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199 Beijing“s Biggest Bitch

The little darling was returned to his mommy's arms. He buried his little head into his mommy's bosom immediately as if he was afraid of being carried away again.

"This child is just like his parents, lacking a good beating." An Fengyang stared at the cringing little darling and scoffed.

Shui Anluo responded with a scoff as well.

An Fengyang kicked his five-dollar slippers from the night market onto the floor and placed his legs on the coffee table. He said calmly, "Talk, did Eldest Chu chase you out of the house or did you run away on your own?"

"I told you, I ran out on my own. On my own," Shui Anluo rolled her eyes and replied.

Shui Anluo continued to speak. To secure a reliable ally, she told An Fengyang everything that had happened then picked up a cup and drank some water.

"You mean that you're uncertain about how he feels about you but you aren't planning to leave him for someone else so you've decided to trick him into thinking that you've left. In truth, you've never left." An Fengyang repeated everything she just said to him.


"What do you mean 'right'? Shui Anluo, you tell me, how can a smart girl like you resort to putting your brain into a safety deposit box?" An Fengyang stared resentfully at Shui Anluo.

Shui Anluo was shocked at being rained down by his scoldings.

"Ya Bu…" The little darling waved his tiny arms as if he wanted to hit An Fengyang. Who asked him to yell at his mommy like that?

"You're the one who's placed his brain in a safety deposit box and thrown the key away too," Shui Anluo retorted.

An Fengyang reached out and wiped his face before replying. "Luoluo, listen to me, if you go back now, I promise you that he'll pamper and do whatever you say. He'll be nicer to you than your own son."

"I don't believe you, you've been tricking me since we were kids." Shui Anluo stared at him incredulously.

"Little Sis, tell me, have I ever tricked you when it comes to matters of importance?" An Fengyang spoke with incomparable sincerity.

Shui Anluo looked back into the past and thought it over. He had not seemed to have done that. Just as Shui Anluo was in the middle of a crossroads, An Fengyang's phone rang. He clicked his tongue and said, "Hold on, your husband's calling."

"You can't tell him that I'm here or I'll sever ties with you," Shui Anluo loudly exclaimed.

An Fengyang chuckled and picked up the call.

"Same old place."

An Fengyang stared at the call which had ended immediately. "You don't understand your husband at all. Why would that pretentious, unafraid of being struck by lightning attitude of his give anyone a chance to speak?"

Pretentious, unafraid of being struck by lightning attitude… Beautiful Brother had certainly described it in a cruel way!

Shui Anluo rarely spoke to Chu Ningyi on the phone so she had no idea that he had the tendency to end calls so abruptly.

"Alright, I'm going to reminiscence with your husband. You be quick and use this time to go home. I guarantee that if he sees you when he gets home, the skies will become clear," An Fengyang said and pulled Shui Anluo to her feet.

One would need to pass Chu Ningyi's home before reaching the 'same old place' that Chu Ningyi had mentioned. An Fengyang changed his clothes and sent Shui Anluo home along the way.

"Be good and listen to me when it comes to crucial matters," An Fengyang spoke with a rare gentleness and he led a dazed Shui Anluo out the door.

Shui Anluo was led to the first floor and remembered that she had not even left their home for more than six hours yet she was being sent back again. She suddenly felt very ashamed and could not bring herself to go upstairs.

"If you don't go up, I'm going to call your husband and ask him to come back," An Fengyang scoffed as he threatened her.

Shui Anluo was pushed into the elevator with her mouth still twitching. There was no doubt that her beautiful brother was definitely Beijing's Biggest Bitch.