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295 The Bane Of Ignorance

Qiao Yaruan threw the blankets from her and got down from the bed. She then strode to him and immediately snatched the cup away. "Silver Screen King Feng, have you become addicted to the game?"

"Maybe?" Feng Feng said as he reached out to snatch the cup in her hand away.

However, Qiao Yaruan refused to let go. "I'm sorry, I'm..." Qiao Yaruan then lowered her head and whispered into his ear, "Not interested in you."

Feng Feng moved his gaze downward. It happened to land on the small steamed buns inside her large pajamas. He smirked and suddenly grabbed her wrist, flipping her onto the table beneath him in one swift movement. "How would you know that you're not interested if you don't... Try it?" He nipped on the last two words on purpose and his action in holding Qiao Yaruan down was particularly seductive.

Thud, thud...

Qiao Yaruan's chest heaved and her heart felt as if it would leap out from her chest.

"Don't worry, even if all the men in this world were extinct, I still won't be interested... In you," Qiao Yaruan smiled. Her voice was arrogant and cocky.

"Oh, really?" Feng Feng said as he pressed down on her even more. His large, fiery hot hand cruised along the curve up her small thigh as he said, "Then, let's try..."

"Empress Dowager, I've forgotten something, I think my wallet is still..." Before Shui Anluo could finish speaking, she had paused with one hand on the door as the other carried the little darling.

Shui Anluo blinked. What was going on here?

Her empress dowager was being pressed against the table and the person on top of her was... Feng Feng?

"Apologies, I've opened the wrong door," Shui Anluo exclaimed as she closed the door and tried to leave.

"Shui Anluo, get your ass back in here," Qiao Yaruan suddenly cried out.

Feng Feng muttered a curse seemingly because his happy occasion has been tampered with and even more so because he now has feelings for Qiao Yaruan!

Shui Anluo trembled. When she opened the door again, Feng Feng was just on his way out. However, there was an untold meaning in the look he had sent her.

Shui Anluo watched him leave then carried the little darling inside. She stared at Qiao Yaruan as her friend neatened her clothes. "What happened? Did he pounce on you?"

"Oh, please, no matter how you look at me, I'm the kind who would pounce on others, alright?" Qiao Yaruan did not mention that she had been threatened by Feng Feng because she did not want Shui Anluo to blame herself.

Shui Anluo climbed onto her bed and found her wallet. She then turned around and looked at Qiao Yaruan on the bed. "Wanna come to my house for a meal? Maid Yu's cooking is delicious."

"Nope, I've just had a shock. Just send some food over later." Qiao Yaruan flopped on the bed as she played dead.

Shui Anluo pursed her lips and looked down at her son who was babbling and playing with his fingers. "Then I'm leaving, I have to get ingredients."

Qiao Yaruan mumbled a reply but just as Shui Anluo was about to go out, she suddenly sat up and asked, "Xiao Luozi, are you really okay?"

Qiao Yaruan's question caused Shui Anluo to stiffen a little. She had been telling herself repeatedly that she was alright. She was fine, she really was fine!

However, Qiao Yaruan's question had defeated all her pretence.

Shui Anluo took a deep breath. She had been treated as bait by someone she cared about... What kind of feeling was that? Especially since that person she cared about was still insisting that he had done it all for her own good.

"Totally fine," Shui Anluo replied hoarsely as she carried the little darling out the door.

Qiao Yaruan lay down once again. "If you really were totally fine, you won't have answered me like that. There's a kind of poison in this world known as the bane of ignorance. Unfortunately, you've been poisoned." Qiao Yaruan said before she hugged her pillow and went straight back to sleep.