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218 Then Choose To Self-Destruc

After Shui Anluo reached the lower floor, the little darling reached out his little hands and asked his mommy to hold him. However, he was handed over to Maid Yu instead.

"Take him upstairs," Chu Ningyi icily ordered.

Shui Anluo trembled. Maid Yu quickly accepted the little darling and turned to leave. "Grandma Yu will take you upstairs to play, let's go upstairs to play."

Shui Anluo watched Maid Yu who scurried off faster than a rabbit. She could not help from scratching her head.

"Shui Anluo, when are you going to grow some brains?" Chu Ningyi suddenly spoke up, scolding her.

Shui Anluo trembled again. Maid Yu paused for a moment before she increased her speed and hurried upstairs.

"My brain is locked in a safe, is that not okay?" Shui Anluo softly retorted. Besides, those were the words that An Fengyang had used on her anyway.

"Shui Anluo, pay attention, stand up straight, be serious." Chu Ningyi rose to his feet and stared at her with a gloomy look on his face.

"Isn't being at attention the same as standing up straight?" Shui Anluo continued to retort.

Chu Ningyi waved his hand and felt the urge to scold her again. However, his temper dissipated due to her mischievous nature.

"Shui Anluo, remember this, from now on, whenever you run into trouble, the first thing you'll do is to call me. Hold your firecracker temper back."

"And if I can't hold it back?"

"Then self-destruct." Chu Ningyi glared at her.

Shui Anluo pursed her lips. She lowered her head and muttered, "Chu Ningyi, you can't blame me. You had said it yourself that if I run into any trouble, I should fix it on my own and not wait for others to fix it for me. Other people don't have that obligation."

"Nonsense, when have I ever said such a thing?" Chu Ningyi continued to glare at her.

Shui Anluo was enraged. She looked up and shot him a fierce glare. "You did say that. Chu Ningyi, let me tell you this, one should admit to one's words. Furthermore, you're a man."

Chu Ningyi tried to recall it. He had probably said these words last year when something had happened to her and she had called him.

However, he had not felt anything for Shui Anluo at that time and that was why he had said those things. Now, he was furious over the fact that Shui Anluo has to bear her troubles alone. What does that mean?

There was no need for him to look too deeply to figure this out.

Chu Ningyi looked down at the little girl who was had stubbornly stuck her neck out at him and stroked her head. "Alright, since I'm responsible for cultivating your bad habit of independence, I'll be responsible for bringing you back. Shui Anluo, from this day onward, remember this - if anything happens to you, you'll always have my support."

Shui Anluo looked down and stared at her toes. She could not deny that she felt moved by his words.

"I never plagiarized Lin Qianchen. Also, there was really no way for me to restrain myself at the time. That report belonged to me, how dare she claim it as her own?" Shui Anluo spat through gritted teeth.

Chu Ningyi pulled Shui Anluo to his side and sat her down.

"Then think about what I just said, wait for her to give the report then find the evidence. With the evidence in your hands, you'd have been able to avoid being falsely accused and expose her plagiarism clearly all at once."

Shui Anluo's large eyes spun as she thought about everything he had said and felt that there was some logic in his words. If she had only restrained herself, perhaps the situation would not have come to this stage. She was now hated by many senior doctors in the hospital, especially the old specialist, who probably hated her so much that she wishes to have her fired.

Shui Anluo lowered her head and clasped her hands, muttering, "I really couldn't stop myself."

"Then learn to endure in silence," Chu Ningyi replied sternly. "The hospital is not like your classes in medical school. Things like this may happen again. You must understand, when a cactus is faced with someone weaker, perhaps it can poke them into retreating. However, when faced with a rock like Lin Qianchen, it'll only be a matter of time before your thorns are cut off and smashed."