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311 Feng Feng Doesn“t Have A New Love Affair

Aside from the twinkling of the journalists' flashing bulbs, the entire world seemed to have been silenced.

Warning bells rang in Qiao Yaruan's heart, this was not what she had wanted.

She had hoped that the journalists Chu Ningyi had brought would take Feng Feng away and not drag her along.

Now, the situation was clearly different from what she had planned.

Feng Feng stared at the dazed Qiao Yaruan who was looking up at him. This was the first time he has ever seen such a stunned look on Qiao Yaruan. This woman was usually much too sharp. Indeed, she looked much cuter this way.

This time, he really has to thank Eldest Chu's revenge that had allowed him to take advantage of the situation and create this scene. No woman could endure a confession as grand as this. Look, this woman was shocked too.

Feng Feng felt very complacent, his goal would be achieved very soon.

After Qiao Yaruan had regained her senses, she methodically bent down to pick up the fallen books at her feet before the journalists could rush over. She then gently patted the dirt from the books.

She had done all this very slowly.

Feng Feng frowned as if he could not understand what she was doing.

After Qiao Yaruan finished organizing everything, the reporters surrounded them. Qiao Yaruan looked up and smiled at him. "Silver Screen King Feng, your acting skills are indeed great. However, if you're here to show appreciation to your alma mater, why create an extra piece of news to gather more attention? After all, anything you do, Silver Screen King Feng, would be enough to attract attention. Some love affairs should be kept private in one lifetime especially for a devoted person like you, Silver Screen King Feng. There's no need for you to do such things to give assurance to everyone else." Qiao Yaruan smiled and spoke before she nodded at the reporters. Finally, she turned around and left the place.

She had said too much but Feng Feng heard every word very clearly.

"Mister Feng, is this student speaking the truth? You've purposely announced that you're looking for a new girlfriend just to assure your fans, Mister Feng?"

"Mister Feng is always so concerned about your fans. I believe that perhaps this was the reason behind your success."


Feng Feng was about to respond when his manager quickly ran over and pulled him aside, silently thanking the Buddha in his heart. "Everyone, everyone, the truth is just as that student had stated. Feng Feng doesn't have a new love affair. However, he would also like to ask for your understanding. Feng Feng wishes to take a break for a year to give back to his alma mater so he'd like to ask you to give him some space, alright?"

Feng Feng was not too concerned about what his manager had said and only stared at the direction of Qiao Yaruan's departure.

Has he been cast aside by Qiao Yaruan again?

After Qiao Yaruan ran out of the auditorium, she leaned against a wall and took many deep breaths. That scene had really frightened her.

However, based on her understanding of Feng Feng, that man must have some sort of scheme. It would be better if she distanced herself from him.

She wondered how things were going between Director Chu and Xiao Luozi. She would much rather check on Shui Anluo and Chu Ningyi instead of wasting her time getting involved with Feng Feng.

Meanwhile, Shui Anluo was waiting for Chu Ningyi who had left two hours ago. She was feeling bored and her shoes had been taken away. Her foot was still swollen and she could not run off barefoot. Besides, Soaring Distance Technologies was still in Chu Ningyi's hands.

Hence, she could only wait. She waited and waited until she fell asleep.

The person she was waiting for was in the ward of that woman named Jingjing.

The ward was so silent that it seemed like one could hear the sound of breathing very clearly. The woman sitting on the bed was covering her nose with two hands as she stared at the man who was standing at the opposite end of her bed with an ugly look on his face.