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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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519 Chat With Me

"Give him to me," Shui Anluo said and reached out to take the little darling.

Shui Anluo tried several times but the little darling had hardened his heart and refused to drink. He was not afraid of the look in his mommy's eyes at all as he continued to touch his little rice bowl with his little hand.

The pilot broadcasted the take-off announcement and Shui Anluo had no other choice but to unveil her clothes just a little. The little darling's eyes lit up as he pressed his little head into his mommy's bosom and finally bit into his little rice bowl.

Chu Ningyi narrowed his eyes. Damned brat, so this was his objective.

Unfortunately, the little darling made a mistake. He has been weaned for almost half a month so there was nothing much left for Shui Anluo to give him.

The little darling sucked forcefully and did not manage to get anything until the plane was in the air.


Shui Anluo suddenly gasped out loud.

"What is it?" Chu Ningyi hurriedly unbuckled his seat belt and walked over.

"He bit me," Shui Anluo replied, aggrieved. The little darling probably panicked and bit his little rice bowl because he had been unable to suck anything out.

Chu Ningyi reached out and took his son back. He then picked his milk bottle up and stuffed it into his mouth. "Little thing, you're not too big now yet you've learned how to bite?"

The little darling felt wronged. His rice was actually gone! Gone! Gone!

The little darling scoffed and kicked his little legs. Bad Daddy must have drunk it all.

Shui Anluo took a tissue and wiped herself a little before pulling her top down. She tapped her son's head with one hand as she said, "Naughty little thing, I'm not feeding you anymore."

The little darling sulked for a while and finished drinking his water. Soon, he fell asleep in his daddy's arms.

Chu Ningyi expanded the chair beside him and placed the little darling on it. The little darling kicked a few times before he fell fast asleep.

The stewardess politely placed the watermelon juice on the table in front of them. "Mrs. Chu, your watermelon juice."

Shui Anluo thanked her indifferently. She then propped her chin on her hand and stared at the sky.

Chu Ningyi indicated for the stewardess to leave before he sat down and continued to read his paper.

There was no direct flight from 'A' City so they had to stop in Paris first. Unfortunately, this was a long process and Shui Anluo was all kinds of bored. Chu Ningyi, however, only continued to read his newspaper. Nobody could tell what was so interesting.

"Stop reading and chat with me." Shui Anluo reached out and took his paper away. She then leaned against the table and pouted her lips at Chu Ningyi.

"What do you want to talk about?" Chu Ningyi stroked her head and asked good-naturedly.

"When I'd gone to visit my father this morning, they told me that Senior Brother hadn't come to work for a week now." Shui Anluo spoke carefully.

Chu Ningyi paused in the middle of stroking her head. He then pulled away and continued to read the paper. "And then?" He could talk to her about anything but if it concerned another man, he would have to be excused.

"Stop reading." Shui Anluo reached out and snatched the newspaper in his hand away again. However, she saw the cloudy look on Chu Ningyi's face and her lips twitched as she slowly released his paper.

Shui Anluo sighed as she leaned against the table and stared outside the window. She stopped talking.

However, she could not understand it. They were clearly cousins so why do they act as if they have such a huge grudge?

Chu Ningyi did not hear her speak again after finishing one page. When he put the newspaper down, he happened to see her daydreaming at the world outside the window. Chu Ningyi's heart thumped. He had agreed to keep her company yet how could he chastise her for touching his newspaper instead?


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