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313 This Spilled Dog Food Has Caught Her Off Guard

When Qiao Yaruan had rushed from Shui Anluo's house to the hotel and from the hotel to this place, this was what she saw — Director Chu carefully feeding porridge to the woman on the bed. He would feed her a bit then wipe her mouth. No matter how one looks at it, he looked like he was feeding a baby.

Qiao Yaruan shivered. Indeed, this Director Chu who had descended to the mortal realm was not normal.

Shui Anluo's eagle eyes spotted Qiao Yaruan who was standing at the doorway. She quickly waved her hand and called out to her, "What're you doing here, Empress Dowager?"

Qiao Yaruan shrugged and walked in. "I went to your house and Maid Yu told me that you've gone out for a party. After I arrived at the hotel, I found out about what had happened. Are you alright?"

Shui Anluo shrugged. She was not the one having issues, it was the epileptic woman.

When Chu Ningyi saw that Qiao Yaruan had arrived and that Shui Anluo has almost finished the porridge, he got up and left the place to the two women. He was going to manage his issues.

Qiao Yaruan watched Chu Ningyi as he walked out then clicked her tongue. "Your Director Chu is so considerate. I thought you were going to die from your wounds to actually need someone to feed you."

"Pfft, you're the one who's dying from your wounds," Shui Anluo replied. She pushed her blanket aside and was about to get off the bed when she looked down and saw a new pair of flats. She was shocked. The thing that he did not allow Uncle Chu to do was to buy shoes for her?

Her heart trembled.

Qiao Yaruan watched her get down from the bed and clicked her tongue. "Was that from that woman who tried to cripple your leg? Doesn't she know that you're supported by Director Chu?"

Shui Anluo put on the new pair of shoes. They were soft and comfortable and the sole did not press on her wound.

After Shui Anluo put on the new pair of shoes, she turned around and looked at Qiao Yaruan. "She's an idiot. However, she didn't get away so easily either. Her nicely-done nose is now crooked and she suffered an epileptic attack."

"It seems that I've missed out on a good show." Qiao Yaruan chuckled and helped Shui Anluo up, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, much better now," Shui Anluo replied and gently stomped on the ground. As long as she did not use too much force, she could still walk.

When Shui Anluo and Qiao Yaruan had walked out, Chu Ningyi was standing in the hallway making a call as if he wanted someone on the other end to find someone. Chu Ningyi's tone did not sound good.

Shui Anluo and Qiao Yaruan looked at each other, unsure of what was going on.

Once Chu Ningyi finished his call, he turned around and saw the two standing at the doorway. He put his phone away and walked to them. He then picked Shui Anluo up without another word.

"Oh, my..." Qiao Yaruan cried out softly and took a step back. This spilled dog food had caught her off guard.

Shui Anluo was also in shock. She struggled and tried to get down. "I can walk on my own."

Chu Ningyi glared at her, his eyes seemed like a frozen mountain of ice.

Shui Anluo stopped talking. Fine, then, she would keep her mouth shut.

When Chu Ningyi saw that Shui Anluo has been silenced, he looked up at Qiao Yaruan but his expression was a little sunken, "Old Fourth can be a bit contrary in his actions, don't take it seriously. Also, try to distance yourself from him. You two aren't the same type."

Shui Anluo was dazed and confused as she listened to all of this. What had happened during the time she was away from her phone?

Qiao Yaruan was shaken as well. However, she was a smart person and could hear the kind advice in Chu Ningyi's words. Besides, she had never thought about making anything of Feng Feng. If that man could stop harassing her, she would thank the heavens.