215 Stop Denying I

Chu Ningyi frowned but he strangely felt a little bit relieved. Shui Anluo had not contacted him or Qiao Yaruan. This showed that she was excluding everyone, not only him.

However, after thinking it over, his heart ached for Shui Anluo even more. Must this little girl stubbornly insist on doing everything on her own?

After Chu Ningyi assured Qiao Yaruan that everything was alright, he ended the call.

"Uncle Chu, let's head home," Chu Ningyi ordered darkly.

Qiao Yaruan stared at the dropped call. There was no time for her to think and she quickly called Shui Anluo but her phone was turned off.

Qiao Yaruan cursed softly as she grabbed her bag and prepared to leave.

"Where're you going?" Feng Feng stepped out from the room. His pale face was slightly flushed, probably due to his illness.

"I'm going to the hospital, I don't think that you'll die anytime soon," Qiao Yaruan scoffed as she immediately opened the door and headed out.

Feng Feng frowned. What was this girl trying to prove by throwing him around like garbage all the time?

After Shui Anluo ran back home, she rushed upstairs to find her notes but they were not where she had left them last night. Shui Anluo thought it over carefully. She remembered that she was still carrying them when she walked out the door this morning.

She had then entered the elevator with Chu Ningyi.

"The elevator..." Shui Anluo murmured. She ignored the rainwater on her body as she ran downstairs again.

"Hey, Young Madam." Maid Yu could only feel two gusts of wind blow past her as the girl ran in then out again.

The little darling's large eyes darted around as if he was trying to comprehend what had just happened. He thought he saw his mommy.

Shui Anluo entered the elevator, closed her eyes and tried to recall the sequence of events. Rainwater from her body dripped onto the ground, creating small, clear puddles.

She had staggered a little after Chu Ningyi dragged her out so...

Shui Anluo quickly looked down but she could clearly see that the elevator had been cleaned. The cleaner would sweep the elevator at 10 every morning so if the notes had really been left here, they would either have been picked up or swept away.

Once the elevator reached the ground floor, Shui Anluo quickly ran to the management and found the person who was responsible for cleaning up that morning. However, the answer she received was that the rubbish had long been sent to the garbage station.

Shui Anluo had no time to think. She ran out immediately.

Shui Anluo braved the rain and ran towards the garbage station just as Chu Ningyi's car arrived downstairs. Chu Ningyi quickly got down from the car and entered the condominium. He noticed the puddles of water as he pressed the elevator's button and knew that she had come back.

Chu Ningyi opened the door and called out loudly, "Shui Anluo!"

Maid Yu, who was carrying the little darling, was still wondering about the incident. Her curiosity increased when she heard Chu Ningyi call out.

Chu Ningyi went upstairs and searched all over but could find no trace of Shui Anluo. "Where's she?"

"She just stepped out," Maid Yu replied curiously. Before she could ask, Chu Ningyi had opened the door and walked out.

Chu Ningyi stood in the elevator and watched as the numbers in the elevator slowly changed. What was she looking for?

However, why had it not occurred to her to look for him at a time like this?

A strange anger quickly engulfed his heart. He was the father of her child and her husband yet whenever she ran into trouble, the first thing she would do was to exclude him. This was a very awful feeling.

Chu Ningyi, stop denying it, you're interested in that girl!

The corners of Chu Ningyi's lips lifted into a self-mocking smile. Since he has admitted to it, he must protect that girl from now on.