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291 You Won“t Find Out Why The Young Madam Lef

Shui Anluo stared at Maid Yu, emotionally moved. Her heart was overflowing with gratitude.

"Does Chu Ningyi know?"

Maid Yu carried her things and followed Shui Anluo upstairs. "Who cares about him? Besides, the Madam had instructed me to take care of the Little Master. Wherever the Little Master goes, I go with him," Maid Yu scoffed.

Maid Yu remembered what An Fengyang had told her yesterday and felt even more certain that her young master really lacked a good beating. Someone really should take care of him.

Once Shui Anluo arrived home, she placed the little darling in his exclusive annex. As Qiao Yaruan had stayed here previously, the room was still very clean and there was no need to tidy up.

Shui Anluo opened the curtains and allowed the sunlight to shine in, breathing a little more life into the room.

Sunlight entered the room, causing the hungover man to knit his brows.

Chu Ningyi woke up and smacked his head.

The curtains were open and Chu Ningyi internally condemned Maid Yu for her mistake. However, once he walked out, he realized that even the little darling, who was still unable to walk, was missing along with Maid Yu.

Chu Ningyi was shocked and a bad feeling washed over his heart. Shui Anluo's condemnation from the day before came rushing back into his throbbing head once again.

After Chu Ningyi had quickly walked upstairs to wash his face and rinse his mouth, he ran into Uncle Chu who was standing at the doorway about to press the doorbell.

"What is it?" Chu Ningyi asked as he walked past him and immediately entered the elevator.

"It's Miss Lin, she says she wishes to see you." Uncle Chu followed him into the elevator and explained respectfully.

"I won't see her!" Chu Ningyi replied in annoyance. If it were not for her, Shui Anluo and he would not have ended up this way.

"But Miss Lin says that if you don't go, you'll certainly regret it."

"Heh, there's no need to threaten me this way." Chu Ningyi pressed the button to the ground floor and said in a cold tone.

He now wanted to find the mother and child.

"Miss Lin says that if you don't see her, you won't be able to find out why the Young Madam had left." Uncle Chu summoned up his courage again as he explained.

Chu Ningyi paused in the middle of straightening his sleeves. Once the elevator reached the ground floor, he said, "Go to the police station."

Uncle Chu nodded and headed to drive the car over.

'All that talk about starting over, Chu Ningyi... You never were really sincere at all. If you were, you won't have done this in the first place. You really don't know anything. You'll never love me and will never love anyone at all.'

Chu Ningyi felt strangely irritated as her words rang in his ears and refused to dissipate.

Why would he have racked his brains and done all of those things if he did not have feelings for her?

Why would he manage Soaring Distance Technologies day and night, if he did not have feelings for her?

Chu Ningyi met Lin Qianchen at the police station's visitor's room. Lin Qianchen's face was very pale when she was led into the room in handcuffs. Her slim figure was concealed by the prisoner's uniform.

Chu Ningyi fiddled lazily with the cigarette lighter in his hand. He never smoked but he had always carried an upscale lighter in his pocket. He would play with it whenever he was bored and watch its tiny blue flame dance in front of his eyes.

Lin Qianchen sat to face Chu Ningyi and stared at him with a nearly insatiable look on her face.

"Speak," Chu Ningyi spoke in a simple and sharp manner, wanting her to state her answer.

Lin Qianchen heard the icy and sharp tone in his voice. Just two months ago, this man had called her and told her about his confusion in buying the right baby milk formula. Now, he had completely fallen out with her.

"Don't you already know what I want to say?" Lin Qianchen did not answer his question. Instead, she asked her own question.