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273 Maid Yu“s Heart Almost Stopped

Shui Anluo's large eyes kept darting everywhere.

Maid Yu was so nervous that her heart almost stopped. This Young Madam was a young maiden yet how could she be more ignorant than an old woman like herself?

"Oh dear, Young Madam, you really are... Sigh..." Maid Yu cried out but forgot that she was squatting at top of the stairs. She tripped when she rose to her feet and rolled downstairs. Luckily, she had only been in the middle of the stairs so she was not too far away from the ground.

"Ah..." Shui Anluo jumped in fright and pushed Chu Ningyi away to run downstairs. "Maid Yu, are you alright?" Shui Anluo bent down to help a groaning Maid Yu to her feet.

Maid Yu propped her old back up as she groaned and glared resentfully at Shui Anluo. How could this child be so stupid?

Shui Anluo helped Maid Yu to her feet. Maid Yu was in such pain that she could not straighten her back. She continued to glare at Shui Anluo.

"Chu Ningyi, should we take her to the hospital?" Shui Anluo asked anxiously as she looked up at Chu Ningyi who was walking down the stairs.

"No need, no need, these old bones can take the fall," Maid Yu quickly spoke up. Shui Anluo helped her onto the sofa and she stared up at Shui Anluo. She gestured at Shui Anluo and then Chu Ningyi with her eyes.

"Maid Yu, have your eyes fallen out too?" Shui Anluo stared at Maid Yu. She once again admitted that Maid Yu was her family treasure and did not seem like an old woman at all.

Chu Ningyi raised his brow before he headed to the kitchen and poured some water, placing it on the table.

Maid Yu stared at the water on the table and was filled with gratitude. When was the last time her young master had served her a glass of water? Now, he actually had the sense to pour some water for her.

Shui Anluo stared at Maid Yu's sobbing face. This time, it was Shui Anluo's turn for her eyes to twitch. 'Can't you act your age?'

As Maid Yu had hurt her back, Chu Ningyi allowed her to go back and rest and gave the task of making dinner to Shui Anluo.

Shui Anluo blinked and objected immediately, "Why me?"

Chu Ningyi looked up and stared blankly at her, not saying a word.

Shui Anluo admitted to her fears. She never really had much courage when faced with Chu Ningyi anyway. As Qiao Yaruan would say, she was strong in appearance but weak in reality. When dealing with outsiders, she would lash out with a sharp tongue but when she dealt with Chu Ningyi, one look from him was enough to send her retreating with her tail between her legs.

Chui Ningyi watched Shui Anluo as she made her way into the kitchen. She then bent down and helped Maid Yu back to her room to get some rest.

"Young Master, this Young Madam is completely clueless. You can't just act cool all the time either." Maid Yu pressed her hand on her back as she walked as she advised him with a painful look on her face.

'Acting cool?'

Chu Ningyi looked at Maid Yu whose back was bent as she walked.

Maid Yu promptly shut her mouth. 'Alright, I'm no match for that look in my young master's eye.'

After Chu Ningyi had sent Maid Yu back to her room, he returned to the kitchen to check on Shui Anluo as she made the meal.

Shui Anluo was an expert cook and Chu Ningyi had known this from day one even though the meal she had made for him on the first day was not all that great.

"What're you making?" Chu Ningyi leaned against the door as he watched her.

Shui Anluo turned back and looked at him before he flashed a mysterious smile. "You'll find out soon."

Chu Ningyi raised his brow and checked the time. "How much longer?"

"The food will be ready in an hour." Shui Anluo looked at the ingredients in the refrigerator as she replied. She had decided to convey her sincere request to Chu Ningyi with this meal.

Chu Ningyi watched Shui Anluo as she selected the ingredients. "I hope you won't make spicy food this time," Chu Ningyi remarked calmly.