap with her skirt still on.

She smiled at him wickedly and grinned as she brushed her lower body on his naughtily. She was teasing him like hell… Brushing but she was not letting him to enter her…

She giggled seeing the expression on his face. Ryu had the look of the man who was burning with desire.

"Why is your look like that? It's scary and you look like someone who wants to eat me wholly soon." Arya said stammering. She was speaking like a drunkard.

Then she stared at him with her starry eyes while she licked her lips with her tongue seductively. That hit Ryu's control and he suddenly pulled her nape to kiss her and positioned her to accept his burning phallus.

Arya gasped when Ryu entered her in a flash.

But she recovered easily as she made her own movement to empower Ryu who was busy sliding his hands inside Arya's blouse to unstrap her bra and feel her body.

He can't get enough so while Arya was doing her rhythm, he quickly pulled up her top making her naked before his eyes.

Arya moaned when Ryu abruptly sucked one of her peaks and played with it with his tongue.

She was very lost as she let go of her hands on Ryu's neck and placed it on his hairs instead as she clutched on it while she continued on moving up and down slowly and gently.

She was playful even with her rhythm she couldn't get enough of him already and she kept moving, pumping up and down or moving forward and backward.

"Ahh.. Hmmm… Love.. It feels so good Hmm…"

She murmured as she moaned when Ryu continued to suck on her peaks alternately while his hand and arm was supporting her back as she arched her body because of the pleasure she was feeling was just too much for her to handle and keep her body steady.

Ryu can feel the tightening of Arya's muscles in her cave below as her pace became faster.

He stopped playing with her peaks and stared at her face. Her eyes were closed while she was biting her lower lip. Her soft cries of pleasure were continuous as she keeps of moving on him harder and faster.

Just by looking at her like that could make Ryu almost cum in that moment. But he tried to control and hold it as he spoke, "Love open your eyes and look at me."

Arya followed as soon as she heard his voice. Her eyes were misty, both of them were burning in passion as their eyes met.

Ryu held her by her hips and started helping her in her movements and fondled and groped her hips… he rubbed his face on her chest and gently bit on her tender breasts… making Arya moan louder and ecstatic.

Arya moved faster and felt Ryu dance on her rhythm. They locked their gaze on each other while murmuring each other's name and their love.

After a few more of hard and faster rhythm, both had reached their climax at the same time. Arya arched back and Ryu also arched in his place… and then Arya collapsed on Ryu and hugged him tightly.

They both were panting and out of breath. Slowly Arya sat up straight and looked deeply in Ryu's eyes.

She arched her eyebrows and asked him, "Did you like my reward love? You should piggyback me always so you can have rewards every now and then."

Arya murmured with her weary and sleepy hoarse voice.

Ryu just smiled and said in his deep husky voice, "Shhh even if I don't get a reward, I'll always do things that will make you happy. I love you too much and I guess I won't be able to restrict you for whatever you want ever."

Meanwhile, the driver was red with embarrassment and he shook his head and scratched his hair. He blew out air before murmuring, "Couples on honeymoon can't even wait to reach their room nowadays."

He can't count anymore how many times the limousine he is driving had experienced an earthquake every time he drove couples around.