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312 Who Could It Be?

Jingjing mumbled and stammered incoherently and Chu Ningyi's expression grew even more unsightly.

"Speak clearly," Chu Ningyi spat icily.

Jingjing shuddered and spoke in a shakey, hoarse voice. "Another woman at the party said that you don't actually care about Shui Anluo. She even said that you're just bringing that nearly-bankrupt company because of her skills in bed so I thought..." Jingjing shivered even more as she spoke.

"Which woman?" Chu Ningyi frowned.

Jingjing shook her head. "I don't know who she is. She was wearing a white dress. She's very beautiful and looks a little like someone of mixed-blood. Oh, right, there was a smell of antiseptic from her body." Jingjing tried her best to remember everything about that woman. If it had not been for her comments, she would not have been so foolish as to recklessly go against Shui Anluo.

The smell of antiseptic, mixed-blood?

Chu Ningyi quietly remembered these two keywords and turned around to leave.

"Director Chu, I..."

Chu Ningyi paused at the doorway. He spoke without even turning back. "Go back and tell the people in your circle that in the future, if anyone dares to touch Shui Anluo, don't blame me for my rudeness."

Jingjing shuddered again. She watched Chu Ningyi leave before she had the guts to burst into tears from her terror.

After Chu Ningyi had walked out, he sent Uncle Chu to investigate the surveillance tapes at the hotel. He then carried the things he had bought back to Shui Anluo's ward.

It was now ten-thirty at night and Shui Anluo was asleep when he returned. Her entire body was curled up as her small head lay gently on the pillow.

Chu Ningyi carefully put the porridge in his hands down and sat on the bed, gently brushing the messy hair from her face.

The little girl may be young but she has a big temper.

"Young Master," Uncle Chu knocked gently before entering. When he saw that Shui Anluo was asleep, he automatically lowered his voice, "Young Master, I've checked the surveillance cameras at the hotel but there were no signs of the guest in white."

"None?" Chu Ningyi frowned. To be able to spread such a rumor and avoid the surveillance cameras, who could it be?

Uncle Chu nodded and Chu Ningyi waved his hand, gesturing for him to leave. He would continue to investigate this matter.

However, even though they had lowered their voices, Shui Anluo still woke up from the noise. She rubbed her eyes and the first thing she saw was Chu Ningyi sitting on the side of her bed.

"Oh my god..." Shui Anluo cried out in shock and her petite figure jumped.

If Chu Ningyi had not placed his hands on her shoulders, perhaps her scuttling would have caused her to fall off the bed.

"Why are you screaming?" Chu Ningyi asked, frowning in annoyance. However, since she was awake, he picked the porridge up from the table and tested the temperature. It was still warm.

Shui Anluo stared at him cautiously. This version of Director Chu was very scary.

After Chu Ningyi picked up the porridge, he picked up a spoon, intending to feed her.

Shui Anluo shivered again. Once she had confirmed that the person in front of her was indeed Chu Ningyi, she quickly reached out to take the items. "I'll do it myself."

"Shui Anluo!" Chu Ningyi scowled icily. Could she not see what he was trying to do?

Shui Anluo was shaken. Her raised hand paused awkwardly in mid-air as if leaving it there or putting it away did not seem like viable options.

Chu Ningyi patted her hand and continued to feed her porridge with the spoon.

Shui Anluo wanted to point out that she had hurt her leg, not her hand so she did not need him to feed her.

However, Chu Ningyi did not give her any chance to speak. Instead, he fed her seriously as if he was... Feeding the little darling.