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The CEO Who Hates Me


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She made a reckless decision because of a desperate situation...

A year later, the person that she was supposed to hide from suddenly showed up unexpectedly.


“What’s your problem? Why are you implicating your wrath to the people near me? Why don’t you just pour it out all on me since I’m the one who wronged you?” Arya jeered at him.

“Sure, let“s do ...
《The CEO Who Hates Me》 Volume 0
-1 Author's Note
《The CEO Who Hates Me》 Volume 1
1 Her Best Sho
2 Are You A Stump
3 Do Things To Her Likeness
4 She's Resting On My Bed
5 The Guy You Have To Compensate
6 He Wanted To Know Her More
7 You Just Looked Gorgeous
8 I Had A Good Impression On Him
9 You’re The Girlfriend
10 First Kiss
11 I Had My Eyes On You
12 Until You Came
13 I Want To Do Things Fas
14 I Won’t Bite
15 I Want That Lips
16 His Goal
17 His Girlfriend Was Extraordinary
18 Make It Up To You
19 Ask Permission
20 Still Look Handsome Anyway
21 Favorite Among The Res
22 First Time He Became Patien
23 Know Everything Through Her Directly
24 Worthy Enough To Entrust The Legacy
25 Marking You As Mine
26 Little Sis
27 Feel Your Body
28 Let’s Live Together
29 Where Are We Going?
30 You Are The One Responsible
31 Aloof Hear
32 Are You Singing Or Crying?
33 Born So Lucky
34 Be A Filial Girlfriend Will You?
35 Never Use Your Fis
36 Deeply In Love
37 Catching A Fish Is Like Catching Someone's Hear
38 Becoming Redundan
39 Battered Boyfriend
40 Fart On Your Face
41 Wolfish Side in Him
42 Que Sera Sera
43 Look At Me All You Wan
44 You Are So Skillful Love
45 Bringing Out The Best In Him
46 After All I'm Your Horse
47 I Am So Scared To Lose Her
48 Battle Between Her Head And Hear
49 Pass The Message
50 Coward At Times Like This
51 Be Ready To Disappear
52 Lost Lives Can’t Be Recovered
53 Tears
54 Father In Law
55 Special and Memorable
56 I am Really Sorry
57 Not The End Of The World
58 Journey Of Love
59 Nothing Goes Free Nowadays
60 Won't Get Away
《The CEO Who Hates Me》 Volume 2
61 Rightful Owner
62 Obviously Misses Me
63 Her Heart Was Happy
64 Do you think you have a choice?
65 You Are Free
66 Look Like A Prune
67 Corresponding Punishmen
68 A Damn Sexy Ches
69 Feels So Good
70 Be His Woman
71 Slap Your Face A Hundred Times
72 Whether He Likes It Or No
73 Getting Back Ryu’s Trust and Love
74 Playing 'Hard To Get'
75 Bringing Down The KEN Family
76 Never Enough
77 Hear The Word LOVE
78 Serves You Righ
79 Like Is As Good As Love
80 Let Me Lead The Show
81 Magnetized All Over Again
82 You Are Mine, Completely
83 Magic Words
84 Consummate Our Marriage
85 Officially Mrs. Ken
86 Should I Be Thankful To Him
87 Just Be Yourself
88 Power Of Love
89 Thank You For Loving Me
90 Master Dean
91 Call You Love Always*
92 Immeasurable
93 Currency Of Relationships
94 I Will Sign
95 Love and Patience
96 Every Elder’s Wish And Dream
97 Greatest Asse
98 Strict For New Comers
99 That Bloody Thing **
100 White Knigh
101 Thin Line Between Love And Hate
102 She Couldn’t Ask For More
103 An Earthquake Every Time **
104 All Of Me
105 Malicious Mind
106 He’s Mine
107 Never Have Enough
108 Found Friends
109 Transformed Into Sweet Dreams
110 Poke Your Eyes Ou
111 Tendency To Assume Victory
112 Blessed Among The Res
113 Crazily In Love With You **
114 Bring It On
115 Come Back To Bite You